"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Southern Party Meets Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

April 7, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Southern Party Meets Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

One of the most dynamic developments in the last year on the American political scene is the emergence of the Southern Party. The Southern Party, as its name implies, has the potential to immediately galvanize large blocks of voters in the South against the New World Order Occupational Government now occupying Washington D.C. through that smooth-lying lightweight, Bill Clinton.

Even worse (for the bad guys) the Southern Party is raising the specter of secession, a move provided for in the Constitution, if our criminal government in Washington D.C. continues to devolve into barbarism and tyranny.

Your writer has been invited to speak at the Southern Party convention on July 1, 2000 in Columbia, South Carolina. (Details for the convention can be found at www.southernparty2000.org). I'll be there. The format and schedule is still being finalized, but I understand I will be giving an address, followed by questions and answers about how to restore honest, verifiable elections.

Some Southern Party leaders are already very familiar with this issue - and they understand that if the first phase of their efforts in the south to elect local and Congressional candidates are to have any hope of success, that they must ensure an honest and verifiable ballot count for their candidates, their supporters, and for all the people in the southern states.

I must raise the alarm to Southern Party leaders and supporters that computerized "vote-counting" systems have been installed precisely to PREVENT the success of a movement like the Southern Party. The Dark Forces of Evil behind Clinton foresaw when Clinton was still in diapers that a reaction would eventually come from the American people against their anti-American, anti-freedom agenda. The computerized vote counting systems have been installed to prevent citizens from checking or double-checking what these computers are instructed to do on election day by the secret software and the unknown men who program that software.

Put another way: when the Southern Party puts up candidates for local office, state office, or Congressional office --- there is no question in my mind that these candidates would win a reasonable percentage of the seats they seek IF those contests are decided by a PUBLIC hand count of paper ballots, in each precinct, conducted by the neighborhood citizens from all factions, immediately upon the close of the voting, with the results posted PUBLICLY at the neighborhood polling place BEFORE the votes leave the neighborhood precinct.

Finally, the Southern Party would have to be sure that its representatives were present at every precinct count, so that the result in each precinct could be reported immediately to a central Southern Party command post. Such independent verification and compilation of the results of the individual precinct counts --- would make impossible the type of votefraud which the Iowa GOP and the Big TV networks' Voter News Service perpetrated against Pat Buchanan in the Iowa GOP Presidential Caucus of 1996. Note well: in that caucus the local Iowans conducted a perfectly honest event. However, once the county totals were called into Voter News Service in New York City (with the total, unholy collaboration of the Iowa GOP), the results were cynically altered to ensure a Dole "victory." (See story on www.networkamerica.org website, in either the "Help Break the Cover-up" article or the "A House without Doors" article in archives.)

Under the scenario in the above paragraph, some of the Southern Party candidates would surely win, because it would be impossible for the Ruling Elite to rig the election from a central location. If such a verifiable hand-count system, -- the exact system used throughout the United States from the days of the Founding Fathers until at least around 1960 - is NOT in place, then the Southern Party will never be able to make decisive progress under the current computerized "election system" --- even if our cruel masters throw a "bone" in a few minor elections in order to give false hope to Southern Party leaders, while they further run out the clock as they try to fasten the New World Order financial chains around our hands and ankles.

The stakes are very high. However, all activity in the electoral process will be in vain if we do not demand the restoration of verifiable elections. The first step towards that is to make patriotic leaders and the public aware of the unconscionable scam which the Ruling Elite is perpetrating against us on every election day. The upcoming Southern Party Convention could be a major milestone towards that initial goal in the "fair elections" movement.

At present, C-Span is planning to be present for some or all of the Southern Party Convention, so this could be the first comprehensive national exposure of the "computerized votefraud vs. honest elections" issue over television.

Many thanks to the leaders of the Southern Party for their vision, and for including Citizens for a Fair Vote Count in their convention.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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