"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Congress Should Subpoena Elian NOW!  

April 26, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Congress Should Subpoena Elian NOW!

The reason you are subscribing to the most on-point e-wire in American appears four paragraphs down.

Rush Limbaugh threw out a tremendous suggestion in few hours ago.

If Congress wants to do anything, they should subpoena Elian Gonzales to a Congressional committee right away.

The reason I am sending out this short e-wire is to urge you to call (preferably), e-mail or write your Congressman to subpoena Elian now. Ron Paul, Helen Chenoweth, Henry Hyde, and Tom Delay are among the best to call. NOW, this has become, as we have reported almost alone, a supreme contest between the Luciferian New World Order and Christian civilization. I doubt if Congressional leaders who have the authority to issue the subpoena immediately are free enough, or brave enough, to stand up against these moral monsters. Put another way, I fear that all of Congress put together can't muster the courage, valor, love of truth, and love of a small child -- in the face of menacing, potentially lethal bullies like Greg Craig - which Marislaysius Gonzales, Donato Darylrimple, and Elian's other friends and family in Miami have mustered. (If Sen. Bob Smith, or Rep. Ron Paul had the power to subpoena it would be done forthwith.)

The reason you are subscribing to the most important e-wire in America - was demonstrated in Rush's other comments after he gave the above excellent suggestion.

Rush stated that he now knew that the polls were going to show that 70% of Americans don't want any Congressional hearings into the masked ninja terrorists - but he didn't understand why. As stated many times, the WHY is that the psycho-warfare artists at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX simply make up the results if the public hasn't bought there disinformation and lies yet. (We presented dramatic evidence from Larry Nichols on that score a few e-wires ago, regarding his conversations with Tim Russert of Meet the Press. You can read that e-wire, and all of the other archived at topica.com - by following the instructions at the bottom.)

One caller to Rush's show named Jack -- made this excellent point, which actually refines our positions on polls. He stated that the Big Media infuses the public with lies, disinformation, or falsely framed issues. Then the polls just reflect how well those lies, disinformation, and falsely framed scenarios have taken hold in the public mind. We have all along insisted on the additional dimension demonstrated in the Larry Nichols/Tim Russert E-wire - that we, the public, have no idea how these polls are done, who is called, etc. etc. etc.

The above observation is a refinement by Jack of our position on polls - which is basically that there's no scientific evidence that 600 or 1200 will reflect, day after day, on every issue under the sun, what 300 million Americans think. For new readers, we are "hostage" to Big Media public opinion polls (which we have no idea about how they are done), Big Media exit polls on election day (see our analysis elsewhere), and secret computerized vote counts, from which citizens are forbidden to check or double-check in 49 states. In other words, YES, sometimes the polls are true because the Big Media lies or spin has taken hold - but we don't KNOW if they are true or totally fabricated (see our archived e-mails on public opinion polls).

Incidentally, on Saturday - the day of the New World Order terrorist kidnapping of Elian -- Lanny Davis, on of the liars-in-chief for Clinton, said on FOX, (paraphrase) "Don't worry, you'll see that 70% of the American people will support this." Now … how did he know? And, if that's really true, why is Al Gore saying he would never have done the terrorist raid on the Gonzales house? Because Gore doesn't want to face the REAL public opinion - at least the very solid 40% that is outraged by this act of government tyranny.

To summarize: Elian is a symbol of hope, freedom, and Christianity throwing off the New World Order Tyranny. Castro, Clinton, and Reno are are puppets of the same anti-Christ Ruling Elite which runs our money (Fed) our Big Media, and our Executive Branch of government. Their Luciferian rage at the victory represented by Elian's providential rescue to the USA burst forth in the illegal, terrorist raid on the Gonzales house.Clinton, Reno, and all the talk show hosts and duped or bad-willed citizens in the USA who support Clinton/Reno/Castro/Craig are helping the process by which Dad Juan Miguel is held hostage by this bunch (his will is totally unknown at this time, there's a gun to his head), and Elian, who is now being subjected to drugs and psychiatric treatment in the worst Communist tradition.

The best way to thwart the forces of evil is for Congress to subpoena Elian and Marisleysius to the same Congressional hearing RIGHT NOW. That would blow the cover off of this Greg Craig outrage. Contact your Congressman, or a good congressman today. And let's pray that they muster the courage to act.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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