"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Police State Action to Return Elian to Police State

April 25, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Police State Action to Return Elian to Police State

This is a very important e-wire, please make a special effort to pass it around, especially to radio talk show hosts, opinion molders, pastors, and public officials.

We are watching the grasping, seething-with-hatred-for-Christianity-and-all-that-is decent-would-be dictatorship trying to use the struggle around Elian, and the custody of his body -- to ADVANCE our nation's subjugation. The struggle for Elian the boy should be enough to galvanize every American into action to stop his in-motion transfer to Communist Cuba, and to sensibly take advantage of our 2nd Amendment rights to ensure that masked ninja government terrorists can never get away with doing this to any law-abiding citizens again in the United States of America.

After stating on Meet the Press and elsewhere on Easter Sunday that they DID NOT have a warrant ("we didn't need one") - the lying Clintonistas such as reptile-blooded Eric Holder are now claiming they DID have a warrant!! Sorry, Clinton liars, 30 hours too late. I'll NEVER believe they had one. The family in Miami was breaking NO LAW and that's why the Reno terrorists didn't arrest any of the adults.

Now that the pictures got out, the Ruling Elite is even more desperate to get Elian back to Castro as a trophy for World Communism (now evolved into the push for the New World Order). If, after their act of barbarism in snatching Elian, they can get Elian back to Cuba and "win" on all immediate fronts, they hope the pictures of the Government Terrorist pointing that assault weapon at Elian and Donato the Fisherman will send America's collective brain into the mode of a "rape victim."

Michael Hoffman (www.hoffman-info.com) has offered impressive analysis, based partly on information about the occult from a man who came out of the occult, that the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 was deliberately done in the open to perform the masonic ritual of "killing of the King" and to leave America in the position of feeling like a rape victim. … We must not succumb to that. It is time for each of us to look deep within ourselves and act and decide that we will not respond this way, but that we will respond according to the dictum, "Government should protect the innocent and be a terror to evil-doers." Not the other way around.

Not only Clinton/Reno/Craig -- the thug dictators themselves, -- but all those locksteppers who allowed themselves to be used as pawns, -- such as the she-devil Government agent, Betty Ann Mills, whom you are about to read about, -- need to be brought to justice, along with every Congressman and Media Commentator who are supporting the Ruling Elite through the Clinton/Reno Junta's attempt to abrogate the constitutional rights of all Americans, as illustrated in the outrage against the 4th amendment rights of the Gonzales Family in Miami, and the lawless way they are giving Elian back to Clinton.

These are domestic enemies, as referred to in the US Constitution.

Let's read a report given to Matt Drudge from someone who talked to the female agent who yelled the foulest language imaginable at the valiant Marisleysius Gonzales, the cousin who nursed Elian back from dehydration (- he couldn't walk when he got to the Miami Gonzales house out of the hospital) - as she (Betty Ann Mills, government terrorist) was playing a key role in the evil and dirty deed done to Elian and the Miami Gonzales family on Good Saturday.


From drudgereport.com , April 23, 2000:



Immigration and Naturalization Service Special Agent Betty Ann Mills, who held Elian Gonzalez in her arms as they left his relatives' Little Havana home, told an associate this weekend that she has "no regrets" about the raid and rescue operation.

"I have no regrets, and I love my work, but this was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life," Mills told the associate, who asked not to be identified.

Mills, 33, of Hollywood, Florida, is an 8-year veteran of the agency.

She accompanied Elian during his flight to Maryland, aboard a U.S. Marshals Service plane.

The most contentious moment of the operation, says a source, occurred in the van as the agents and Elian pulled away from the house.

"The boy was thrashing and screaming, it was very difficult for Betty," said the insider.

End of text from the Drudge Report.

Yes, Elian was kicking and screaming right before the IV was placed in his arm to sedate him, if you ask me. I am not sure whether some, none, or all of the pictures that Thug Greg Craig has released are computer-doctored, but in the first picture released after the terrorist kidnapping - which picture purported to be taken that day of Elian and his Dad, -- there is a bandaid on Elian's forearm right where an IV to administer sedation or psycho-drugs would have been placed in the boy. Later, as that picture resurfaced on TV, the apparent bandaid was fuzzed out. This was pointed out to me by a nurse. The above passage from Drudge adds fuel to the fire the Elian had to be sedated, and also gives strong clues as to why he it has been necessary that Elian be kept completely out of sight by Thug Greg Craig and his secret police.

Who knows when little Elian is going to begin asking - or screaming - for Marisleysius if they let anyone see him? (He cried for her if he woke up from a sleep and she was not there - understandable for a six year old boy who had been through so much.) The Miami lawyers for Elian should file an immediate demand that a court issue an order to Greg Craig and Janet Reno to release their little kidnap victim so HE CAN BE TESTED FOR WHAT DRUGS ARE IN HIS SYSTEM right now! It might also be good to test the Dad, very possibly a complete captive (the father's only their and Castro's disgusting and lying excuse --- commentator Debbie Schlussel on the April 24 edition of Politically incorrect revealed that when the Dad was called by his Miami relatives to tell him that Elian was found, he told them he would like to become an American citizen, too. But as Elian became a symbol, Castro got involved. The dad's in a tough spot, and there's not a shred of evidence that he wants Elian to go back to Cuba.)

Incidentally, there is NO REASON in the world to believe these pictures being released by Castro-agent Greg Craig. Computer doctoring of pictures is so advanced that Dan Rather has had to apologize TWICE when CBS was caught adding fictional items to news footage - the most prominent example was when CBS added a black suitcase into the left hand of one of the Congressman who was involved in the Abscam sting over a decade ago. Can't the lawyers file a habeas corpus --- make them produce the BOY.

I also don't agree with all those who say that, if the Dad wants to go back to Cuba, the boy must go. NO! Even if the Dad was free and decided that (which I don't believe he would) - but if he did -- that ALONE would show an abusive father with the facts on the table. Let's look at what Robert Novak wrote in his column today:


Begin Robert Novak column:

Brainwashing in Store for Boy

When U.S. marshals forcibly removed Elian Gonzalez from public view and placed him behind locked doors at Andrews Air Force Base, he drew closer to the grasp of the Castro dictatorship's psychiatric wing.

Even a U.S. senator, Bob Smith of New Hampshire, could not gain admittance to the military installation for himself and the boy's Miami relatives Saturday night. But Greg Craig, the Washington super lawyer paid by undisclosed donors to represent Juan Miguel Gonzalez, in a moment of candor revealed that Castro diplomats from the Cuban Interest Section were present at Andrews when Elian arrived.

Will Cuban psychiatrists be at the air base and later at the Wye conference center before the May 8 federal court hearing determines the boy's fate? That is Castro's clear desire, and Republican Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart of Florida expressed to me fear that Elian would be "brainwashed on U.S. soil." Two things are certain: Desirability of life in Cuba will be drummed home to him the next two weeks, and Communist psychiatrists will join in the mind-adjustment once he arrives there, if not before.

This is the background of the dawn raid in Miami. Contrary to Justice Department claims that the Florida relatives defied the law, the highest federal court to hear the case last Wednesday roundly rejected Attorney General Janet Reno's arguments. The extraordinary opinion by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals not only enjoined Reno from removing the boy from the United States until the hearing, but turned down her plea to hand Elian over immediately to his father.

However, the court did not prohibit such action, and Reno peremptorily broke off negotiations with the Miami family and sent in paramilitary agents. Had she not, there is little question that Elian on May 8 would have professed his desire to stay in Florida--a legitimate aspiration for a 6-year-old, says the 11th Circuit.

Thus, considering the Clinton administration's overriding desire for better relations with Castro, it was necessary to seize the boy. The optimum time was the Saturday of Holy Week, when members of Congress are scattered to the winds.

It probably will not require an expert Communist brainwasher to turn around a child's preference, but Castro has revealed his intentions. Cuban officials, telling the Associated Press that Elian has been "psychologically abused," declared that "psychologists would help him recover" once he is in Cuba.

The original visa application for Juan Miguel listed six psychiatrists and psychologists to come here. Any number of practitioners can be slipped into the country without fanfare -- and presumably beyond locked gates at Andrews or Wye. In any event, the Castro regime has announced they will be assigned to his retinue in Havana.

The mere mention of "Cuban psychiatry," in the scandalous Soviet image, is chilling. When the World Psychiatric Association in 1983 condemned the Soviet Union for using psychiatry to punish dissidents, Cuba joined the Soviets in leaving the organization in protest. The Cubans never returned (though the Russians did) and they still follow the old Kremlin model.

An affidavit filed in the current federal court case by Marta Molina, a Cuban psychologist, said Elian upon his return "immediately will be taken into seclusion to re-indoctrinate him in the ways of the Communist ideology." Based on her treatment of Cuban children, Molina predicted "the indoctrination and silencing of his thoughts and memories of the United States will lead to depression and psychological confusion."

Castro's propaganda apparatus last week unveiled the air-conditioned government "guest house" (with swimming pool) where Elian will live in Cuba. A dozen classmates, taken from their parents, will live with him. Will Greg Craig demand that they be reunited with their fathers, or will Cuban psychiatrists suffice?

(End of Novak Column)


Had Elian gone to court from the Miami Gonzales house, he would have rebuffed Castro, Clinton et al, so they had to get him, drug him, and try to change his mind. Will they succeed? Prayers must continue. Pray for a ANOTHER miracle in the Elian case.

The Novak column above misses the real reason for the Luciferian lust to get Elian to mad Communist psychiatrists, as does the eloquent Peggy Noonan column quoted below. I will give the answer in this e-wire.

What Novak's column leads the reader right up to is this: Clinton, Reno, Castro, CBS, Dan Rather, the Wye Center, -- it's all the same. The stupid-er than dung talk show hosts, like the abominably self-centered, caller abusive, government agent-of-influence Mike McConnell of WLW radio in Cincinnati, who have said things like Dad Juan Miguel was free because he was left in a room alone with Dan Rather. FREE? When the interview was going to be televised for those same agents and Castro himself to see - with his mother, relatives, and his second wife's six year old son being forcibly held in a Castro compound as these events are transpiring.

Have to tell you one more thing, and put on the internet for years to come for the worldwide web to view, about the how the vapidly vacuous Mike McConnell of WLW insulted and slandered the tens of thousands of freedom loving Cubans who have come to America in the last 40 years, over 10,000 dying on the 90 mile shark-infested trek on the ocean from Castro's Cuba to Florida (no one risked this desperate voyage under Battista pre-1959). This prototype of the new evil American, Mike McConnell, corrupted to the core by the leisure and ease that all of us Americans know, and by his $100,000 plus salary which he "earns" for talking down to callers, in an abuse of the deep-toned voice God gave him, with an air that give some of us the impression that he's perpetually recovering from a hang over (of course, he's not, but that's the impression he gives to some). Anyway, McConnell said that Cubans come to America for not for freedom, but for MONEY. . . He repeats this numerous times! I'm speechless in the face of such a "thought" . . . but Joe Sobran is not, who wrote the following brilliance two weeks ago, resoundingly answering the McConnells with a short but authoritative presentation of truth that echoes in one's mind like a magnificent symphony:


Begin Sobran column:

Cuba being an island, Fidel Castro's version of the Berlin Wall is a fleet of gunboats that patrol the shorelines and shoot those trying to flee by water. Elián Gonzalez's mother was on a small boat that managed to elude Castro's killers.

Castro's philosophy was stated succinctly by Luis Fernandez, a Cuban diplomat in Washington: Elián is "a possession of the Cuban government." That is the issue here. Castro and his flunkeys don't even pretend to be supporting the rights of Elián's father. Under Communism, all are slaves of the state, mere "possessions" of the government; now the Cuban state wants its property back so it can turn him into a good little Communist.

Castro even has a special term of abuse for those who try to escape: "worms." He needs such a term because so many Cubans do want to leave. Most countries don't have that problem and don't feel compelled to revile their emigrants. Communist countries always do.

End of Sobran's column.


The Ruling Elite has turned the likes of McConnell almost into what Karl Marx said man was - a purely economic being. Such self-centeredness and inability to think of anything outside of one's own immediate material comfort and interest, explains the 30 to 40% of Americans who don't dare allow themselves for even a minute to side with the Miami family against Clinton and Castro, for fear a few minutes of that would reveal to themselves what traitors they've become to western civilization because of their total self-centeredness. Anyway, McConnell is a relatively powerful voice - because WLW radio reaches into 38 states - pushing for Elian to be forced into Castro's psychiatric ward and the hands of the mass murderer, Castro himself. We're all sinners, Mike, but how does it feel to have spiritually devolved to the point where you're now on the side of total evil in this important matter?

Let's jump off of "false opposition" "safety valve" "conservative" talk show hosts like Mike McConnell of WLW - and move back to the Clintonistes.

Please, don't be fooled by any of the blather from these evil, callous Clinton-allied people who have suddenly discovered parents' rights, fathers rights, the rule of law (HAH!), and human feelings. The whole thrust of the Clintonistas and the usual suspects of lefty 'public figures' who are all over TV and radio -- is one thing: Even if some few of them are dupes, there single minded de facto goal is to try to undo Divine Providence bringing Elian out of Communism, spit on the mother's sacrifice who risked shark-infested waters on a raft to get away from Cuba, assassinate the character of Marisleysius and the entire Gonzales clan who have cared for Elian, as well as their supporters and friends, who have helped them stand up against the New World Order --- AND most of all, use any means necessary from pushing any and all emotional buttons of shallow, self-centered, and evilly-inclined Americans, -- to invading a private home without a warrant and without a court order BUT WITH loaded automatic weapons brandished by thugs dressed like stormtroopers - IN ORDER TO TURN ELIAN BACK OVER TO CASTRO AS A TROPHY FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER DICTATORS, both those still labeled Communist, and those labeled Democrats (or Republicans) here in the USA. That's the whole ballgame, and it's what every move of the Clinton-related forces is all about in this Elian affair. That's the answer. There's nothing confusing about it. And even though Peggy Noonan is confused about this below, her column is so eloquent that I will begin to draw to a close with it:


Begin Noonan column:

Why Did They Do It?

From the beginning it was a story marked by the miraculous. It was a miracle a six-year-old boy survived the storm at sea and floated safely in an inner tube for two days and nights toward shore; a miracle that when he tired and began to slip, the dolphins who surrounded him like a contingent of angels pushed him upward; a miracle that a fisherman saw him bobbing in the shark-infested waters and scooped him aboard on the morning of Nov. 25, 1999, the day celebrated in America, the country his mother died bringing him to, as Thanksgiving.

And of course this Saturday, in the darkness, came the nightmare: the battering ram, the gas, the masks, the guns, the threats, the shattered glass and smashed statue of the Blessed Mother, the blanket thrown over the sobbing child's head as they tore him from the house like a hostage. And the last one in the house to hold him, trying desperately to protect him, was the fisherman who'd saved him from the sea -- which seemed fitting as it was Eastertide, the time that marks the sacrifice and resurrection of the Big Fisherman.

It is interesting that this White House, which feared moving on Iraq during Ramadan, had no fear of moving on Americans during the holiest time of the Christian calendar. The mayor of Miami, Joe Carollo, blurted in shock, "They are atheists. They don't believe in God." Well, they certainly don't believe the fact that it was Easter was prohibitive of the use of force; they thought it a practical time to move. The quaint Catholics of Little Havana would be lulled into a feeling of safety; most of the country would be distracted by family get-togethers and feasts. It was, to the Clinton administration, a sensible time to break down doors.

Which really, once again, tells you a lot about who they are. But then their actions always have a saving obviousness: From Waco to the FBI files to the bombing of a pharmaceutical factory during impeachment to taking money from Chinese agents, through every scandal and corruption, they always tell you who they are by what they do. It's almost honest.

All weekend you could hear the calls to radio stations, to television, from commentators, from the 40% who are wounded, grieving and alive to the implications of what this act tells us about what is allowed in our country now. "This couldn't happen in America," they say, and "This isn't the America we know."

This is the America of Bill Clinton's cynicism and cowardice, and Janet Reno's desperate confusion about right and wrong, as she continues in her great schmaltzy dither to prove how sensitive she is, how concerned for the best interests of the child, as she sends in armed troops who point guns at the child sobbing in the closet. So removed from reality is she that she claims the famous picture of the agent pointing the gun at the fisherman and the child did not in fact show that.

The great unanswered question of course is: What was driving Mr. Clinton? What made him do such a thing? What accounts for his commitment in this case? Concern for the father? But such concern is wholly out of character for this president; he showed no such concern for parents at Waco or when he freed the Puerto Rican terrorists. Concern for his vision of the rule of law? But Mr. Clinton views the law as a thing to suit his purposes or a thing to get around.

Why did he do this thing?

End of Peggy Noonan column.


Let me try in other words to clear up Noonan's confusion about the motive of Clinton/Castro/Reno and those behind them.

This is beyond Clinton's legacy, the spiritual battle, which is always there, has kicked in.

The powers of darkness always try to do something to degrade Christianity during Holy Week. It was during Holy Week about a decade ago that the forces of evil unveiled their vile Mapplethorpe homo-porno perversion display. This year it was the seizure of a little Cuban refugee, rescued by Providence floating on the ocean, rescued to freedom. As always, those who have given themselves over to the Kingdom of This World, like their master, the Prince of this World, try to undo God's creation and God's Providence. They're doomed to failure, as Holy Scripture tells us that all things work together for good for those who love God ---- and this makes those now under the Devil's sway rage all the more with their master.

As soon as I saw little Elian with a Miraculous Medal on as he talked to the home video camera stating he did not want to go back to Cuba (obviously on his own steam, contrary to the lying lefties all over the Media - he told the same thing in relaxed conversation to Senator Bob Smith when Smith visited him before he was snatched; Elian told Smith he wanted his father to come there, but he did not want to go back to Cuba - and added that his mother died to bring him there), and all the Rosaries being handed out in front of the house (so similar to pro-life demonstrations against baby-murder or, as it's popularly called, abortion), and all the prayers being said by the Cuban-American patriots, and the Christian valor of the family and friends around Elian standing up to Clinton and the New World Order for the freedom of one child and to keep him out of Castro's hands --- I knew that the this spectacle would provoke the Luciferian Rage. This rage would be uncontainable for Clinton, Castro, Reno and the even more evil people behind them using money and media to keep these puppets in power.

Incidentally, Al Gore campaigned with Clinton tonight at a $2 million fundraiser - wonder if he mentioned Elian?? And the Reno Justice Department filed an 83 page brief saying there's no "evidence that Elian would suffer" if he is returned to Cuba. And Reno is being called up before Congress tomorrow. Are the Republicans free enough to do anything to her? Or all they all blackmailed, and/or cowards?

Please repeat after me: This was a Police State Action to return Elian to a Police State.

More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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