"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

 Breaking Up Big TV! Voice Messages! Website Advances

 March 30, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Breaking Up Big TV! Voice Messages! Website Advances

A few days ago we commented on the hope that, as internet advanced towards radio and TV quality, the power of the Big TV Media would be progressively broken.

As a harbinger of this happy day, here are pending exciting developments at the Network America Website:

1) ARCHIVED E-WIRES! All of the Network America e-wire messages will be in an archive on the website in a few days, thanks to some expert help we have received. Every day the NEW message will go into the archive as the most recent message.

2) VOICE MESSAGES! Even better: In a few days we will be putting up a frequently updated VOICE message that everyone can listen to through your computer speakers with Real Audio. (Everyone can download Real Audio for free.) This will NOT be a duplicate of the e-wire, although it may occasionally call the listeners attention to an e-wire.

3) PROFESSIONAL LOOK. The Network America Website will be updated to look like a professional website, and some of the mistakes I made in the initial stages of setting up the website will be corrected.

4) TV QUALITY ON THE INTERNET. A very alert E-Wire Couple has sent me yet another cutting edge email: they tell me TV Quality on the Internet is already here. I hope to have more details soon.

5) COORDINATORS IN EVERY STATE. And I'll mention here another exciting development around the bend. For years I have looked for the key to animating a nationwide set of coordinators to teach citizens how to educate and mobilize Americans to restore honest elections and take back government at the local, state, and national level for today's "Monopoly Capitalist/Updated Trotskyite" Ruling Elite which controls the issue of our money the through Federal Reserve Board, the Big Media, and almost all of the government (judicial, executive, and legislative - with the state legislatures still harboring the greatest reservoir of honest, independent public officials). To animate this network for true free enterprise and true freedom, we need to have a steady stream of funding to keep the network to "take back America" going and growing. We will be test marketing just such a program shortly, and will keep this important "strike force" of Network America patriots apprised of its feasibility.

6) The new Network America website will begin to post, by county and state, the work many of you are doing to find out the "state of the ballot" in your respective county.

7) The Network America website will also have downloadable templates for business card sized messages to pass out at polling places, political rallies, bingos, etc; downloadable sign messages which can be brought to a place like Kinkos, enlarged, pasted to cardboard, and brought to political rallies; and other similar templates to help spread mass awareness of the fight for honest elections.

8) A good friend of this movement has procured for us votefraud.org so that it will be easier for me to help readers find us on radio shows. Votefraud.org will point to Network America and vice versa. Also, another alert e-wire reader has informed me that he has procured votefraud.com -- and that his website will also be used to further the battle.

9) And at this point I should mention that on the website now -- we carry the important bumper sticker, "Stop Computer Vote Fraud, Restore Paper Ballots" - remember that this quality bumper sticker on your car will be seen by tens of thousands of people in any given year.

Tomorrow's message is a complete change of pace - yet again, but another "classic" addition to the body of information which is being made available on the world wide web by Network America.

Thanks to you all for your excellent emails and informational support. I am holding many of your messages for Chapter 3 of "Reader Feedback." We also inadvertently forgot to mention a few of the great citizens who volunteered to be a point of contact in their county, which we will remedy soon. Stay aboard and tell your friends and your internet friends. Thinks are beginning to get exciting.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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