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Was Reno/Clinton Ready to Kill Miami Family in "Mass Suicide?"

 April 29, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Was Reno/Clinton Ready to Kill Miami Family in "Mass Suicide?"

G. Gordon Liddy brought out that the rules for Government agents are that you never point a gun at someone unless you are ready to shoot them.

Let me ask this question. What if one of the men in the Miami Gonzales house, facing armed, machine-gun toting terrorists who did not identify themselves, had started shooting? Were the government thugs ready to shoot and kill? OF COURSE THEY WERE. As they burst into Elian's Miami recovery house, they threatened amidst wild and aggressive profanity to shoot everyone in sight while pointing automatic weapons at children and adults alike, while spraying tear gas at some. These brutal thugs, at the same time, knocked over two camera men, and put a gun in the chest of one NBC camera man (NBC did not protest, let alone cover this, with any interest --- NBC IS PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT. THEY SUPPORTED THE OBSTRUCTION OF THE VIDEO THEIR OWN NEWSMAN WAS ABOUT TO TAKE; this also gives the lie to the made up story two days later that Reno wanted pictures and video. What liars! They wanted pictures and video like I want to contract the Parkinson's disease which afflicts that old, trembling bag of evil.)

And next, what if bullets in such a crossfire had hit little Elian, and wounded him mortally? This was a POSSIBLE scenario when you burst into a house like they did.

What was the government contingency plan? I say that the surviving government thugs would have knocked out everyone in sight, shooting Lazaro Gonazles (the uncle to whom Reno had granted custody), Donato the rescuer, and Marisleysius the cousin who nursed Elian to health, -- at which point the Government Terrorists would have retreated out of the house while setting off overwhelming explosives to burn the house down and kill everyone in it. The world would have been told that Donato the Fisherman and Marisleysius, crazy from the start, and pulled guns, and then set off explosives in an orgy of mass suicide when they realized Elian would be taken. … Far fetched? Not at all. Remember, Criminal Reno claimed she burned the children at Waco because of child abuse. IT HAS NOW COME OUT THAT THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF CHILD ABUSE!

Perhaps I've gone too far - BUT, since the agents say they had contingency plans for ALL scenarios, what WAS the scenario if Elian had been shot and killed in the midst of such Reno/Clinton/Castro induced pandemonium?


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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