"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Lies! Lies! Lies!

April 6, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Lies! Lies! Lies!

As we have stated repeatedly in one way or another: computerized votefraud, buttressed by phony polls, is an absolutely essential lynchpin of the hoped-for world dictatorship, now in progress. As the program for the regimentation of mankind gets farther along, the "world rulers of this darkness" foresee that resistance will increase, so it absolutely essential to have completely controlled elections, masquerading as honest elections.

The New Age Dictator doesn't want to have to say: "You serfs! Do this! Because I demand it." No, not at all. The New Age Dictator wants to be able to say: "Dear People, I am doing this - WE are doing this - because YOU, THE PUBLIC have demanded it! Look at the polls. Look at the election results. I am only forging these chains for you and your children, and placing them on your wrists and ankles, because you have demanded it. I am only freeing the evil-doers to run rampant throughout the land, while imprisoning and neutralizing the good, because YOU have demanded it by way of polls and election results. What else can I do?"

One of the biggest lies told by public officials is that they can't return to paper ballots counted by the people in the precinct. They will even be so brazen as to say that they can't return to verifiable elections because they've spent so much money buying systems which provide UNVERIFIABLE elections - off limits to citizens.

The following is from our Canadian ally, Brent Belesky, investigative researcher, and director of the International Voters Coalition:

Re: City of Barrie, (Ontario, Canada) past and future, -- illegal, unfounded $500,000, soon to be a million dollar, ballot-less computerized, municipal elections.

The city of Barrie can't afford to return to printing paper ballots in this November's election's, declared deputy clerk John Sisson.

Excluding Aldermen Ainsworth, Eadie and Ramsay, who oppose the computerized elections, -- the mayor, the rest of council, city clerk John Craig and deputy clerk John Sisson, are all promoting an illegal election, an election without ballots, privacy, merit or authority.

(Mayor Janice) Laking said anyone with concerns about how the election was being held, or the expense, should have made them known earlier. "We are too far down the road for them (the clerks office) to make a change," exclaimed Laking.

Well Janice Laking, why indeed, have you and your friends dared to change our sacred election process to begin with? Why indeed!

I have sure been concerned, as well as the citizens of Barrie, since the last computerized election in 1997. Notwithstanding that you and the city clerk have spent over $100,000 of taxpayers money, in 6 courts, making darn sure that an application to the courts, for a [a return to a verifiable] election, would not be heard.

What are you afraid of? The courts deeming your so-called computerized, ballot-less election scheme to be illegal and invalid? Why are you so afraid?

I quote the Officer of the Assembly and the Chief Election Officer of Ontario, Warren R. Bailie, [joined by] the chief provincial and federal election officers in Canada, [as stated in] a letter to me, dated March 9th 2000. "The use of paper ballots has been prescribed by the Ontario Election Act since Confederation. Moreover, Canada, in federal elections also uses a paper ballot process and this practice also dates from Confederation. The method is, therefore, a tried and tested method." . . . "As a result I am of the opinion the paper ballot mechanism is the most transparent, private and secret method of voting in any democracy." Thus stated Chief Election Officer Bailie.

On April 3, 2000, the International Voters Coalition will be continuing a petition, to restore the paper ballot and our priceless democracy, immediately, to the citizens of Barrie!

Therefore, alleged Mayor Janice Laking and friends, the jury is in, and one that can declare that your ballot-less, computerized bogus elections, are not tested by law, not true, not transparent, not private, not secret, not audit-able, not accountable, [as well as] with no merit, no authorization, nor is under any legal statute, nor principle, nor law.

Well, I guess all the Chief Election Officers across Canada and the vast amount of citizens of the City of Barrie and Canada got it all wrong and you and your friends, in the know, got it all right? Right?

At what price freedom, 'Lest we forget' !

Brent M.P. Beleskey, Director / Investigative Researcher,
International Voters Coalition, Barrie, Ontario, Canada (705) 730-1507
Web Site>>> http://www.planeteer.ca/~beleskey <<<
Email at: beleskey@planeteer.com

End of communication from Brent Beleskey.


Network America comments: Once the election officials get pressed far enough, they will immediately say, "We can't go back! We've spent too much money!" These comments, and all related comments, are lies, lies, lies. Let's consider how thoroughly such comments qualify as lies.

Every state in the United States still has the laws on the books which would allow a return in every one of the 3075 counties to paper ballots and verifiable elections, counted at the precincts, for this November, 2000 elections. Now let's see how impossible a return to paper ballots would be under the following scenario: By a way that can't be envisioned by me right now, we get an enlightened and repentant Congress, which passes a law that any county Election official who does not hold a verifiable election of paper ballots counted in the precinct by the neighborhood citizens at the close of the polls - will be put on trial for treason against our nation for subverting the election process, and if found guilty will be punished by the death penalty.

Now you wouldn't hear any absurd and lying comments like those made by alleged Mayor Janice Laking of Barrie, Ontario as reported to us above by Mr. Beleskey. No, on the contrary, now you would see that all Election officials would find that they could design the ballot on their computers as soon as the candidates were known - that might take, at most, one day. And then they could send it to a printer who would have the ballots back to the board of elections in about a week. The ballots could be put in storage until election day - which would probably still be over 8 weeks away (as most deadlines for qualifications are 75 days before election day. Finally, the ballots would be sent to the polling places on election day, where they would be used to vote, placed in a clear plastic box as each voter was finished marking his ballot, and then counted in public, by outcry, with all factions welcome to witness the count and see the totals publicly posted BEFORE the ballots leave the neighborhood precinct. . .. . Nothing could be easier. The only reason for these convoluted, computerized election systems is to provide the possibility that the election results can be rigged from a central location.

New Readers, we will soon have all of our past messages in the archive section of the networkamerica.org website, and many of them need to be read so that tens of thousands of Americans can become well versed in what is necessary to return to honest, verifiable elections, -- and well versed in how to answer the lies and psychological warfare of the New World Order's election modern day mouthpieces, known as election officials.

The minimal goal of our upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention will be to make it known nationally that there is a vocal body of informed, credible citizens protesting that the elections are not secure, and that we do not and will not accept any "secret" computerized election counts.

Finally, notice that Mr. Beleskey called the computer-generated mayor of Barrie the "alleged" mayor. This is a very apt expression, because no one knows for sure who is elected under the computerized system that was used in Barrie, Ontario last time. In fact we should all refer to everyone elected under unverifiable computerized vote-counting systems as "alleged" --- such as alleged President Clinton, alleged Senator Schumer, and alleged Senator Boxer, and so on. More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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