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Elian Child Abuse in Progress!

 May 4, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Elian Child Abuse in Progress!

This Network America e-wire is beyond Rush, beyond Newsmax, beyond Sean Hannity (of Hannity & Colmes on FOX Cable). All of these newscasters and outlets have been doing a cutting edge job of keeping alive hope for Elian Gonzales's freedom; without these sources, Network America would not have the information we have on this case.

However, this e-wire will bring forth what the others seem to be leaving unsaid - along with some of the excellent items that they are still reporting and saying.

To set context, let's look at former New York Congressman John LeBoutillier's excellent column on Newsmax:

"In the midst of all the furor over the Elian case is a most important question. Why do those of us who are fighting to keep Elian here in America care so passionately about this one little boy?

The answer reveals much about each of us. . . .

This seemingly insignificant little Cuban child touched the hearts of many Americans because in him we can see the innocence and purity of youth threatened by danger and evil.

First came the cruel seas of the rough Atlantic Ocean followed by the obviously dangerous threat of sharks. Then his mother died right in front of him. Can you imagine that scene? The drowning, the screaming, the shouting, the despair? The tears? The not knowing what had happened? The unfulfilled hope that perhaps she would still show up?

Not enough people have seriously tried to picture this horrifying ordeal - and what a miracle that Elian is alive here in America.

His next threat came from Fidel Castro, who declared an all-out effort to bring the boy back to his island prison. Inside that threat is the unstated but obvious plan to "re-educate" Elian, make a terrible example of him and then have him "disappear," as Castro's daughter has predicted.

And last but not least came the direct and dangerous raid to take a screaming Elian away from Miami and back into the hands of Cuban needle-wielding doctors and brain-washers and security men trained to manipulate and terrify.

In the face of all these threats and adversity, Elian remains here in America . . .

Those of us who believe that Elian must be allowed to remain here - despite the good arguments made in favor of the father-son relationship - recognize a simple fact: Elian's rights cannot be taken away from him.

If he is sent back to Havana, he will have no rights. He will be a slave consigned to a life of hardship, persecution and suffering.

America should not be in the business of sending refugees back to that system. . . .

We who are fighting for Elian believe his case is a test. In a time of unmatched freedom and abundance has America actually lost something more valuable than material wealth? Have we lost that special quality that made America the leading nation of all time? Have we grown complacent and selfish? Have we grown so self-satisfied with our own lot in life that we cannot empathize with others less fortunate?

The ultimate outcome of Elian's case will give us an indication of whether the American people are still worthy of those special rights granted to us all."

End of quote from John LeBoutillier on Newsmax.


Item: Despite his excellent and insightful commentary on the Elain affair, why has Rush Limbaugh stated for the last week that "it's over, the kid's going back to Cuba" again and again. Answer: Rush must not step outside his establishment-assigned role (whether he fully admits it to himself or not) as a sound-off safety valve for conservatives, while never really upsetting the evil establishment's plans. This "it's over" attitude is the kind of defeatism that afflicts good American citizens almost across the board. Look at what a valiant fight a few Cuban American patriots put up against the entire New World Order occupation government for months. Rush had better stay within the bounds set for him, or he will be toppled from all those 600 stations he's being allowed to be on.

Item: George W. Bush has put out the word to Congressional Republicans that he didn't want hearings on the Elian raid, because it might be bad politically. This confirms once again that W. Bush is just as evil as his father, behind all that good old boy smirking. Don't be fooled by the propaganda --- Bush and Clinton and Gore are not really opposed to each other on ANYTHING; they are two competing factions within the New World Order Occupation Government.

Item: On Thursday the evil Greg Craig/Castro/Clinton faction is sending a "social worker" to examine Elian in secret, and come out and tell us how "OK" he is, amidst the "needle wielding" Castro and Clinton psychiatric mind-benders. What a farce!

The most guilty party in this whole affair is The Communist/New World Order/Liars in the news departments at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX. These propaganda artists (part of the Occupation Government) have accepted every last pronouncement out of that horrible child abuser and liar, Greg Craig (Castro and Clinton's lawyer), about what Elian and father Juan Miguel are doing and saying - without a shred of documentation or proof! As we have said all along: these are NOT news organizations, these are Agents of the Occupation Government! These are the greatest enemies America has every known. Their power MUST be broken. They've already abused and corrupted enough American children, now all symbolized by little Elian Gonzales.

Item: The Elian affair shows that the only thing the Occupation Government needs is "Gun Control" to come take YOUR kids at gunpoint, and take them at the age of 6 or 10 to some anti-Christ indoctrination camp here in the USA. Once the statues of Jesus and Mary and the Rosaries and the Bibles and the miraculous medals were brought out by the Cuban American patriots, the Luciferian rage to possess this child's mind, body, and soul kicked in. The Luciferian rage was so great that the entire anti-Christ network has dropped its mask completely. The "news" organizations have never before so blatantly accepted unsubstantiated propaganda without a shred of proof. Logic and an understanding of Communism and the forces behind Communism (now running the Executive branch in THIS country) tell me that Elian right now is being kept in a prozac stupor or worse.

Castro's own daughter (now living in Spain, having escaped from Cuba) has predicted on national TV and in interviews that Elian may disappear. I ask, has he already disappeared? Clinton is a child abuser and needs to be dealt with. Reno is a child abuser and needs to be dealt with. Thug Craig is a child abuser and needs to be dealt with.

Item: That trembling bag of evil, Janet Reno, appeared on the syrupy Oprah show on Tuesday. Oprah, -- she who gets so unctiously indignant about the "human rights" violations she's allowed to be concerned about - reportedly attempted the impossible during the show: to humanize Reno in an hour long interview. This is very, very good news. This emergency scheduling tells us that the portion of America outraged by the Government child abuse of Elian is really hammering the establishment hard. The REAL public reaction, at least from a large minority, is so rattling the Ruling Elite that Oprah was told to rush Reno on for an hour of schmoozing. This is a old, old technique of the Communist left. When the Hollywood Ten were rightly fingered for their collaboration and membership in Communist organizations in the late forties and early fifties by the House Committee on un-American Activities, Hollywood sent out the most popular actors who would go, like Kirk Douglas, to give speeches across the country to try and save the traitors. (Clark Gable told them to go jump in a lake, and Gary Cooper testified for America before Congress.) Believe me, the Reno appearance on Oprah drowns out those phony polls the Big Media is putting out.

Item: Why are the defenders of Elian lying down on the phony warrant that's been produced by the Liars at the Injustice department? Here's the chronology. I have it on VIDEOTAPE. On Meet the Press on Sunday morning, Easter morning, a day after the godless kidnapping of Elian, Rep. Tom Delay faced off with Reno top assistant Eric holder, through Tim Russert. Delay said there would be congressional hearings because the violent raid was done WITHOUT a court order, which was refused by the court a few days earlier, and WITHOUT a warrant. Eric Holder, who by his own admission was intimately involved in the entire affair, answered repeatedly, on this show and elsewhere: "We didn't need one." (i.e. He didn't need a court order or warrant.) Remember, this is 24 hours after the snatch, and Holder is brazenly stating they didn't need any authorization for this kidnapping. Next: Contemplating the potential hearings, after noon on Easter the Injustice department started to put out over the newsmedia that they DID have a warrant. Well, asked some, where is it? Let's see it, and so on.

Injustice would not produce it. At this point, I say they were running to one of their crooked cronies to back date a warrant. They finally produced it on Monday. What they eventually produced was a SEARCH WARRANT, which directed the ARREST of little Elian Gonzales. The criminal Magistrate (a Judge Dube) directed Elian's arrest in this after-the-fact bogus warrant in this way, talking to the other government thug who was receiving the warrant from him in this way:

"I am satisfied that the affidavit(s) and any record testimony establish probable cause to believe that the person or property so described is now concealed on the person or premises above-described and establish grounds for the issuance of this warrant.YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to search on or before 5-1-0 (not to exceed 10 days) the person or place named above for the person or property specified, serving this warrant and making the search (at any time in the day or night as I find reasonable cause been established) and if the person or property be found there to seize same, leaving a copy of this warrant and receipt for the person or property seized and promptly return this warrant to U.S. MAGISTRATE JUDGE DUBE as required by law." End of Bogus Warrant, reproduced for public view on Newsmax.com.

Several observations: As reproduced on Newsmax, there is NO case number on the warrant. Is this normal? Is this EVER the case? I don't know. But if this is NOT normal, then clearly there is NOT a case number because they couldn't place a number that would have been later than warrants issued after Elian was siezed. This warrant was allegedly issued on Good Friday evening, at 7:20 P.M. Oh yeah?? I would like to know what warrants were issued between 8 AM on Good Friday and noon on Easter Sunday in Miami, and whether all the rest are numbered, making it impossible for these thugs to put a number in that warrant that would have given the game away, by either duplicating a number on another warrant, or putting a number on it that would have been chronologically after a warrant issued on Saturday or Sunday in the same Miami area. How about it boys?

NEXT BIG PROBLEM: No copy of this then non-existent warrant was left at the Gonzales House on Holy Saturday morning. You mean amidst all that machine-gun waving, helmut dropping, and shrine destruction, the lawless blind-obedience robots forgot to drop a copy of the warrant at the Gonzales house amidst all their swearing and blaspheming? You bet they did - they couldn't drop a piece of paper that did not yet exist, and that they didn't even know about.

Next, what is all this about "there is now concealed a certain person or property, namely THE PERSON OF ELIAN GONZALEZ, DATE OF BIRTH DECEMBER 6, 1993 . . ." quoting from another part of the bogus warrant. Since when is a search warrant issued for a person who everyone knows is at an address? What is this "concealed" business? Was the Gonzales family expected live in a glass house? I mean how much more could be done to make clear to the world that Elian Gonzales was staying at Lazaro Gonzales's house?? The Daily Photos and videos were not enough? What a bunch of liars! But as I said, I haven't seen anyone else bringing out these obvious BIG PROBLEMS for the Reno InJustice department.

Item: The Comrade Greg Craig propaganda PHOTOS. The New World Order spokesmen of all stripes and positions have vehemently ridiculed anyone who questions the authenticity of the photos released by the Clinton/Castro faction.

Let me be clear: I question everyone of them. And Sean Hannity has stated over FOX CABLE NEWS that he does not believe even one of them. Good man!

If they could produce some real-time video THEY WOULD DO SO. Elian does not look happy, and he does not look animated like he did in the home video where he told Reno, Clinton, and Castro off, --- because he is now drugged. They can't produce any video in a whole week and a half. So, in light of this, I say they are cutting and pasting computer-generated images. So many of the images have an eerie quality of fakeness about them, maybe all of them.

It is DISGUSTING to see the media pretending that they don't know how easy it is to fake photos and video --- something they do themselves all the time (Dan Rather has apologized twice for CBS which has been caught twice doctoring video.)

For instance, the video of the snatch of Elian on Holy Saturday Morning contained audio of several people loudly yelling "Seig Heil! Seig Heil!" as the government thugs kidnapped Elian. This audio has been removed from the videotape in later days.

Finally, on this photo issue, I am looking at pictures of thug lawyer Greg Craig, WLW talk Show host Mike McConnell, and WKRC talk show host Pat Berry. The heads of Craig and McConnell are attached to the bodies of pigs, and the head of Pat Berry is attached to the body of a jack-ass. Am I to assume that these pictures are real? How dare I question the authenticity of these pictures? Further . . .

There is a photo all over the internet, which has been shown on national TV, with Clinton's head on the body of the thug that pointed the machine gun at Elian and Donato, with Castro standing in the doorway overseeing the whole event. Who am I to question these photos? Why would I think that anyone would ever doctor a photo? Yet Communist/New World Order organs Time, Newsweek, and all the Big TV stations have produced Thug Craig's happy photos as if they are real and untouched, even there is no evidence on the table whether they are doctored photos, or not.

Tomorrow we will deal with more items in this case, and rebut the biggest deception in the whole case - the bogus principle of the absoluteness of "father's rights" - this from the same group of feminists, satanists, and commies who have instituted "laws" which allow children to pulled out of their parent's home on hearsay from anonymous parties!!!

As my old Irish friend on the east coast says, when considering such injustices as these, and the people who perpetrate them, "If there wasn't a Hell, I couldn't sleep at night!" More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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