"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Shame! Shame! Shame!  

 April 27, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Shame! Shame! Shame!

To quote Gomer Pyle, "Shame! Shame! Shame!" on the deplorable Big Media for its part in the Elian drama. For new readers, we have often said over the last few months that the Big Media, especially the news departments of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX, are the greatest enemy America has ever faced.

The coordinated propaganda and brainwashing, mixed with actual news, that pours out of these outlets daily --- combined with the riggable computerized vote counts to which we are treated by 49 of our 50 Secretaries of State on election night - account for the progressive subjugation of the people of the United States by the Permanent Revolution.

This e-wire offers more evidence that the news departments at the Big Media outlets are in fact nothing more nor less than a De Facto part of the Occupation Government.

The Elian affair is a micro-cosm of the struggle going on between the anti-Christian network and the forces for Christianity and Western Civilization. This is why the New World Order Occupation Government is pulling out all the stops to return Elian to Castro and Communism, -- so his circumstances become a further cause for demoralization for freedom loving, justice loving, and truth loving people everywhere, -- rather than a rallying cry for freedom, as was becoming the case when Elian was safe and unmedicated with his relatives in Miami.

This explains the Ruling Elite's Luciferian lust to return custody of the child's body and soul to one of the greatest mass murderers of the 20th century, rather than to keep him in the hands of the loving relatives in the US.

The Big Media is doing two services in the week following Easter for the Occupation Government of which it is an important and essential part.

First, it is unleashing a no-holds-barred smear campaign against Elian's mother who died trying to escape with him from Castro to the USA, Donato, the man who rescued Elian on the ocean, Marisleysius Gonzales, the 21 year old cousin who cared for Elian since his rescue on the ocean, and the patriotic Cuban American community.

Second, and in sharp contrast to their hyper-critical attitude towards the Miami family and the Cuban American patriots, the Big Media is uncritically accepting every press report and visual image coming out of Thug Greg Craig and the government compound where Elian and his Dad are imprisoned - without any verification whatsoever. The Big Media is passing on these propaganda reports as "news", as if it were the collective Pravda of the New World Order Occupation Government, which it is.

In the Elian case, yesterday we saw the Big TV Networks and other major media reach a crescendo of smears.

Elian's mother who died in the ocean trying to escape has been recast as a selfish person who had mean-spirited motives. (We know how many selfish people would risk their life for anything, or risk anything for anything, let alone embark on a 90 mile ocean trip on a raft through potential storms and shark infested waters.)

Donato Dalrymple makes his living as a janitor, not as a fisherman - so the Big Media is playing this up to insinuate that Donato should not be called a fisherman at all, hoping the public concludes that Donato is dishonest. The fact is that he was fishing when he found the boy floating on the ocean. So much the more providential that he was there if he doesn't fish for a living. But, -- no matter how good something turns out, the Big Media will try to make it appear "sordid" if the event seems to be getting in the way of its Luciferian drive against Christianity and western civilization.

The low point against Marisleysius Gonzales came when some vile looking charlatan of a Freudian psychiatrist announced that the relationship between 6 year old Elian and his 21 year old cousin -- who became a surrogate mother to him after he was rescued - was more like an improper puppy love (boyfriend-girlfriend) relationship than a surrogate mother-surrogate son relationship. This sick comment by an obviously lying propagandist for the New World Order terrorist government recalls that ever-applicable truism: "When it comes to psychiatrists, I never met one that didn't need one."

Also, the sudden introduction of foul psychiatrists as the "high-priests" and arbiters of what happens in America is a certain sign of the increasing boldness of the same anti-Christ international banker Bolshevik faction which animated Communism in Russia in 1917, and has animated Communism ever since (including Castro in Cuba), and which animates the New World Order today.

A cast of dozens of other Big Media mouthpieces attacked the valiant Marisleysius as both "hysterical" and "crazy" - to say nothing of the ethnic attacks unleashed on the patriotic Cuban American Community --- and this attack against the Cuban Americans was unleashed and encouraged mostly by "liberal" Jews, including Bill Maher of the misnamed Politically Incorrect (should be called Politically Correct), Geraldo Rivera, and Ted Koppel - although the most childish and blatant attack was by Irishman John Gibson of MSNBC, and thankfully two guests got up and walked off his show, leaving him almost alone as he pushed one of the vile psychiatrist's absurd theories about Marisleysius.

Are the "liberal" Jews attacking the Cuban-Americans so unfairly announcing to the rest of America that it's now Okay target and vilify ethnic groups? Or will the attackers in this case expect special treatment when other Americans are scrutinizing their activities?

Incidentally, while sparing no energy to denigrate and character assassinate the good guys in the Elian struggle, Ted Koppel especially, and others, have been doing everything they can to apologize for, give platforms to, and generally "humanize" Janet Reno and the outrage she's in the middle of. (Don't worry, no danger of Koppel succeeding in that "humanizing" thing.

Of equal, total disgust in another arena, was the Big Media reporting the Greg Craig/Clinton/Reno propaganda without any proof - and accepting the easily doctored photographs put out by Craig without demanding to see the boy or his imprisoned father. Considering the NEWS departments of the Big Media organs, (and leaving aside for the moment the individual talk show hosts or columnists), their total transformation into a Communist propaganda machine as opposed to a news organization that demands some evidence of what it carries as "news" - shows how important it for the Ruling Elite to win this battle against the forces of good in the USA by spiriting the child back to Murderer Castro with the minimum protest from the US population.

Therefore, anyone who trusts the Big News Media as some kind of a "referee" instead of an active player on the national stage - besides being a pathetic dunderhead - is probably accepting the unverified propaganda on an even par with what is actually known.

What the Gonzales family of Miami and the Cuban American Foundation are going through - is what can happen to any person or group who provokes the Satanic Ire of the Ruling Elite. Americans who don't see this are shaming themselves and revealing themselves as shallow might-makes-right disgraces - unworthy to be called Americans.

In a few days we will show why Americans who support the return of Elian to Castro in light of what is now known - IF they understand what has been already publicly stated and what Communism is - are de facto "child abusers" in the making, regardless of what "thoughts" are running through their lame brains to cause them to take such a horrifying position.

To the Big Media, and the crowd that owns it: Shame! Shame! Shame!


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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