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Speakers - CFVC Convention Preview - Part 2

April 18, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Speakers - CFVC Convention Preview - Part 2

Here is a brief preview of what I hope the convention will look like as far as speakers go. I'm putting this out before I am contacting most of the potential speakers, which is probably bad protocol, but maybe some of them will hear of it this way and call me!

Friday Night: Keynote: Howard Phillips (Constitution Party Candidate for President) and leader of the Conservative Caucus. Howard Phillips position as Key Note speaker would be independent of his presidential campaign - he is the most prominent national leader in the nation who has placed proper emphasis on this issue. Mr. Phillips has a record of concern for verifiable elections spanning three decades. The party he leads is the only national party which has a perfectly worded plank on verifiable elections in its platform - and its been there not only this year, but in 1992 and 1996; finally, Mr. Phillips included sections on the need for verifiable elections in his acceptance speech for the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party both in 1996 in San Diego, and in 1999 in St. Louis. Note well: we will invite the nominees of the Democratic, Republican, Reform, Libertarian, and Natural Law parties to at least call into the convention and address the body via telephone.

Following the keynote speech, we would have "Friday Night at the Movies" - replete with popcorn, in which we would look at the Dan Rather 1988 5 minute report, some footage of the Colliers in Cincinnati and elsewhere, the five minute report done by Nick Clooney and Mary Krutko in 1987 about the Cincinnati Wiretapper and the elections he testified (under oath) that he helped rig - and more interesting movie "shorts."

Saturday Morning:

1st session: Devvi Kidd, Firebrand Crusader for Constitutional safeguards and honest elections, former congressional candidate.

2nd session: Dr. Phillip O'Halloran, author of the landmark Relevence Magazine article published in 1996.

3rd session: Brent Beleskey and the Canadian entourage about how verifiable elections are taking place right now, and having been taking place, - in our neighbor to the north. (Brent Beleskey is a confirmed speaker.)

4th session: Panel of people from around the country who have been fighting the votefraud battle in their local area: I'd like to see John Schull, son of a Nobel peace prize winner in science; Tom Lingenfelder from Philadelphia who brought proven votefraud to court there; James Condit Sr. who was the lawyer in the only case which won a favorable decision at the trial level, the Cincinnati case of 1985; Susan Bernecker, the Louisiana fitness instructor who was the subject of the 1996 Jack Anderson column due to the machine votefraud against her in 1995; Ron Keller, the Texas patriot who demonstrated before Houston television stations with Sheriff candidate Joe Cooper, how the Sequoia Pacific machines were being rigged - way back in 1964!; someone from the CLEAN group in Washington State. Each speaker would speak for 12 minutes or so, forming a panel for questions and answers afterwards.

5th Session: Terry Hayfield, on the "motive" behind votefraud: The Permanent Revolution, unseen by both left and right. (Mr. Hayfield is a confirmed speaker.)

Saturday Night Banquet: I'd like to see Ronnie Dugger, the author of the 1988 New Yorker magazine cover story, The Dangers of Computerized Voting. There would also be a discussion of action and a plan before closing down Saturday Night.

Sunday: Optional session 11 AM to 12:30 PM for further planning and strategizing in open session.

Remember, except where noted, this is not a confirmed speakers list, but what I would like the convention to look like. What is clear is that not all subjects will be able to be covered: you'll notice I didn't touch on the Dornan case or the Jenkins case in 1996.

We hope to have a media room for reporters (especially internet reporters, like those at Patriot Broadcasting Network) and also for talk shows. It would be great if such nationally known talk show hosts as Bill Boshears, Zoh Hieronimus and Jeff Rense could come and do interviews for later broadcast, or for simulcast on their programs. … More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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