"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

What is the Hayfield Research? You'd Better Find Out

April 9, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


What is the Hayfield Research? You'd Better Find Out

"Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year to control the public mind". Naom Chomsky, Professor at MIT.

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."----Thomas Pynchon, "Gravity's Rainbow"

This e-wire changes gears back to the MOTIVE behind the current computer-votefraud establishment. . . . You might ask, "Isn't 'votefraud establishment' too strong a term? I mean, don't we only have a few examples of proven votefraud?" . . . The answer is, "Yes, we only have a few proven instances of votefraud, such as Dubuque in 1996 and the Bernecker case in 1995, -- and it's a miracle we have even those, since the whole essence of the current systems are to make it impossible to verify anything -- but, no, the term 'votefraud establishment' is not too strong."

The reason 'votefraud establishment' is not too strong is because the basic and pervasive FRAUD perpetrated by the establishment (major media and RNC, and DNC, and all the satellites of these) on the public is the constant and unceasing propaganda (by implication) that we, as US citizens, enjoy a secure, above-board, verifiable election system. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet this is the powerful impression conveyed every time another election is covered by the Big TV Networks and Big Media, as if everything is A-OK, and with both major parties not objecting to the computerized and mechanized vote counting process used almost everywhere today in the USA.

Anyway, this 'votefraud establishment is held together by the financial motive of global monopoly capitalism, which is the other side of Fabian Socialism/Trotskyite Communism. Again, too strong? Not at all. Thanks to Terry Hayfield, researcher and writer from Findlay, Ohio, the "code" has been cracked as to how the Ruling Elite is operating, and why, by logical deduction, they aren't about to let a little matter like majority rule get in their way.

As explained in our earlier e-wire, "Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud", Terry Hayfield was a Vietnam Vet, one time union organizer, and one time collaborator with Congressman Lawrence McDonald, right before the Congressman was downed in KAL 007.

Here is a portion of the Hayfield research, which brilliantly shows that the "Reagan Revolution" was all about laying the groundwork for Fabian Socialism, i.e. NAFTA, GATT, WTO, "Free Trade" and selective deregulation of a few mega-corporations, while maintaining heavy regulations on small and medium sized businesses.

It must be remembered that Reagan, while not stupid, was primarily an actor. I had known from former LAPD detective Gary Wean that Reagan was heavily under the influence of Lew Wasserman, the arrogant Hollywood mogul who, among other things, was hell-bent on going ahead with "The Last Temptation of Christ" in spite of the prognosis that the blasphemous movie was going to lose money. And while it is true that in the case of the Harley Davidson motorcycle, and in a few other cases, Reagan did invoke protective measures to protect American industry. But, as you are about to see, the whole thrust of the Reagan administration was to lay the groundwork for the triumph of Fabian Socialist Monopoly Capitalism in the USA. To properly understand the following, it is necessary to grasp that an Enterprise Zone was the forerunner of today's "free trade"zones, which create little pieces of territory within a nation which are free of local, state, and national taxes --- and are only subject to the World Trade Organization. This, according to Karl Marx's prescription, is the beginning of the World Government. I understand there are already today over 4000 of these "free trade zones" in the United States today. (It must be borne in mind that Karl Marx, the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia, the Fabian Socialist Society in England, and the implementation of the Federal Reserve Act in the United States - were all funded by of the same Ruling Elite, the Ruling Elite of the Permanent Revolution.)

In The Trilateral Observer, issue 5, No. 2, Terry Hayfield and another researcher lifted the copyright to help facilitate the widest distribution possible. They had pieced together the following:

1) "The original introduction of the Enterprise Zone idea into the US was made by Stuart Butler, policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. Heritage first proposed the idea to the Reagan campaign as early as 1980, and it became a more than minor campaign plank."

2) ". . . Butler ws not the originator of the Enterprise Zone idea. On page 21 of Butler's pamphlet he explains: "The first significant elements of a plan were first suggested in 1977 by Professor Peter Hall, an urban planning expert at Reading University in England." Butler explained this on page 21 of his 1979 pamphlet published by the Heritage Foundation, "A Solution to the Urban crisis?"

3) Who is this Professor Peter Hall? Hayfield goes on to explain, "While Butler earlier referred to Hall as a 'British planning expert and leading Socialist academic," he failed to do Hall justice. According to the 1981 international Who's Who, Hall has been on the executive committee of the avidly Socialist Fabian Society since 1964, and was chairman in 1971-72. This is obviously no idle involvement."

4) What is the Fabian Society? "According to a major encyclopedia it is a British socialist society taking its name from the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus, known as the "Slow-goer" for his tactics against the Carthaginian general Hannibal. It was founded in 1884. The society's first object was the gradual reconstruction of society on socialist lines. It spurned revolutionary methods and placed its thrust in propaganda, discussion, and permeation of other bodies. . . . Fabian Socialism holds the same basic tenets as Soviet Communism sans armed revolution. Only the means to the end are different. The Fabian [Society] . . . curiously, have never had a split since its founding in 1884."

5) "Conservatives should take a long, hard look at the self-professed conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. Heritage has been one of the prime sources of policy material for the Reagan forces from the inception of this campaign through today. On 11-22-81 the Toledo Blade wrote: 'The Administration's action were sized up against the more than 2,200 recommendations the Heritage Foundation recommended a year ago to make the Government more conservative. The Administration has started or implemented about 60% of the 1,270 suggestions that could be made in a short time," foundation vice-president Richard N. Holwill told reporters.' (end quote from the Toledo Blade)

6) "Heritage President John E. Feulner, Jr. . . . in naivete or not, . . . took a year of post graduate study in 1965 at the London School of Economics (LSE). LSE was founded in 1884 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb; not by coincidence, they also founded the Fabian Society and were its guiding lights until their death. LSE has ever since been an oracle of Fabian Socialism and has drawn many students there by its promise of 'open thought' with hope to infiltrate their thinking with Fabian thought." (End of quotes from Hayfield and the Trilateral Observer of February 1982.)

Network America returns to comment about the above:

a) Having heard the Fabian Society and 'Fabian Socialism' referred to hundreds of times in the last 20 years, I never had seen anyone either explain the name or demonstrate its importance until I met Terry Hayfield and saw this research in late 1999. It is obvious from the above that the Fabian Society is held together by big, big money and the highest circles of the Ruling Elite. That's why there has been no splits or schisms in the Fabian Society since 1884.

b) It is further clear that the Fabian Society is the "gentleman" side of Communism, working in the West for financial domination while Communism was being used as a battering ram to break up the old orders in Russia, China, and eastern Europe. Now, with Communism's job successfully done in those areas, the Financial Wirepullers of Fabianism and Communism are trying to integrate the entire world under their usurious and 'high tax' financial domination. That's what NAFTA, GATT, "free trade", and the World Trade Organization are all about.

c) The Heritage Foundation, like the Fabian Society, has unlimited - and I mean unlimited - money. I think I've heard that their endowment is like $100 million dollars and they subsist on the interest. In contrast, the real patriots and conservative are always in virtual starvation mode, and barely able to keep operations afloat in comparison with such New World Order operations as the Heritage Foundation. This is why "conservatives" like Bill Bennett, Ariana Huffington, Jack Kemp, Linda Chavez, etc. etc. etc. push the Heritage Foundation line, and/or the same line pushed by other big money operations. This is where these mouthpieces can get paid. This is where they can be made into national "media stars." Now you can understand why these individuals come down like a ton of bricks on Pat Buchanan and ignore Howard Phillips. Their paycheck is on the line. It's not very edifying, but that's the picture.

d) It costs those behind the Heritage Foundation little to advocate a few good programs while they are helping to herd conservatives into the support for Fabian Socialism for the masses and Monopoly Capitalism for the Ruling Elite (two sides of the same coin, or, to borrow a phrase, two wings on the same bird of prey). When the financial domination of the nation is sufficiently in place, the good programs advocated by Heritage will be quietly dropped - or Heritage will just disappear altogether.

e) So what's the shocking conclusion of this little e-wire? The shocking conclusion is that Ronald Reagan and Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy - are the foremost latter day apostles of "Free Trade", NAFTA, GATT, Fabian Socialism, and Monopoly Capitalism. I personally would believe that Reagan did not see the full consequences of the policies he was handed. My judgement would be that Limbaugh and Liddy started out many years ago with patriotic fervor, but are in way too deep to examine these things too closely - if they want to continue to enjoy their prominence and lavish lifestye.

f) While one may respond that Clinton and Gore deserve the foremost place as the latter day salesmen of Fabian Socialism and Monopoly Capitalism, that conclusion misses an important point: while Clinton and Gore are more rabid, it was and is Reagan, Limbaugh, Trent Lott, the Republican Party, and G. Gordon Liddy who mislead keep the blindfold on the Americans who are most likely see through the scam if shown it - the well intentioned grassroots conservatives -- and that's by far the more valuable job to the Ruling Elite.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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