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More on Phony Polls: Larry Nichols Blows Whistle on NBC

April 4, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


More on Phony Polls: Larry Nichols Blows Whistle on NBC

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On to today's e-wire

Former Arkansas State Trooper Larry Nichols, -- vocal critic of the real Bill Clinton, whom he guarded and transported during Clinton's Arkansas days as Governor, -- relayed to this writer a first hand story about Tim Russert, NBC, and polls during the Clinton impeachment proceedings.

Through a fortuitous mix up, both Larry Nichols and I were scheduled for the same day on the Ernie Sanders show, which airs in Cleveland, Ohio. Rather than reschedule either of us, Ernie Sanders put us both on the air. After the show and off the air, Mr. Nichols kindly gave me his home phone number, and I called him that night to discuss computerized votefraud and related issues.

Mr. Nichols told me that during the Clinton impeachment hearings he was in fairly regular touch with Tim Russert, the host of NBC's Meet the Press Sunday morning interview show. In fact, Russert would sometimes call Nichols at home.

During the impeachment process, Tim Russert told Nichols that NBC's internal tracking polls showed that 80% of the people wanted Clinton removed from office.

A few weeks later Nichols was watching Meet the Press when Russert threw up the figures we all heard and saw incessantly: that 70% of the people wanted Clinton to stay in office

The next time Nichols was called by Russert, he asked him about the discrepancy, and what follows is a paraphrase of what Larry Nichols told me about that conversation:

Nichols: "You lying son of a gun, you told me that your tracking polls showed 80% of the people wanted Clinton out of office - then you tell the public that 70% of the people want him to stay.

Russert: Well, those tracking polls are for our internal use only, we can't release those to for public consumption. The polls we released were the ones we paid for outside pollsters to do. Those are the ones we release.

(End of paraphrase of the Nichols-Russert conversation as related by Larry Nichols.)


How were the tracking polls done? How were the polls NBC released done? What questions were asked? Who was called? How many polls were taken before they released the one that conveyed the information the Big TV networks wanted the public to hear? Or, did NBC and the others just lie, using the polls they aid for as a cover for the phony story they released?

No one in the public arena knows, and no one (except us and a few others) seems to care. Yet candidates, leaders, public office holders, and factions from all across the political spectrum seemingly accept these Big TV network polls as if they are being brought down and delivered by an angel from heaven.

And now we're going to let these info-devils at the Big TV Networks tell us which candidates can be in the Presidential Debates - based on their mysterious polls??? Are we living in an insane asylum, or what?

Nichols' story fits with other information on the subject. MIT professor Naom Chomsky said on C-Span a few years ago that there were two sets of polls: one to tell the Ruling Elite behind the Big TV networks what the people really think so they can figure out how to maneuver and manipulate public opinion in the direction they want it to go; and a second set of warped polls that are released to the public for the very purpose of deceiving the people on what the public as a body is really thinking.

Our March 27, 2000 e-wire deals with a lengthy report on the manipulation of polls by Jack Koenig and his organization. Soon we will carry another article supporting the information relayed to us by Larry Nichols. In that article, among other things, we will introduce the readers to the book, "Super Pollsters: How They Measure and Manipulate Public Opinion" by David Moore, who himself has been in the polling industry for over two decades.

The information above goes to further indicate that America is being driven by three "black boxes" into which we cannot look: Big TV public opinion polls, Voter News Service Exit Polls, and computerized vote counts.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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