"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

The End of America?  

April 22, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


The End of America?

By chance, I had to wake up shortly before 6:30 AM to go to the store to get milk and bread for my kids.

Because of this, I saw the first pictures of jack-booted, fascist, Communist thugs raiding the Gonzales home in Miami, Florida to snatch Elian on behalf of New World Order Government Commissars Castro, Clinton, Reno et al.

These storm troopers of world dictatorship battered down the door with a ram, entered the Gonzales home with automatic weapons drawn, pointing the barrel of the gun within a foot of Elian Gonzales's head, spraying the home and the small crowd outside with pepper gas and tear gas, sending at least one woman in the crowd into convulsions.

One of the pictures captured on camera by an Associated Press photographer shows some anti-American gas-masked storm trooper pointing a gun one foot away from Elian Gonzales, who was at the time being held by Donato Dalrymple, the man who rescued Elian off the shark-infested ocean between Cuba and the USA exactly 5 months ago, where Elian was floating alone, his mother and the others having slipped into the ocean in an attempt to escape Castro and get to freedom. This picture further shows an Elian already having burst into tears, with a look of surprise/terror on his face - just having been awaken by this terroristic early morning, Good Saturday raid. Video film then shows terrorized and crying Elian being spirited out to the government car, and whisked away in this car driven by a man wearing a black ski-mask to hide his identity, like an increasing number of the New World Order Government terror police.

Attorney-thug and Castro-hit-man Greg Craig (Clinton's impeachment lawyer - enough said) had issued a letter asking the press NOT to show any pictures or videos of Elian being snatched. Yes, Thug Craig, we are well aware how you totalitarians like to operate in the dark. How long will it be till the powers behind Clinton-Reno are able to prevent such videos and pictures from reaching the public? - believe me, we're headed in that direction, but thank God that the New World Order owners of the networks don't dare YET limit their personnel to out and out Bolsheviks like ABC's Ted Koppel, NBC's Andrea Mitchell, wife of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. And most of the on-screen anchors at all Big TV networks spent the last two weeks doing the Ruling Elite's work by asking almost exclusively questions like 'how is Elian going to be reunited with his father?' trying to psychologically prepare the American people for the 'inevitability' of this brutal government snatch.

I do not live in the America I grew up in -- anymore.

For me, America has turned a corner this morning. The usurpers of the American Government, put where they are by a combination of Big Media psycho-warfare on the American people and computer vote "counts", this day have plucked a 6 year old child from the family that cared for him since his rescue from the ocean, in order to begin his return to Communism and Castro where a team of psychiatrists, armed with psychiatric drugs, are waiting to brainwash the poor boy in a secluded government building that has been specifically prepared for Elian's return to Cuba - as has been announced by Castro's own spokesman

No doubt at this moment (about 3 hours after the police state raid and snatch) Elian is heavily sedated, as is the practice of all police state operations of this kind. Elian and the hostage-Dad Juan Miguel have been taken to an unknown place.

I think of the line from BraveHeart spoken by the character William Wallace --- if anyone supports this Clinton/Reno tyrannical, heartless outrage against Elian today is still calling themselves an American - then I'm ashamed to call myself one!

A little earlier FOX Cable news showed Marisleysis Gonzales, the relative who became the boy's surrogate mother after his rescue from the ocean, describing the scene as the Clinton/Reno heavily armed occupation government he-devils broke in, pointing automatic weapons at them and carrying a black bag to put the boy in. Marisleysis pleaded with the invaders not to put the boy in the bag. Then, a Clinton/Reno she-devil screamed, "Give me the #$@&%$ boy. Give me the #@#$% boy" (Marisleysis made clear without saying it that it was the worst word you could think of to fill in the blank) - and Marisleysius also related that this she-devil threw the black bag over little Elian's head, removing it as they emerged out of the door, after snatching Elian from an incredulous Donato Darlrymple.

This incident, carried out on the day before Easter by the most virulently anti-Christian junta ever to rule over the territory still known as the USA, was a deliberate ploy to insult the most sacred Holy Day in the Christian calendar and all who observe it. Elian and his family are Christians, and the anti-Christs behind puppets Reno and Clinton lusted to snatch this child out of the environment of Christian freedom in which he was - and into the clutches of Castro's Communism, and the anti-Christ forces that have always financed Communism, and are now financing the takeover of America through the New World Order government.

If this had been a Jewish boy with wearing a yamulka during the Jewish High Holy days, instead of a Christian boy with a miraculous medal on during the most sacred season of Christianity --- then the anti-Christian "administration" occupying Washington would NEVER, NEVER have treated the boy this way, nor would they have moved in with such a brutal-ready-for-violence-strike-force.

As it is now, little Elian is beginning a kind of passion of his own, 2000 years to the year after the passion, crucifixion, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Donato Dalrymple, Elian's rescuer and a real American, -- a little while ago called upon Clinton, -- in the name of God, decency, and "our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" - to step down, as he has disgraced himself and disgraced the United States of America. (Do I hear a few 'Amens' on that note?)

National Review, which publication has been so destructive on so many issues in recent years, has published such an excellent editorial, that I reproduce it here under the fair use provisions, with directions on how to go to the National Review website: www.nationalreview.com


Are We Still America?

National Review Editorial on Elian, May 1, 2000

By NR's editors

The Elián González affair has now taken on all the familiar contours of a Clinton operation. There is the shady lawyer with his questionable funding. There are the private meetings between Clinton emissaries and foreign despots, with unknown deals being struck and unknown favors being traded.

There is the gearing-up of the slander machine: James Carville has not yet appeared to tell us that Cuban-Americans are unstable, like Kathleen Willey, or trailer-park trash, like Paula Jones, but the smash-mouth operation against this patriotic and hard-working minority is well under way. By the time Clinton's media shills have finished their work, Cuban-Americans will have approximately as much credibility as Idaho militias.

There is the careful, ominous silence from Clinton himself. (Do you really think our president would have anything to do with this dirty stuff? No, no; it's just some overzealous underlings.) There are, alas, impeachment-whipped congressional Republicans, dithering and ducking, anxiously checking their polls; and congressional Democrats, already practicing their triumphant sneers. There is the Democratic presidential candidate, triangulating wildly; and there is the Republican candidate, saying approximately the right things but very, very q-u-i-e-t-l-y.

Lost in all this is any conception that America has a role of moral leadership to play, and that this has been an excellent opportunity to play it. How one longs for someone - anyone - in our public life to stand up and say those things that the Clintons and Renos will never say, because they are not even capable of thinking them. That this nation loves liberty. That we detest Communism. That we will, on every possible occasion, strive to vex and humiliate Communist dictators and all others who boast themselves our enemies, to frustrate their designs, to diminish them in the eyes of their own people, to hasten their downfall by any means our laws and ethics permit.

The Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky once suggested that any Western policy towards Communists should be evaluated by the following test: What does it look like to the men and women in the camps? In Castro's camps, they are weeping

(End of article from National Review).


That editorial brings out one thing that I was having trouble verbalizing myself. The Clinton administration and Reno are doing everything - not to lessen Castro in the eyes of his people - but to BOLSTER Castro in the eyes of everyone. They are covering up for him and his 40 years persecution of the Cuban people (no Cubans were fleeing in boats under Battista, who Castro toppled in 1959 with direct help from the New York News Media, who dishonestly portrayed him as a "democratic reformer" until he had consolidated his power), they are pimping for him, they are representing him with the despicable Greg Craig. At the same time they are doing everything they can to diminish the efforts of the Cuban-American Patriots, as the National Review article reproduced above states.

Three more comments, and the last one's a dilly: First, I am listening to a parade of callers on WLW reacting to the news of Elian's snatching. Shockingly enough, half of the callers are coming off like smug, too comfortable political morons, who are seemingly unaware of why anyone would strike out on a small raft in shark infested waters to get away from Communism. Both talk show hosts so far this morning, support the return of Elian to Castro for re-programming. (The WLW talk show hosts are the shallow political opportunist Mike McConnell, who gives the impression to some that he's perpetually recovering from a hangover, and the even more shallow, and not-ready-for-prime-time-Jerry Jeff Walker, who is simply not a serious commentator). Now the opinion of the talk show hosts often color the make-up of the callers - but if even one tenth of Americans are so ignorant of Communism that they are making the calls they are making to WLW this morning in support of Clinton/Reno/Castro - then America is in much worse trouble than I suspected.

Second, the Republican Congress has once again covered itself in absolute disgrace, proving yet another time that it is just the other wing on the same bird of prey which directs the Democratic Party. The Republican Congress could have tried to save Elian through passing a number of pieces of legislation, and they didn't even try. What a useless, false opposition bunch of phonies.

Third, in an on-camera confrontation in Miami, Florida a few minutes ago between a judge and a government attorney, it was revealed that the court ruling of a few days ago left custody with the relatives in Miami (that's why none of the relatives were arrested - because they weren't breaking any law). So, -- Clinton/Reno/Castro pulled another tyrannical first when they busted in and grabbed Elian Gonzales WITHOUT A WARRANT - the judge said that this was a first in America. If Clinton/Reno/Castro/Schumer/Greenspan can do it to Elian Gonzales and his relatives in Miami -- they can do it to you and me.

The VoteFraud issue is NOT a theoretical airy-fairy issue that we are "shouting from the housetops" about just for our health. If we do not have verifiable elections, we will watch the encroaching tyranny continue to develop. Charles Schumer, Bill Clinton, and Barney Frank are FRANTIC to get your guns --- and if you study the government-sanctioned snatching of little Elian Gonazales today - you will know why. We are already living in a society of "might makes right." The only way the Cuban American patriots could have prevented this act of tyranny this morning (remember! Done without a warrant!) - was if there had been hundreds of armed men guarding the Gonzales house in Miami so that the jack-booted New World Order Government Commandos wouldn't have dared try the kidnapping they succeeded in pulling off. You can expect to see plenty more of the same, with only the option of the ARMED means of resistance --- if we don't restore honest and verifiable elections now.

Finally, with 7 hours since the snatching of Elian, the Clinton Junta cannot yet produce any pictures or video of Elian - speaking volumes about the state of the child's frame of mind. FOX Cable News just reported that Marisleysius Gonzales has just left for Washington D.C., as reports have leaked out that the boy continues to cry and call for Marisleysius.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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