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Real Time Phony Big Media Polls In Action

 May 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Real Time Phony Big Media Polls In Action

In the Elian case, we see the most blatant use of phony polls to try and stop investigations into our New Police State. I accuse the Big TV Networks of making these polls up, with no data to back them up. The Big Media is saying that in the range of 87% of Americans oppose Congressional hearings. 87% !! -- when their own phony polls say that around 45% opposed the Elian Kidnapping Raid!

This absurd and lying poll shows how afraid the Occupation Government (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, Clinton, Reno et al) are of hearings.

The Newsmax.com poll shows that over 90% WANT Congressional hearings.


Here is snipit from Newsmax:

As we have been saying for almost 4 months in this forum, America's subjugation is being accomplished by a) a coordinated Big Media which is nothing more than an arm of the Occupation New World Order Occupation Government - which is almost visible in the shadows behind our shell US government, b) riggable elections, enforced by 1) manipulated public opinion polls every day; 2) phony exit polls on election day; 3) computerized election results, concerning which the Boards of Elections and Secretaries of State in 49 states allow no citizen checks or balances.

And the Republicans??? Blackmailed? Missing in Action? How #$%@ STUPID are they to believe this Big Media Poll Hoax time after time after time ????

Look at this snipit from Newsmax.com in an open Letter to Readers by John Le Boutillier, Chris Ruddy, Jack Thompson, et al:

Still, the real culprit in this outrage is the American media.

When a photograph was taken showing this monstrous act of a machine-gun-toting federal agent seizing a boy from his bedroom, the press quickly tried to deep-six it.

The photo didn't even make the cover of the New York Times, USA Today or Time magazine. Newsweek only ran a tiny reproduction of it.

How can these outlets claim to be objective. Shame on them!

The media has - incredibly - tried to make Reno a hero, claiming that she refused to bar media coverage of the illegal raid. But the media has been silent on the fact that an NBC cameraman who was designated to provide pool video coverage for all media outlets, along with his sound technician, were severely beaten by INS agents and prevented from videotaping Elian's gunpoint abduction inside the house.

So much for the First Amendment.

The media spin this week has been relentless.

The press is coming out with poll after poll to sink the issue.

They are giving little weight to legal arguments and other experts who say that this case was a violation of constitutional law and basic civil liberties.

Consider, too, how much little press attention was given to the independent mediators who have essentially called Reno a liar and said a deal was in the works and negotiations had not fallen through.

Remember, this is the same media that showed us the video of the beating of Rodney King over and over again.

But within hours of the release of the "Storm Trooper in Elian's Room" photo, they were doing everything they could do to hide it from the public, even splashing a propaganda photo - not taken by a journalist - across TV screens and newspapers.

The establishment media doesn't want to tell you the truth about this travesty for three compelling reasons: 1) They love Clinton and Reno; 2) This is a presidential election year and Al Gore may be hurt by focusing on this story; and 3) For four decades the media has not told the truth about Castro's repressive regime and they won't start now.

The same media that went on and on about Watergate, Iran-Contra, Rodney King and Monica is telling us, just days after the raid, that the public suffers from "Elian fatigue" and nobody wants to talk about it.

We aren't tired of talking about it.

NewsMax.com is committed to telling the truth - even if it reflects negatively on the American media.

We recognize that if we allow this incident to go by, with no appropriate response by the press and the Congress, the country will continue down a very dangerous path.

End of quote from Newsmax.com


Please note: The Media is in full "Pravda" swing because they are part of the Occupation Government that is emerging. They work hand in glove with the International Banker directed forces BEHIND ownership of the Big Media, and behind the Clinton Administration.

Newsmax is collecting money to put ads in major papers and keep this issue alive. You can go to their website for details. More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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