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Elian, Rodney King Case, and Clinton Criminals!  

 April 24, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Elian, Rodney King Case, and Clinton Criminals!

The "Rodney King Case" connection to the Elian case is treated at the end.

Thanks to Rep. Tom Delay of Louisiana on "Meet the Press," Senator Bob Smith in an Easter Sunday nationally televised press conference, and newsmax.com, -- we have the following, showing the utter illegality of what our occupation New World Government did to Elian and the Miami Gonzales Family:

On Easter Sunday's edition of Meet the Press, Rep. Tom Delay faced off with one of the Clinton Administration International Criminals, Eric Holder, considered by them a Deputy Attorney General, and pinned his ears back. Delay forcefully made the point that this was the first time in American history that the Executive Branch invaded a private home WITHOUT a court order, and WITHOUT a warrant !!!

And God Bless Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire who eloquently made the same points, and many others, in an Easter Sunday morning Press Conference. He was followed by a tearful and moving Marisleysis Gonzales who beautifully represented all that is good in this fight against pure evil.


And this from NewsMax, dated Saturday April 22, 2000


Legal Analysts Comment on Raid


NEWSMAX.COM - Andrew Napolitano, legal analyst for Fox News

and a

constitutional scholar had this exchange today on Fox with Eric


Reno's second in command at Justice:


Napolitano: Tell me, Mr. Holder, why did you not get a court order

authorizing you to go in and get the boy?


Holder: Because we didn't need a court order. INS can do this on

its own.


Napolitano: You know that a court order would have given you the

cloak of respectability to have seized the boy.


Holder: We didn't need an order.


Napolitano: Then why did you ask the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

For such an order if you didn't need one?


Holder: [Silence]


Napolitano: The fact is, for the first time in history you have taken a

child from his residence at gunpoint to enforce your custody

position, even though you did not have an order authorizing it.

(End of quote from newsmax.com)


So, the usurpers of the Executive Branch of our American government turned a BIG corner on Good Saturday, 2000 - they openly, violently, and completely violated the 4th amendment to the US Constitution by raiding a private home without a warrant and kidnapping a person - a child -- in that home without a court order, which had been specifically denied them by the circuit court a few days earlier (the court having noted that Reno and the INS themselves had asked for a court order to transfer custody of Elian to the father, Juan Miguel, from the Miami family, -- WHICH FAMILY WAS STILL CONTINUING TO EXERCISE THE CUSTODY GRANTED THEM BY RENO HERSELF and the INS five months ago - shorty after the boy was rescued from the ocean.

Now, note well: What the Executive Branch usurpers did, was combine in themselves the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branch - just like any other dictatorship throughout history. (Just as this administration has usurped the high offices it occupies by means of unverifiable elections, counted in secret, just like all the other dictatorships in history which use "elections" as a cover have done; -- to be clear, of course, it is not the low-level, cocaine-nosed opportunist Clinton who has effective working control of our computerized election system - but the Permanent Revolution "Ruling Elite" behind him, the Fed, and the 5 Big TV Networks. This Ruling Elite also controls puppet Gore and puppet W. Bush, as we have often stated in this e-wire, -- and if honest, verifiable elections, with paper ballots counted by citizens in each neighborhood, are not restored, then the Ruling Elite will pick either Bush or Gore to install in the upcoming computer-generated election results.)

At about 3 PM on Sunday, the Clinton/Reno/Castro Junta, which had maintained until now that they didn't need a court order or warrant to snatch Elian - have floated a story that they actually DO have a court order signed by a federal judge after all. … Sorry, Clinton Liars, you're 30 hours too late with this latest ploy - or else how do you explain your failure to cite it under the intense criticism of yesterday and today, under which pressure you simply said you didn't need one.

Before going on, as I write this, there has now been 24 hours PLUS passed since the Clinton Criminals grabbed Elian - without any public appearance of Elian and the Juan Miguel. No video yet. No public appearance yet.

In the Easter Sunday Press Conference, Marisleysius Gonzales charged openly what was already on the Internet on Saturday -- that we are being fed computer created photos by Thug Greg Craig with regard to the "happy reunion" of father and son. She made the point that she had cut Elian's hair the day before, and that the short hair evident on Elian's head as he was grabbed from the house by the Clinton Criminals differs from the longer hair shown on the photos released by Thug Greg Craig later that day. The Drudge Report (thedrudgereport.com) carried side by side pictures of the pre-dawn snatch and the Craig-provided photo, with the headline "My, Elian, how your hair has grown in the last three hours!" and the further headline above another set of pictures, "And what nice teeth you've grown!" While awaiting further evidence, from my own observation, it seems clear that the hair on the side of Elian's head in the pre-dawn snatch photo is very close to the head almost like a military or burr haircut, and in the later Craig-provided photo - Elian's hair seems to be much more bushy on the side, although still close crop. As far as the missing tooth goes, Elian clearly has all his top teeth in the Craig-released photo, but the bottom teeth are not shown, -- in a magnified version of the picture on the Drudge Website using a normal magnifying glass up my computer screen, it seems clear that in the pre-dawn snatch picture on the Drudge website that Elian is missing both a top tooth and a bottom tooth - although I will reserve final judgement pending further analysis by photo experts - INCLUDING experts that are NOT provided by our occupation government. FOX network is claiming for hours on Sunday that they've engaged a professional photo analyst who says the Craig photos are authentic - without naming the expert!

Further, I suspect, having been so advised by medical personnel, that Elian is probably under heavy sedation and medication, probably being treated by mind altering drugs - which is why his government kidnappers and captors have not been able to produce a video or a live appearance of Elian in the time since the grab.

Thug Craig "assures" UPI that the photos are real, because the curtains in the background in the photos are the same ones in Juan Miguel's mysterious living quarters at the military base. And who's word do we have for the curtains? Why, Thug Craig himself. What do you want to bet that somebody's frantically scampering not only for similar curtains, but also for that batman shirt that Elian is sporting in the Craig photo. Who snapped the craig photo? They can't give any names. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …

Notice, as one of the Miami Gonzales relatives pointed out at the Easter Sunday Press Conference, the Clinton/Reno junta, so "interested" in protecting children from guns, had NO PROBLEM sending assault rifles in against Elian, within a few feet of his face, carried by a New World Order paratrooper wearing scary, Star Wars-like riot gear. Gun control for YOU, Mr. & Mrs. America - but NOT for the New World Order stormtroopers who are to be your oppressors. See the list of domestic enemies that should be dealt with, at the end of this message.

Jack Thompson, attorney for newsmax.com, revealed on FOX Cable News Network that the urgency for the storm trooper kidnapping by Clinton/Reno/Craig/Castro was that Elian Gonzales - the boy himself - is the Plaintiff in the case that is pending for resumption on May 11, 2000 - and if Elian's captors now produce a document by Elian dropping the court case, then the coast is clear for Castro to order the Dad to fly back to Cuba, taking Elian with him --- and that this could happen as early as tomorrow.

IF the scenario in the above case happens, then the pre-dawn commando raid to snatch Elian can be seen even more clearly for what it is: a Communist police state tactic to return 6 year old Elian Gonazles - to a Police State.

Beware Jesse Jackson: Jesse Jackson showed up on CNN's Late Edition as a defender and apologist of the Clinton/Reno commando raid that snatched Elian as well as urging aid for the failing Castro regime. Jackson wants to get in the middle of the negotiations, and the Miami Gonzales family should BEWARE of this slippery turncoat snake, who has become increasingly compromised as he's gotten older.

Beware neutralizing editorials which merge the good with the evil. Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation and Tony Snow, Fox Sunday - took a "everyone's to blame" approach. Baloney. This is why Tony Snow has the job he has, because he consciously or probably unconsciously intuitively acts as a "safety valve" for concerned citizens blowing off steam, and nothing more.

All polls should be questioned, of course. On mid Sunday afternoon, a major shift is happening on FOX network. It appears that suddenly they are letting through calls almost exclusively from "Americans" who "fully" and "enthusiastically" support Reno and the INS. This is a common tactic of the Big Five networks, cover the event objectively, more or less, when its first breaking - but then orchestrate their coverage, polls, and calls (by pre-qualifying calls) to give the impression that public opinion is shifting to the position desired by the Occupation Government and the Ruling Elite behind it.

Please, if anyone can get to the Marisleysius and the Gonzales Family, please explain to them that all of these polls may be faked, and that they should not lose heart because of polls about which we know nothing.

Notice how silent Al Gore is --- boy, his "disagreement" with Clinton/Reno/Castro is really deeeep, and full of conviction.

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, has covered himself in shame. He should have acted like Governor Fob James of Alabama who said he would use the national guard to protect the 10 Commandments hanging in Judge Roy Moore's court room. Bush should have done the same, and Clinton/Reno/Castro would have been checkmated. BUT, Jeb Bush's inaction and impotency is a clear indicator of what W. Bush will be as president - not worth a whit, and implementing the same New World Order agenda, with a more "conservative" face and plenty of meaningless lip service.

I have to deal with the thuggish attorney Greg Craig, who is very typical of the brand of totally self-centered, totally ruthless, totally intergrity-less, might-makes-right barbarian in a legal suit with which I have had to deal with since challenging the Ruling Elite locally and nationally since 1979. This type of amoral, dead-eyed, ostensibly soul-less individual is part of one of the worst banes afflicting our society, and a frightening phenomenon. In Cincinnati, examples of such individuals are Judge Thomas Crush, Judge Norbert Nadel, former county GOP head Ralph Kohnen, former GOP head Eugene Ruehlmann, and now Ohio Secretary of State Joe Deters - among others. I'm sure you have this type of totally sold-out enforcer in your area as well. May some of these men come to their senses and recover their souls, the price of which in each case exceeds the whole world, as scripture tells us. ….

Anyway, on CNN's "Late Edition" with Wolf Blitzer - Thug Craig made clear that HE would not allow the Miami Gonzales Family, the Press, an independent doctor, or anyone else to go in to verify that Elian is conscious, is not drugged, is himself. Now I wonder why that would be???

While Blitzer asked Craig and another dead-eyed Reno mouthpiece, Doris Liesner (Sp?), whether US officials had drugged the boy, which they both denied, the question was never asked whether Castro's Cuban officials on the scene administered the drugs to Elian, or whether private cooperators administed drugs -- so that these occupation government fronters could plausibly deny a US government involvement.

Overriding the Mayor: Miami Mayor Joe Carollo was kept in the dark regarding the raid BY HIS OWN POLICE CHIEF, on orders of the Federal Government. On CNN's Late Edition, Mayor Carollo told the nation that he asked his police chief and city manager what law they were following by keeping him in the dark about the impending raid, involving a case where no investigation was even pending. (!!!) Carollo was kept in the dark because the Reno-Craig faction didn't trust him, as he consistently refused to take part in their proposed terrorist operation against the Miami Gonzales family. Carollo also reported that many of his Miami Police on the scene were pepper gassed - because THEY had no warning. This withholding of advance knowledge of the Reno-Craig terrorist operation from the Mayor of the city is ANOTHER POWERFUL indication that, as we assert, the New World Order Occupational Government is IN PLACE already, and occupying the highest offices of our federal government.

Let me break new ground in this e-wire by providing the most likely key to what was used on the Miami police chief to cause him to feel bound and confident to defy his Mayor. In all probability, the Miami Police chief is a member of the Masonic order, as are so many local police chiefs across the country. I would surmise that a Mason in the Government pulled some kind of Masonic pact on the Miami Police chief, which would be higher to many masons than the chain of command in the local Miami government. Carollo, a Catholic, is PROBABLY not a mason, and therefore would be viewed as a second class citizen by Masons. All police chiefs and everyone else should withdraw immediately from the Masonic societies, which extract immoral oaths from their members at every stage of the process. Also, masonic societies are Luciferian organizations, which knowledge is kept from the vast majority of the unsuspecting members, who feel that they are joining some kind of a "graduate" college fraternity or Lion's Club, despite the unsettling dark oaths they are required to take without warning at all stages of the Masonic initiation. For sincere truth-seekers who have been duped into joining the Masons, see Morals and Dogma by Masonic authority Albert Pike, and the Lost Keys to Freemasonry, by Manly P. Hall, both available from Amazon.com. Both books state openly at several points that the Masonic order is a Luciferian organization, which worships Satan, not Jesus Christ. Anyway, I believe that the "Masonic" connection will provide the key to the Reno forces co-opting the loyalty of the Miami Police chief away from the Miami Mayor. The first step in this investigation, if anyone is in a position to do so, is to ascertain whether or not the Miami Police chief is a Mason.

In election danger: Mayor Joe Carollo of Miami and Sen. Bob Smith had better demand verifiable elections next time around. Sen. Bob Smith is one of only two Senators elected in pre-dominantly verifiable elections - in New Hampshire; Mayor Joe Carollo of Miami, Florida has taken such a courageous stand throughout this whole affair, that he had better demand a verifiable count next time, or I fear he will be gone. The method will be a sudden and overwhelming criticism from all the Miami press over some real or created issue right before the next Mayoral election, followed by a computer-generated result showing Carollo the loser (just as happened to Gov. Fob James for protecting Judge Roy Moore's court room). Miami, Florida is a completely crooked computerized zone when it comes to vote-counting, extensively covered by the Colliers in Votescam: The Stealing of America. It is my belief that most elections are left alone because most candidates are "party men." But once an elected official shows the courage and verve that Carollo has shown, then the computer programmers AND local newsmedia "deal" with that person at the next election.

Here's the Rodney King Affair connection: Everyone will remember that some of the Policemen who arrested Rodney King were sent to prison for their real or alleged abuse of Rodney King, who was actively resisting the Police (two other black men were let go in the same incident, because they didn't resist). Much clearer is the extreme abuse that went on in the Elian snatching case yesterday. So much greater is the reason in this case - which sets an unconstitutional and tyrannical precedent --- to bring the offenders to justice.

The Constitution talks about domestic enemies. The following is a short list of Occupation government agents or co-operators who need to be brought to justice for the child abuse they have inflicted on Elian, and the Constitutional rights of the Gonzales family in Miami which they have violated.

Domestic Enemies who need to be brought to justice: Greg Craig; Bill Clinton, Janet Reno; all the Federal agents who participated in the commando raid against Elian; and everyone in the chain of command from the street operatives all the way up to Clinton.

Prayers Answered: Despite the "Way of the Cross" that Elian, Marisleysius, and the Miami Gonzales Family, and probably the Dad, Juan Miguel, -- are undergoing, the prayers were answered in the photos and film footage that were captured on film and got out. Let us, the Americans who are adult and free, take this opportunity to help Elian now, and throw off this tyrannical, evil occupational government soon. Let's all keep praying and steel ourselves for the battle ahead.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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