"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

 Only Six Corporations Dominate Major Media Outlets

 May 6, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Only Six Corporations Dominate Major Media Outlets

This e-wire revisits another piece of Terry Hayfield's excellent research on how the international banking forces that were behind World Communism, and are now behind the hoped-for New World Order phenomenon, hope to consolidate perpetual financial domination over the people of the earth.

When you postulate that the very few mysterious computer programming companies (which program the software that counts our national elections) are in collusion with these Six Dominating Media Giants, then you have gone along way to identifying who has both motive and the opportunity for the fixing of all Presidential elections, and all other key elections, by silent computer fraud.

Mr. Terry Hayfield, again, is the lead researcher, to my knowledge, on the activities of The Permanent Revolution (a term used to describe the forces behind Communism by Leon Trotzky, 1879 to 1940; Trotzky was one of the key organizers of the Communist Revolution, and was meant by the International Bankers who funded Lenin to be Lenin's successor - in fact, Stalin beat Trotzky out in 1922).

One of Mr. Hayfield's lines is: "If Communism is dead, then no one will notice if it is being instituted in America." Another one is (Paraphrase): "The Permanent Revolution continues to make great strides in the news every month - unnoticed by both left and right."

Let's look at some recent examples of the Permanent Revolution's progress, all of which, or at least most of which, many of you will have already seen in the news, or could easily find in news archives:

1) The merger of AOL and Time Warner;

2) the merger of CBS and Viacom;

3) the law changes related to the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (pushed through by that great "reformer" John McCain) striking down the restrictions on how many media outlets one company can own in America's media markets. Now virtually all major radio stations over 10,000 watts are owned by one of three mega-corporations, as reported by CNN in late 1999. In Cincinnati, all major radio stations are owned by Clear Channel, (one of the big Radio station mega-owners) or at least that was the company's name the last time I looked; other large radio owning conglomerates are (or were, so fast are the mergers occuring) Infinity and Westwood One;

4) It's widely reported that by the end of year 2000 all banks will be part of one of three mega-banks; the way was cleared for this when Clinton signed the Financial Services Modernization Act on November 12, 1999; for instance, in Cincinnati, the small Centenniel Bank was just absorbed by Provident Bank - and you can no doubt find similar developments in your local news as the top echelon of the Ruling Elite rushes to lock up America and the world in their financial web;

5) another ramification of the Financial Services Modernization act 0f 1999 is that it cleared the way for unlimited mergers between the banks, the insurance companies, and the investment companies; the only issue that came to the fore in the Big Media when it passed was that once we have only three mega-bank-insurance companies-investment companies left -- that will be the end to privacy for the average citizen, if the three like-minded set of owners will be willing to share information, which they probably will be - legal or not.

6) Circa 1987 three mega office supply companies sprang into existence simultaneously in many cities with seemingly unlimited funding; these companies were Staples, Office Max, and Office Depot; at that time there were 18,000 regional and family office supply businesses - today, after 12 or so years of these big 3, only 4,000 regional and family office supply businesses are left; that means 75% of the office supply business is now in the hands of these three mega-companies; the same trend is happening in every important sphere of economic activity; make no mistake, we are at financial war with the international bankers of the Permanent Revolution who can issue money and loan money to their friends and accomplices - their activity falls into the category of Super-Criminal, and their power must be broken; example after example of this kind could be given of similar developments in other economic fields;

7) On November 12, 1999, when Clinton signed the aforementioned Financial Services Modernization Act, he also struck down all safeguards erected after the 1929 Depression to prevent another sudden collapse of the stock market - which could result in the de facto theft of the life savings of millions of Americans to the benefit of the international bankers behind the New World Order, just like in 1929. (Many readers of this e-wire may not yet have heard of the Rakovsky Interrogation, in which a Rothschilde agent was fighting for his life before a Stalin inquisitor in 1938, after Stalin had discovered that many of those around him were trying to overthrow him in favor of Trotzky. Rakovsky said, as secretly tape recorded by Stalin in 1938 and transcribed by Dr. J. Landowsky, - that when the history of the world Communist Revolution was written, the destabilization of the American middle class through the Stock Market Crash of 1929 would be viewed as more important than the Communist takeover of Russia in 1917.)

8) On Saturday, May 7, 2000, Jeff Cohen of Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) stated on FOX Newswatch that only six mega-corporations controlled all the media of the earth. Cohen, a very leftwing but independent thinking activist, sees these corporations as too "right wing" and wants them to become more revolutionary!!!! Anyway, those six mega media corporations are: a) CBS-Viacom; b) NBC-GE; c) ABC-Disney; d) CNN-Time Warner (American Online [AOL], the internet giant, is now part of this conglomerate); e) FOX-Rupert Murdoch News Corporation; f) Bertlesmann, a firm out of Germany, more into book companies and magazine ownership than the electronic media.

All the examples above illustrate the trend: every area of human endeavor being dominated by a few companies, all of which are run by those who have been unfairly favored with virtually unlimited amounts of credit from those running the Federal Reserve Board and related central banks. The virtually unlimited amounts of credit from the big banks is used, when needed, to drive the significant regional and family businesses under.

I suppose having three choices instead of one is supposed to give people the illusion that we still have free enterprise. In fact, the current "monopoly capitalism" is really a trend towards an updated Communism along the Fabian Socialist, Trotsky-ite model.

NAFTA and GATT and other so-called "free trade" policies are also essential to this new consolidation of power by the Permanent Revolution, so that manufacturing can be taken out of the USA by these mega-corporations where wages are higher, and moved to third world countries where the Ruling Elite exploits workers there for pennies a day (disregarding the concept of a living wage, and calling to mind the New Testament passage about the Pharisees who will not lift a finger to ease the burden of the widow and orphan). In fact, a reasonable low interest rate on loans, as opposed to the vulture-like, usurious interest rates of IMF loans, could allow the third world countries to improve their lot to a good standard of living.

Now, this monopoly capitalism is totally opposed to true Free Enterprise where everyone is on a level playing field as far as regulations and the ability to attract bank credit is concerned.

Another portion of Hayfield's research shows that what we have today is deregulation only on these few "New World Order" favored super companies, coupled with increasing and burdensome regulation on the average regional and family business, compounded by abuse of the available credit in the USA by certain banks around the Federal Reserve Board (a private company listed in your white pages near Federal Express in the private section, not the government section).

The Permanent Revolution, as defined by Mr. Hayfield and others, is the steering committee guiding this trend which operates behind the Fabian Socialist Society in Great Britain, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and the Federal Reserve Board.

To Presidential Campaign 2000

The above explains why ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. FOX, Al Gore, Bill Bradley, George W. Bush, John McCain, the RNC, and the DNC all support NAFTA, GATT, and all of the other pieces of legislation, mergers, and trends described above leading to the centralization of financial power which is meant to be lead to the New World Order Government and the regimentation of mankind.

That's why Pat Buchanan must be stopped, as far as the big networks are concerned.

That's why we have this worse than silly Debate Commission, controlled by the Republicans and Democrats, trying to keep Pat Buchanan and any other third party candidate, such as Ralph Nader, and Howard Phillips, Harry Browne, -- who may legitimately qualify in enough states to have a chance to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win the Presidency. A Press Conference is scheduled on this subject on Monday, and we will carry a report.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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