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 Dynamite C-Span 'Presidential Debate' Press Conference

 May 8, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Dynamite C-Span 'Presidential Debate' Press Conference

Today, Monday May 8, 2000, the Committee for a Unified Independent Party (CUIP) held a dynamite press conference in which Alan Keyes and others eloquently told off the establishment press and the establishments in both major parties about that hoax known as the "Presidential Debate Commission."

The Press Conference was nationally televised on C-Span, and was hosted by Dr. Lenora Fulani. Dr. Fulani is the articulate Marxist and Feminist who is so desperate to break the financial stranglehold of the Ruling Elite in New York and Washington D.C. - that she has endorsed Pat Buchanan, the third Party candidate who seems to have the best chance.

To Alan Keyes' credit, he roundly and forcefully stated in response to a question from an establishment reporter that "those phony, warped public opinion polls" should have no part in determining who's in the Presidential debates.

This rankled the NPR (National Public Radio, or National Pinko Radio, as you prefer) reporter who aggressively came back at Keyes in defense of the Big Media public opinion polls. Keyes thumped him good, and put him in his place too.

Keyes also said that it is a scandal on the American political system that we keep moving the goal posts just to make sure that only the Democratic nominee and the Republican nominee are in the Presidential Debates. He specifically cited the Reform Party and Pat Buchanan as being qualified to be in the Debates based on the Reform Party performance in the 1996 election and the Buchanan ballot qualification this time. Keyes also said that other parties' candidates should be in the debates, such as Ralph Nader and the Constitution Party candidate, Howard Phillips, if they qualify.

When asked by Salon magazine, an internet news operation, what the qualifications should be, Keyes again responded forcefully, clearly, and convincingly. He said that the standard should be an objective standard, so that there would be no doubt as to whether or not someone had qualified - again denouncing the polls as a moving target, easily manipulated.

(Before getting to Keyes' excellent criteria, also articulated on this Network America e-wire two months ago - although by no means original with us or Dr. Keyes - let me stress the excitement I felt as I watched the Internet news reporters ask intelligent, logical questions, in sharp contrast to some of the establishment news reporters, such as the PBS correspondent referred to above, who asked panicky, combative questions which seemed designed more to defend the ridiculous status quo than to elucidate the matter of the Presidential debates and how they will be conducted in the year 2000.)

Regarding the criteria regarding who should be admitted to the Presidential Debates, Keyes said it wasn't a difficult question and shouldn't require too much imagination. Keyes went on to say that one reasonable criteria would be that any Presidential Candidate who qualifies for ballot position in enough states to have the possibility of winning the 270 votes necessary to be elected president - should be included in the debates. Keyes went on to say that if it was felt after a certain election cycle that too many Presidential contenders had qualified who did not really have widespread support, then the qualifications could be raised for the next cycle.

Another speaker stood up, and took notice of the fact that the Mexican Presidential Election had just seen debates in which six national candidates participated. The speaker observed wryly those debates may prove yet that there may be a useful import from Mexico to our country after all --- namely democratic principles.

The Presidential Debate Commission is a total hoax which is completely controlled by The Democratic and Republican Party, chaired by a former Democratic National Chairman, Paul Kirk, and a former Republican National Chairman, Frank Fahrenkopf. Fahrenhkopf also collects $1 million per year as Chairman of the Legalized Gambling Lobby. These hoaxsters arbitrarily set the criteria to get into this years Presidential Debates as getting 15% in the polls conducted by Occupation Government arms CBS, NBC, etc., ---- the very guys we've been fighting for decades, as Pat Buchanan observed when he was in Cincinnati recently.

Frank Fahrenkopf and Paul Kirk are the Greg Craig's of Presidential Debates - and they intend to do to you and me what that child-abusing thug Greg Craig did to Elian Gonzalez --- strong arm us with Gestapo/KGB tactics if necessary, and limit our choices about our future. These are the same group of thugs who have enforced in every part of this nation unverifiable computerized voting, excluding citizen checks and balances after the manner of every dictatorship in history.

Network America repeats that these national media polls are phony, are warped when need be, are totally falsified when need be, are not scientific in any way, and should not be used as a basis for anything, unless it be ridicule. We have no knowledge how they are done, or how many are done before the desired result is obtained. We DO know that those who do these polls do NOT have to release them unless they get the result they want. To our knowledge, there is NOT ONE book or scientific paper arguing for the scientific basis that the interviewing of 600 to 1200 people will faithfully reflect the opinion of 250 to 300 million Americans, especially when these narrowly conducted polls are done day after day after day on every subject under the sun. We have a number of e-wire on this subject, including the Network America e-wire of March 27, 2000, "The Hosing of America" and "More on Phony Polls from Larry Nichols" carried on April 4, 2000. Both are available from the Network America list on topica.com, and hopefully we soon be on our website at www.networkamerica.org.

IF the Occupation Government continues this disgusting, arbitrary hoax of excluding Buchanan -and any others who qualify on the ballots of enough states to have the possibility of winning 270 electoral votes and being elected President in 2000 - from this year's Presidential debates, then there should be massive, peaceful sit-ins and civil disobedience, including human blockades, to prevent the two major party candidates from making it into the hall for the contrived Ruling Elite enforeced 'debates.'

This is our future, and our kids' futures they are messing with.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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