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Easter Sunday Fall Out - Elian; Gathering Storm

April 23, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Easter Sunday Fall Out - Elian; Gathering Storm

This list deals with organizing America through networking, the nature of the "Ruling Elite" behind the emerging New World Order Government, "votefraud vs. honest elections", and coordinated manipulation of the collective American mind by Big Media and Big Government. Today's report bears on the nature of the Ruling Elite, and what they are attempting to do to the American mind during the Elian affair.

After Janet Reno, who does such a spiffy job of dressing like "Alice the Goon" of Popeye fame, acted the "point man" for the New World Order Government's snatching of Elian Gonzales, here are some points that Americans should ponder. (Incidentally, I'm not Reno's physical characteristics, which she cannot help anymore than the rest of it can; many women have the same basic features WITHOUT giving off the robotic, dead-eyed, soulless, evil, menacing aura of "Alice the Goon"; someone like Reno only sinks to that depth through years and years of deliberating choosing to walk down the path of evil. The "Elian seizing" was just the latest building block in Reno's public career, which has become a monument to evil.)

Reno, Clinton, and so many others in public life call to mind the Biblical injunction: "Woe to those who call 'good' evil, and 'evil' good."

Item: Kate O'Beirne, of National Review, on Capitol Gang: "This boy has been returned to Castro's custody." So right on - but next Kate and Bob Novak fell into the trap - for the 2 millionth time, -- of giving unreserved credence to the Big TV network polls - which claim that 59% of Americans APPROVE of the way Janet Reno sent the armed thugs to seize Elian. Again, WHY accept these polls which ALWAYS support EXACTLY what the New World Order Government wants at every key moment. I want proof. How are these public opinion polls done? What questions are asked? What facts or "facts" are given the people polled? What preliminary questions are asked before the poll the is taken - and are some people disqualified from the poll if they answer those preliminary questions wrong? How many people are polled in total? Is only a cross section of those polled selected for inclusion? Is the poll just done for cover, with the results ultimately fabricated to get the sought after favored result? Remember, only the well-connected poll company OWNERS, like Zogby, Harris, and Gallup, ever see the complete results; those doing the calling have no way of knowing what the aggregate results indicated. (Needles to say, these questions apply to any issue, any day of the week.)

Item: One of the Congressman from the Miami area revealed on Evans and Novak that Castro is running BOTH the photo of the INS Thug pointing the gun at Elian and Donato (the fisherman rescuer), and the film of the New World Order Storm Troopers rushing a screaming Elian out to the government car - on Cuban TV almost constantly. The Congressman made the point that OBVIOUSLY this was a tremendous propaganda piece for Castro to demoralize the freedom fighters in his gulags, and show the oppressed people of Cuba HOW MUCH the US Government backs him up. Exactly.

Item: Let's talk about the dynamics of the newsmedia in the USA. As you know, the Big TV networks are the number one target of this e-wire, because of their collaboration on the major story for each day, and the angle from which they all cover the major story of each day. Yet, today, we are beholden to these same Big TV Networks for making the AP photo of the INS automatic weapon raid against Elian and the Gonzales family known and notorious throughout the world. How explain this seeming contradiction.

The local "on the spot" cameramen and reporters are overwhelmingly trying to get the news. So things that break spontaneously are immediately rushed onto the air. If things break so spontaneously that the Network Owners or their agents can't decide whether or not to censor it, it gets out. Certainly, I'm not suggesting that there is even time for the heads of the five networks to confer by phone, or through intermediaries, regarding whether to release such items as the photo of the gun in Elian's face, or the home video of Elian saying he didn't want to go back to Cuba, which was released on Spanish TV - such things are being done by reporters at the street level, sent to the public through technicians and news readers on duty.

The Ruling Elite control is not so far advanced in this country that they have all news slots filled with trusted agents, such as was the case in Stalin's or Gorbachev's Russia, or such as is the case today in Castro's Cuba. In those countries the Permanent Revolution financed brutal agents who just took over everything, appointed all personnel - and an incautious reporter could end up just a little bit dead.

In the USA, the Permanent Revolution's Ruling Elite is just now in the process of BUYING up all the stations (with our money which they have usurped through the FED), the next step is gun control (which we'd better not let them achieve), and THEN you would see all honest street reporters replaced with conscious agents of the anti-Christian revolution.

As it stands, the street reporters often do an excellent job on the first go around, as the AP photographer did today. (Once a photo is out, like the one the AP photographer released today, the job is done.)

But, if a street reporter does a story on vote fraud or Board of Elections corruption - (I am speaking from actual case history here, and we will run Randy Ludlow's Cincinnati Post 1987 article soon) - the street reporter will simply find that he is never assigned to the story again. What is a street reporter to do in such a case? If such a street reporter acts like McCloud in the old "McCloud series" - and stayed on the case contrary to the boss's wishes - he will in all likelihood be fired and lose his livelihood. In many cases, this would be counterproductive, as the reporter or photographer would lose his job and his platform to SOMETIMES cover a good angle on a good story, such as the AP photographer did today. And the internet just may be changing everything.

Item: The Big Media is showing the picture of Father (Juan Miguel) and son (Elian) smiling together as if that's some kind of an argument for Janet Reno's (and their own) campaign to return Elian to Castro. Of course, father recognizes and feels warmly about son and vice versa. No one has ever disputed that - the Miami family was simply asking that Juan Miguel prove that he was speaking for himself by coming down to Miami WITHOUT Castro's thugs, or Clinton's thugs hovering around him. And, of course, Thug Craig and Puppet Clinton will absolutely NOT allow Juan Miguel out of the special Castro/Clinton prison he's in. The issue has never been that the Miami family wanted to keep father and son apart, but they wanted to keep son out of the hands of brutal dictator Castro. And in Cuba, the child is explicitly the property of the state, NOT of the parent, which the unlovable lefties across the board are deliberately refusing to address. No Reno has started the wheels in motion to deliver the child back to Castro, where re-programming center is already set up, according to Castro's own spokesman who openly boasted of it to American journalists. Keep in mind that dad Juan Miguel's mother in law, mother, and relatives, as well as his second wife's relatives (including her six year old boy) are being held in Castro safe houses. And with this knowledge, Dan Rather, and a cackle of other integrity-less lefties, have the audacity to come tell America that they believe dad Juan Miguel is speaking freely in the 60 minutes interview he did last week with Dan Rather - because no Castro agents were in the room. Is Dan Rather so dumb he doesn't realize that, Cuban agents in the room or no - Castro will be watching the interview on CBS TV. Really, now - nobody is that damn dumb --- not even lefty media commentators.

Item: How so many Americans can continue to treat this as an American Father custody trial, does not speak well of the collective American political intelligence these days.

Item: As many have said, Clinton/Reno/Castro trampled on the memory and wishes of Elian's mother - who shouldn't be forgotten just because she died trying to get to freedom. Shallow Americans attempting to slander the mother have charged her with child abuse for risking the child's life by trying to get to America on a raft. These comfortable Disney-land Americans don't realize that tens of thousands of Cubans have left Castro's Cuba in such desperation --- and not one person, as far as I know, ever felt the need to take such risks to leave Batista's Cuba, pre-1959.

Item: As Marisleysius Gonzales helped the newsmedia tour the wreckage which the INS invaders left in her small house, she pointed out that these agents of tyranny had knocked over the religious display, knocking the specifically the statue of Mary, the mother of Our Savior, to the floor - and there it lay.

Item: The picture of Elian and his father released on April 22, 2000 - reunited and smiling --- with the state of computer graphics, is it possible that the picture has been doctored? Why don't dad and son come into public for some video? One nurse called me to say that she saw something on Elian's forearm that could have been a bandaid where an IV would be started for tranquilizing drugs. Since Marisleysius told worldwide cameras that poor little Elian will cry even to this day if he wakes up and she isn't there. We can only guess that Elian has some tough days ahead. Days and nights in which he will be drugged and tranquilized by the Castro agents who hold him. One of the popular signs in Miami says, "Government Child Abuse." You bet. - (and --- as I'm proof reading this an hour later, word comes that many on the internet and at least one caller to FOX news is challenging the authenticity of the picture - and claiming is looks like a computer enhancement. Let me direct anyone who has competence in this area to check the length and nature of Elian's haircut as he's whisked to the government car in the morning, against the length of Elian's hair in the photo of Elian and his dad released by thug-Lawyer Greg Craig in the afternoon.)

Item: Here's some words I wrote last week before knowing that Elian would be taken into Clinton/Castro captivity before this email was sent: 'One of the most dramatic examples of Big Media pscho - warfare is happening before our eyes in the Elian Gonzales case. The Ruling Elite do not intend to lose. They intend to parade dad Juan Miguel in front of us a crystal clear hostage and pawn of Dictator Castro, while publicly announcing that he is a free agent, AND while reporting to us all the details of how 6 year old Elian will go to a Castro re-programming center as soon as he gets to Cuba. If they can back down the Cuban American patriots, and return the kid to Communism - it is meant to demoralize all the people left in Communist and other New World Order prison camps across the world, and all the rest of us as well -- who understand what's going on.

More Tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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