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PJB Addresses Vote Fraud Issue on C-Span  

March 28, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


PJB Addresses Vote Fraud Issue on C-Span

In response to a question on C-Span between 7 AM and 8 AM on the morning of March 28, 2000, the following ex-change took place:

(This is a word for word transcript of every word in the exchange regarding votefraud, followed by a brief commentary. The caller, a lady from Arizona, began with comments about a book, and referred to another issue in the middle of her votefraud comments, which are indicated by the ". . ." in the paragraph below. Pat Buchanan addressed her votefraud comments first, and then moved on to the other two issues, but the comments below are cut off at the end of his votefraud comments.)

Caller: . . . and, ah, I really noticed how ABC ran the results of the election the day before the election. I also heard the proof that votes were stolen from you in Dubuque, Iowa and several other places and we were convinced they were stolen from you here in Arizona. The Governor declared you winner at 4 o'clock. The reason that the media is against you is because you are for Americans and America . . . I am very upset, because, the Voter News Service, I am afraid that they will steal your votes and . . .

Announcer: Thanks, caller. Pat Buchanan . . .

Patrick J. Buchanan: Alright, thanks. There's a number of issues there. There, there is, I don't know whether there was hanky panky in the election of '96, but we do have newspapers that showed us in the Dubuque paper getting one set of votes in the Iowa Caucuses, but by the time they got to the Des Moines Register the numbers were different and all of our numbers were reduced. Secondly, there were a number of precincts, where, someone has told me, that haven't yet reported from Dubuque where we did very well and that was a very tight race with Bob Dole. I have heard the reports about Arizona, (quick pause) I just (quick pause), and about how well we were doing, and machines moving in and out, there have been books written on it. I honestly do not know the truth . (quick pause) With regard to . . ..

(End of quote of the votefraud related comments from the transcript of the March 28, 2000 appearance of Pat Buchanan on C-Span.)

Network America comments:

Item: The lady questioner refers to "how ABC ran the results of the election the day before the election . . ." - perfectly true, and ABC even referred to the "results" they had released the night before the mid-term election of November 1998, as Devvy Kidd has pointed out in her new version of "Blind Loyalty." New and old readers can go into topica.com and look at our February 24, 2000 e-wire for a full report on this ABC glitch. (Again, I hope any day we will have all our former reports up on www.networkamerica.org)

Item: The most comprehensive compilation of details regarding the 1996 GOP Presidential Contests in Dubuque, Iowa and Arizona can be found in the 4 page newspaper published by Citizens for a Fair Vote Count in 1996. This can be found on the networkamerica.org website in Archives under the title "Help Break the Cover-up." Or the actual newspaper is available for $1 for Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211, (if anyone wants to distribute quantities in your area of the country, quantity discounts for the "Help Break the Cover-up" newspaper are 10 copies of $5; 100 copies for $12; 1000 copies for $60). I was on the scene in Dubuque, Iowa - and together with Doug Zeitz of California, Chris Schaper of California (both of whom discovered the discrepancy between the results they had witnessed the night before and what appeared in the daily papers the next morning as they were about to board a plane to go back to California), Tim Wozniak, a student at Loras College near Dubuque (who discovered that the GOP county chairman was calling his results into Voter News Service in New York City at the direction of the Iowa GOP), and Sam & Lois Pusateri and their family -- the lot of us uncovered the first hand evidence of the fraud in Dubuque. Thanks to the faithfulness and painstaking record gathering of the Pusateri's, that evidence is preserved for posterity in their files, and now in ours. With regard to Arizona, Karen Johnson, the Buchanan coordinator for Arizona, received the congratulatory call from Governer Fife Symington in the late afternoon congratulating her on Buchanan's victory in the late afternoon, and another Buchanan volunteer was among those who witnessed ballot boxes being snatched from the polls by the Board of Elections in Phoenix in the late afternoon. And then there's the matter of the Arizona state legislature's suspicious legislation stating that there would be no recount in this one primary, and much more . . .

Item: Buchanan's comments above on the 96 votefraud controversies fall into two categories. He recounts the facts around the Dubuque, Iowa caucuses, letting them stand as they are. This evidence was accepted by USA Today as sound, which they reviewed before they accepted our ad recounting the Dubuque, Iowa travesty, which ran on Friday, January 21, 2000 in USA Today. The full text of our USA Today ad can be found in our January 20, 2000 e-wire. The evidence is in fact irrefutable, and Voter News Service has remained silent on it to this day, as has the GOP of Iowa. The January 23, 2000 e-wire "Senator Grassley Spills the Beans" will also be helpful to those trying to get a handle on this revealing event. Secondly, Buchanan recounts some of the eyebrow-raising happenings surrounding the 1996 GOP Arizona primary, and states he doesn't know the truth. And, of course, no one outside of perhaps the few people who had access to the computer program and perhaps a few others directing them, know the truth about the real vote count in Arizona for that primary. That's the very essence of computer tabulated elections! That's why we must get back to citizen handcounts in public before the ballots leave the precinct. Then we WILL know the real results for sure. And, if the third party movements can rise above the Big Media blackout on discussion of this issue, oh! how you will see the Democratic and Republican party establishments, and the Big Media TV networks fight against a verifiable count!

Which brings me to the last point for this e-mail. Howard Phillips and the Constitution Party is doing all it can to restore honest and verifiable elections in its Platform, in Howard Phillips' acceptance speech over C-Span over Labor Day Weekend, 1999, and in its practical mode of behavior.

But -- the Reform Party will have a national forum in August, 2000. There should be a speech given from the convention podium of about 10 minutes duration, followed by a convention vote (hopefully unanimous) demanding citizen checks and balances through handcounted paper ballots at every precinct in the November, 2000 election, -- coupled with the demand to outlaw computerized counts and machine counts in the precincts (if you computer devotees want to re-run the ballots through a computer when they get to the Board of Elections downtown --- knock yourselves out! We'll already have the results signed and verified by all factions of the neighborhood citizens in each precinct.). And then there should be a call for the GOP and the Democratic Party to join the Constitution Party and the Reform Party in demanding a verifiable count with citizen checks and balances. If the Reform Party leaders are not willing to do this for their Presidential candidate, all their candidates, and their supporters - then they deserve to lose, -- which, under the off-limits-to-the public computerized counts - they most surely will. More tomorrow. Don't miss tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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