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False Opposition - Real Time -- in Elian Case!

 May 2, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


False Opposition - Real Time -- in Elian Case!

I am going to carry lawyer Jack Thompson's open letter to false opposition Agent Kendall Coffey. Thompson is on the scene in Florida for Newsmax.com. This situation is frightening. Is there anybody who can help the poor family and poor Elian?


Begin of Jack Thompson's Letter as found on Newsmax.com


Letter to Kendall Coffey, Elian's 'Lawyer' in Name Only

Tuesday May 2, 2000 9:56 AM

John B. Thompson, Attorney
1172 South Dixie Highway, Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146-2750
Phone: 305-xxx-xxxx
Fax: 305-xxx-xxxx

E-Mail: Jackpeace@aol.com May 2, 2000


Kendall Coffey
Coffey, Diaz & O'Naghten
2665 South Bayshore Drive
Suite 204
Miami, Florida VIA FAX to 305-285-0257

Re: Zealous Representation of Elian Gonzalez

Dear Kendall:

When you became a lawyer, you took an oath to abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct governing members of The Florida Bar. These rules require that you represent your clients "with zeal" (Rule 4-1.3) and that you "may not withhold information from a client to serve the lawyer's own interest or convenience" (also Rule 4-1.3).

Even though I have been covering this story for NewsMax.com, I am also a lawyer familiar with the ethical mandates of our mutual profession.

Congressional staff have told me that you yourself have admitted to them that you will not file with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals certain papers that would prove the misconduct of the Attorney General of the United States because you fear "the political fall-out" that would result from any embarrassment to her.

Alerting the 11th Circuit to such misconduct is crucial, as you know, in securing your client, Elian Gonzalez, the full measure of the due process and all the remedies available to him in this appellate court.

Your reluctance to take on this Justice Department frontally and fully appears to stem from the fact that you a) were a past political supporter of and fund raiser for Janet Reno, b) were the beneficiary of Reno's political patronage when she appointed you to be her U.S. Attorney here in Miami in 1993, despite news reportage at the time that you had no background in prosecution and criminal law, c) were former counsel for the Democratic Party, and d) have represented and may still represent individuals alleged to have made illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic National Committee - the very same contributions Janet Reno refuses to investigate.

Further, the Assistant Chairman of the Miami Dade County Democratic Party has told me, in front of another witness: "I brought Kendall Coffey into this case because of who he is." Later in the conversation, held right in front of Lazaro Gonzalez' home days before the illegal raid, this same Democratic political operative said: "There are certain things that our team will not do on behalf of Elian and the family because it is not good to anger your enemies."

Last week, Judge Andrew Napolitano presented to the nation on the pages of The Wall Street Journal the scholarly legal argument that the raid was based upon a "tissue of lies." In that article, which has been circulated to all the staffs on Capitol Hill, Judge Napolitano mentions Miami lawyer Richard Sharpstein, who became part of Elian's and the family's legal team more than a week ago. Judge Napolitano explained that Mr. Sharpstein would be arguing to the 11th Circuit the various ways in which the illegal actions of Reno and her Justice Department would provide a basis for affording Elian relief.

But such arguments have not been made. You are the one who has not allowed them to be made. Why? Because you are apparently, as indicated above, beholden to a local Democratic Party establishment, chock full of Reno loyalists, who would make it difficult for you to earn a living representing the types of people you represent if you were to zealously represent Elian and in a way that would embarrass Reno and undo her "tissue of lies."

You don't have the stomach to go belly to belly with this Attorney General, because of the personal inconvenience it would cause you. You are unable to represent your clients with zeal because of past and continuing allegiances. You should have declined representation in this case because of abiding conflicts of interest the full extent of which are now appearing, all at Elian's expense.

For this reason alone, you were the last person that the Miami relatives of Elian Gonzalez should have hired. In fact, as indicated above, you were not hired by them. You were foisted upon them by the Democratic Party to make sure representation did not get too zealous and thus too effective.

But there is yet another reason you should not have been anywhere near this case: It involves issues of family, issues of sacrifice by parents on behalf of their children, issues of decency and morality, issues of putting a child ahead of other desires.

What do you know of such issues, Mr. Coffey? You would appear to know of such duties only in your breach of them. You are the man who had to resign as U.S. Attorney because you allegedly bit an exotic dancer, drawing blood, in a notorious striptease establishment called the Lipstik Lounge.

It was alleged that in a panic you had a relative sprint back to the Lipstik Lounge and buy the receipt for the champagne you bought for yourself and "Tiffany" to conceal your presence there. So I will grant you that you do bring to the present case an understanding of the various ways to hide evidence.

Your clients, the Miami relatives, apparently do not know of the legal arguments that can and should be made to the 11th Circuit that could be crucial in getting Elian away from those who are holding him hostage, illegally, during the pendency of the asylum proceedings. For if they were to know the full panoply of what is available to them, they would want you to act accordingly. Any loving family would.

But now there is a perfect symmetry on both sides of the case that is before the Eleventh Circuit: Greg Craig is holding Elian incommunicado, and you are holding the rest of your clients incommunicado, all to the benefit of Janet Reno's Justice Department and to the detriment of Elian. Your career is served by this result.

So, I ask you now: Will you allow me to meet with the Miami relatives and tell them what could and should be filed on their and Elian's behalf in the Eleventh Circuit? If you are not hiding anything from them, then that will quickly become obvious, and their faith in you will be affirmed.

I am scheduled to appear today on a national television program to discuss all of the above. Therefore, I would suggest you arrange my meeting with them so that your withholding crucial information from them not be continuing at the time of the broadcast.

Unlike your benefactor, Janet Reno, I am giving you more than five minutes to decide.



Copies: Media

Significant Others

End of Jack Thompson letter to Democratic Fundraiser, Reno Friend, and false opposition agent Kendall Coffey, who is apparently deliberately blowing the case as "Elian's" lawyer. The most bitter pill for the Miami family will be when they realize they have been betrayed from within.

The last two days of e-wire are TOTALLY relevant to the manipulation of America. You are seeing - in real time --- in progress - the use of Phony Big Media Polls as the arbiters of everything - and the use of False Opposition agents to make sure there is never any real fight from here on out.

Speaking of False Opposition, New World Order Agent, and terminal lightweight, George W. Bush, GOP Nominee to be, has sent word to Congress that he doesn't want them to hold hearings. Governor Jeb Bush in Florida is an effective agent of returning Elian to Castro --- by his deafening silence. I WILL not vote for Bush or Gore, as I will not vote against myself, my children, and my posterity, and I will not vote against the United States of America in favor of the New World Order Occupation Government. I hope you won't either. (No, I haven't forgotten that we are saddled with a unverifiable computerized vote, but if we get to November and we don't have verifiable elections, we are still stuck with the fact of a national election, however illegitimate. As people are saying they will vote for Bush to keep out Gore, I will make my feelings known against both of them, and will state everywhere, including this e-wire, that I, for one, will NOT accept the results of the November 2000 election if they are computer generated, without citizen checks and balances.

For now, mark well these techniques of Phony Big Media Polls and False Opposition. Now that you know them, you will see them over and over again. Make these techniques known to your circles. More Tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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