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BullsEye for Leboutillier!  

May 10, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


BullsEye for Leboutillier!

Former Congressman John Leboutillier was and is an expert on the POW situation in Vietnam. I'm reprinting his column from newsmax.com here because it so dramatically delineates the ugly result we now face after 50 years of malevolent Big Media psycho-warfare against the American people, and 25 years of riggable computerized elections. The usurpers of America would NEVER act the way they are acting if they couldn't rely on both! Here's the column: Three Punks and Elian .. . .

Three Punks and Elian

John LeBoutillier

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

One item that will not be discussed in today's Bush-McCain meeting in Pittsburgh is what to do to save little Elian Gonzalez from a lifetime of hell if he is shipped back to Cuba.

This dismissal of Elian and the illegal and unconstitutional raid that ripped him away from his Miami relatives is further proof that the GOP leadership has lost its way and has ceded the moral high ground to the least moral administration in our history.

Indeed Bush and McCain have both tried to emulate the political skills of Bill Clinton. In fact, the entire GOP congressional leadership, beginning with Newt Gingrich, patterned themselves on the Clinton model: feigning interest and empathy while actually not giving a damn about anything or anybody other than those who will give them money or a vote.

Bush and McCain have also fallen into the Clinton reliance on polling. Neither one even blows his nose without taking a poll first. This is not leadership. Leading means just that: going forward into sometimes-uncharted territory and paving the way for others to follow.

Let us remember that it was Bush who told the Senate Republicans that to have public hearings on Janet Reno's raid was "a loser."

And it is McCain who keeps tripping off to Vietnam to deplore what happened there. But he forgets: What happened to millions of Vietnamese, including orphaned children, is exactly what is happening here to Elian. McCain knows only too well that one of the most effective interrogators inside the North Vietnamese POW system was a Cuban known to the POWs as 'Fidel'. To this day most of our POWs claim they would personally kill this man if they could get their hands on him. One such POW, Mike Benge, recently saw a photograph of a present-day Cuban Cabinet officer who he is certain is this 'Fidel'!

How can these two supposed leaders of the once-great Republican Party be so weak as to kowtow to not only Bill Clinton but also Fidel Castro?

Can you imagine what President Reagan, if he were healthy, would think of his party today?

Let's face it: These two fellows are each, in their own way, wise guy punks. McCain in fact was nicknamed "The Punk" in high school. And Bush has an arrogance and chip on his shoulder endemic to 'punks'.

By the way, Clinton is the biggest punk of all. That petulant little mouth of his indicates that he is a spoiled brat who always gets what he wants.

These three punks - Clinton, Bush and McCain - are responsible for allowing evil forces to tilt the debate on Elian away from the cold hard truth. Remember that "all that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Let me explain:

Clinton wants to make deals with Fidel Castro. He can do so only if the Republicans allow him. Bush has hardly muttered a peep about Elian. He has not made it an issue at all. And McCain - if he had invested one-tenth as much energy into Elian as he did to campaign finance reform - could have forced the Elian issue onto the front political burner.

But because none of these three egomaniacs cares about Elian there is no countervailing force to offset the Castro-Clinton-Reno Axis.

Thus Elian is a prisoner inside our country. He is probably undergoing some type of horrific 'reprogramming' at the hands of Cuban torture-meisters (perhaps trained by the 'Fidel' who worked on McCain's fellow POWs 25 years ago) and drug-wielding doctors.

Those who saw pictures and video of Elian emerging from the Smith Bagley townhouse last Saturday night are certain that he appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Yet what will we hear from Bush and McCain in Pittsburgh today?

The silence is deafening.

End of Leboutillier column on Newsmax.


And we return to remark: We would only gently suggest to this great patriot, John Leboutillier, that he not continue to implicitly give such unqualified credibilty to polling, and that he educate himself on our unverifiable computerized elections. We desperately need voices like his own on these two pressure points. On these points, the whole establishment stands defenseless before our sword.

I might finally add here that, in sharp contrast to Punk W. Bush and Punk McCain, Constitution Party Howard Phillips gave an eloquent analysis of the tragedy and horror of the illegal raid and kidnapping against Elian, shortly after it happened. And I believe that that interview can be found on Larry Klayman's website.

Pat Buchanan issued a statement that said (paraphrase): "This raid against Elian Gonzalaz was carried out for Fidel Castro by Janet Reno and Bill Clinton."


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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