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Elian Abandoned on the Legal High Seas

 May 5, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Elian Abandoned on the Legal High Seas

I send this out to you with a sick feeling in my stomach. It's the old story of the main problem ultimately being "false opposition" - betrayal from within. The report is filed with Newsmax by Jack Thompson.

I could be wrong, but a believe Jack Thompson, or his brother, is a longtime crusader against computerized votefraud in Miami. Thompson refers below to his efforts 13 years ago to stop Janet Reno.

In 1996 or 1992 I was on a radio program out of Florida via telephone. During the breaks, I could hear the commercials. It was during election season, and I heard an ad by a candidate named Thompson exposing the unverifiable computerized elections in Miami, Florida.

Anyway, if anyone in Florida or in the Cuban American community can shed any light on the below, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been unsuccessful so far in contacting anyone in Miami who is a real player in the unfolding events. My worse fears are coming to pass as portrayed in the below Jack Thompson column, as carried on Newsmax.com - for follow up on what former Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote in the Wall Street Journal about the "tissue of lies" upon which the Reno/Castro/Clinton raid was based, please go to Newsmax.com --


Elian Abandoned on the Legal High Seas

Jack Thompson

Friday May 5, 2000 10:05 AM

Ten days ago Andrew Napolitano, former New Jersey State Supreme Court Justice and constitutional law professor at Seton Hall, penned an article for The Wall Street Journal making this point: The government raid seizing Elian Gonzalez was built upon "a tissue of lies." Its illegality provided a basis to challenge its results in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on May 11.

Judge Napolitano also indicated that respected Miami lawyer Richard Sharpstein (whom he mentioned and quoted by name) had just been brought onto Elian's legal team to do just that.

NewsMax.com has reported in the last week that once it became clear to Kendall Coffey, head of the legal team, that the focus would be and had to be Reno's illegal acts and that his political benefactor, Reno, would be embarrassed by the arguments, with substantial fall-out in the Democratic circles in which Coffey travels, Sharpstein was told that his lengthy brief, which was already prepared, would not be filed.

Sharpstein's rebuke by Coffey prompted this writer to write Coffey a letter that was also provided to our readers at this news site (i.e. newsmax), which prompted a face-to-face meeting Wednesday between this writer and Armando Gutierrez, spokesman for the Miami relatives and close friend of Kendall Coffey.

The meeting was not exactly a love-fest. As this writer entered the room to meet him, Gutierrrez wheeled in his chair, before introductions could be made ,and said: "You have written a letter very disrespectful of Mr. Coffey."

I said, "Nice to meet you. What in the letter is false?"

Gutierrez: "Kendall Coffey has been working very hard on this case. Where were you five months ago when we were all trying to help this boy? You are full of s---."

I: "I was raising my own son at the time, who is seven. And as to the charge of my being disrespectful, let me note that you're the one using four-letter words to describe me. But let me ask you and Kendall this: Where were you guys 13 years ago when I was warning this city, and then the nation, that Janet Reno was a person to be feared?

"I'll tell you where Kendall Coffey was in those 13 years. He was raising money for Janet, taking the U.S. Attorney's job from her as a payoff, and now he is afraid to criticize her even in a court of law. Yes, Coffey is indeed working very hard on this case, but not in a way to help this little boy."

Armando was somewhat startled by the response. He left the room saying he had to make some calls and then called our host from his cell phone (apparently he had left without saying goodbye) to let us in the room know that he was setting up a meeting among all the lawyers as well as the clients.

Finally, Richard Sharpstein would be allowed to meet the clients, his clients, and explain what should be done to help Elian.

Not so. The meeting with the clients never happened. Coffey intervened, allowing only a meeting among the lawyers, with no clients in sight. Their whereabouts are still unknown, held incommunicado as surely as Elian himself is being held.

Coffey has now told Sharpstein: You are not going to attack the raid in the May 11th hearing in Atlanta. No one is going to criticize the raid, nor the negotiations that Reno aborted, nor the fact that the boy is held by Greg Craig and the father. No one. Not you. Not anyone. Sharpstein was ordered off the team, which he had effectively been off from the moment Coffey realized the target was Reno. The showdown Wednesday simply made clear this fact; now clear to the whole world.

At this moment, little Elian is more abandoned by those who should help him than he was last Thanksgiving while clutching an inner tube on the high seas. At least then the dolphins could protect him, driving away the sharks that would devour him. Now other sharks are devouring him. Sharks we call lawyers.

Where now are the angels so many here in Miami believe saved Elian? Wherever they are, I'll tell you what they are doing. They are weeping.

End of column of May 5, 2000 by Jack Thompson on Newsmax.


We return to remark: Prayers must continue with great faith. All things work together for the good of those who love God.

If the Miami Gonzalez family is in seclusion, then that may mean that they have been threatened by Castro/Craig/Coffey in some way. This is the way these devils would work. Just like the local establishment Republicans we have fought in Cincinnati.

If this is all true, then Kendall Coffey, hatchet man for Janet Reno and enemy of Elian and the American people (for protecting those who committed unconstitutional acts) must be brought to justice just as surely as Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Thug Greg Craig, Betty Ann Mills, and all the rest of the federal agents who trashed the Constitution with that illegal raid.

If anyone can get to the family or Donato Dalrymple, or the Cuban American talk show host Augustin Acosto, or anyone else who has the confidence of the Miami Gonzales Family, then they must be implored to fire Kendall Coffey and put Jack Thompson and Richard Sharpstein (who appeared with Marisleysius and Senator Bob Smith at the Easter Sunday press conference) in charge of the case for Elian.

The whole thrust should be to produce Elian and have him tested for drugs. When it is determined he is free of all drugs, prozac, and tranquillizers, the thrust should be to allow Elian to testify for himself. He is and was a spunky little kid who knows what's going on - when he's not being prozacked to death.

That's why Thug Craig and Super Criminals Reno and Clinton had to kidnap Elian and keep him out of sight. They cannot afford him to testify on his own steam. The fact that he's been kept out of sight for two weeks should tell everyone that he's not being cooperative with his captors. The poor Dad must also be suffering terribly to see his child worked on by the Cuban Communist officials who Thug Craig and Clinton are allowing to come and go - while everyone else in the world is barred!

Believe me, they plan to keep him out of sight until he is on his way to Cuba. Poor Kid!


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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