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Correction on Larry Nichols' Connection with Clinton

April 5, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Correction on Larry Nichols' Connection with Clinton

Sorry, folks, I was operating from memory when I said that Larry Nichols was a state trooper, assigning to him the post that had been held by Larry Patterson. Nichols worked on the inside of the financial dealings of Bill Clinton, and it's from that background that he is now opposing and exposing the Clintons. And it's for that reason that he was in contact with Tim Russert to hear Russert's explanation of "off limits to the public" internal tracking polls of NBC which showed 80% of the people wanted Clinton out of office.

I'm devoting this whole, but short, e-wire to correcting my error. This is the most serious I've made so far, and I want the readers to know that I will immediately correct any point or fact that is published erroneously on this e-wire. That's what I get for writing from memory well after midnight!

Before the correction, let me urge you all to watch out for the April 6, 2000 e-wire (the next one) which will be entitled "Lies! Lies! Lies!" -- and is based on the work of that intrepid crusader for honest elections, Brent Beleskey of Canada. Tomorrow's e-wire emphasizes yet another angle we haven't hit to date.

Of the many corrections I received from our alert readers, the most concise and comprehensive was from talk show host Zoh Hieronimus, who, I would guess, has conducted interviews with both of the people she refers to below, and here it is:


E-mail from Zoh Hieronimus:

"Jim -- correction:

"Larry Nichols was not a state trooper. He was the marketing director of ADFA

- Arkansas development Finance authority.

"Larry Patterson is the trooper. Zoh Hieronimus."

End of email.

Thanks to Zoh and all the rest of you who wrote in after you caught my error. More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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