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Elian Q & A - Theirs and Ours  

May 12, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Elian Q & A - Theirs and Ours

Thanks to all of you who have been spreading around our daily e-wires - we are now up to 680 e-wire readers!!! This is fantastic, we have an initial goal of 10,000 by late summer. Remember, in September and October we're going to direct everyone to make "outlaw computerized elections, restore paper ballots" a big issue in the November election. We can do this through call ins to talk shows, letters to the editor, radio commercials, the internet, and some other tactics we will cover in due time. So please keep telling your internet friends and acquaintances. If any of you know how to post on newsgroups, discussion groups, etc. please do so.

We continue with Elian coverage - because, as talk show host Bill Cunningham of WLW radio eloquently rhapsodized a week or so ago, the Elian affair is of the kind that causes every American to look deep within themselves and find out what kind of a person they are and what they hold dear. (Whether that introspection takes a micro-second, or a week, every American is finding out whether he stands on the side of freedom under justice and law - or on the side of "might makes right" as exemplified by the Clinton/Reno raid and Castro's government.

Below is a good Q & A on the Elian matter by talk show host Neal Boortz, also a columnist for Newsmax.

But ahead of that, we carry below our own Network America Elian Q & A, which we were in the process of preparing when Mr. Boortz beat us to the punch!

We have been referring readers to Newsmax because of the excellent work they are doing on the Elian affair, but we feel it necessary to interject here that internet researcher and expert Carol Valentine has concluded after much analysis that Newsmax, WorldInternetDaily, Free Republic, and the Drudgereport - are compromised and only go so far. We will be hearing from Carol Valentine on this e-wire in the future.

While I think the Neal Boortz article below is great, I do object to his concluding at this point that there is NO chance that Elian will stay here in America. This type of talk only serves to create the aura of inevitability that the bad guys will win. This is the same thing (on this point) Rush Limbaugh has been doing, despite his otherwise excellent commentary on the Elian affair.

Also, we strongly disagree with Mr. Boortz that the feverish, Satanic fanaticism to keep them in prison here (that's what it is), until the Clinton/Reno team can get Elian and his Dad back to Castro and Communism has anything essentially to do with Clinton's Legacy. Clinton, like Castro, is just a hireling of the international bankers allied with the Federal Reserve Bank who push him and Castro around --- and that's the type of thing I don't think you'll read even on Newsmax.

If these Banksters directed their Media hirelings to knock Clinton out, as they almost did from Jan 21 to Jan 27 of 1998, he would be GONE in a few months. There would be no more talk of what at "astute" politician he was. Had Clinton failed to cave in and agree to bomb Iraq without provocation, which he was resisting, he would have been gone. That week the Big Media was all "grave-faced" and was treating Clinton as public enemy number one (it was the week the Monica story broke). On the morning of Clinton's State of the Union speech, a deal must have been struck, because on that morning ALL 5 NEWS NETWORKS simultaneously switched back to smiles, and said (still the ultimate trump card), "But the polls are telling us the people still love Clinton and approve of his job." Now after that brief lesson on the Media manipulation in favor of those who serve the Ruling Elite's evil agenda (the real explanation for Clinton's ignominious survival), let's go to the current Ruling Elite outrage, Elian:

Castro himself would NEVER have come to power in Cuba, and would NOT STAY IN POWER ONE MINUTE without the backing of the top US money lenders/banksters. As we have said, the armed raid conducted by the Reno terrorists, -- should have been done on Castro himself! - not the Gonzales family of Miami. Then the old murderer could have been brought to the USA and put in jail, like President Noriega of Panama was under President Bush.

Here's a our Elian Network America Q & A, to bring everyone up to date:

Q When did Elian's Asylum hearing take place in Federal Court in Atlanta?

A Yesterday, Thursday, May 11, 2000.

Q What was the issue at hand?

A. The issue was whether Elian would be allowed to have his own asylum hearing.

Q When will the federal court in Atlanta rule?

A In a few weeks, they say. This is quick, it usually takes a few months.

Q Who represented the family and presumably Elian at the Hearing?

A Kendall Coffey, the long time Clinton operative and fund raiser, who said in the presence of two witnesses willing to put their testimony into an affidavit, that nothing was going to be done to make the government mad (i.e. embarrass Reno/Clinton). Coffey also fired Richard Sharpstein, the lawyer who went to Washington D.C. with the Gonzales Family of Miami after Reno's terrorist raid, after he had prepared and presented to the legal team an expert brief challenging all the lies and illegalities of the Reno/Clinton terrorist kidnapping which trashed, at this point, has in principle nullified the 4th Amendment forbidding unreasonable search and seizure. (We are now officially living under an Occupation Government of might makes right.)

Q Did Coffey challenge the legality of Reno/Clinton terrorist in any way?

A. No, he did not challenge it in any way

Q Will there be a chance to challenge this raid later at another court hearing of some kind?

A Theoretically yes, but as far as Elian is concerned, there is the real danger that the Atlanta Court will rule that Elian has no right to an asylum hearing, and further to remove the "stay" which forbids the government to allow Elian to leave the country. At that point, Thug Greg Craig and Clinton/Reno could hustle their prisoners, Elian and Dad Juan Miguel, onto a jet and fly both back to Castro and Communism.

Q Is there any hope that Elian will not be spirited back to Cuba in this way?

A. Yes, there is hope. WE need prayers, we need another miracle. Because on the natural level, things do look grim. With the smirking fake-nice look on Thug Greg Craig's evil face, since the brutal and illegal kidnapping of Elian, this sad result is probably on track to happen. I say this because, in contrast, while Elian was free and in safe hands with his relatives in Miami, Thug Craig had that I'm-a-spoiled-brat-and-I'm-not-getting-my-way look on his face with every statement he made. Thug Craig TYPIFIES the type of evil manipulator that we have run into at every turn over 20 years of fighting riggable computerized elections.

Q Has anyone except the Clinton/Craig approved people and Castro's Goons seen Elian "live" since the brutal kidnapping at the point of a machine gun by that dead-eyed federal agent with the gas mask-looking helmut on?

A Only once. There was a few seconds of video footage last Friday night as Elian emerged from the home of that Billionaire Democratic fundraiser where he was taken. I saw this footage for the first time today. As stated by Jack Thompson on Newsmax, Elian could have been heavily drugged. Elian, in sharp contrast to his actions when at the Miami house, walked listlessly without a smile, one person holding his right hand, another person holding the back of his upper left arm. I would say it is quite possible he was drugged in that footage.

Q Has Elian been drugged?

A There is every reason to believe that Elian has been heavily sedated a lot of the time. Why else would Thug Craig prevent any video footage or visitors? Why would not Elian be allowed to talk to reporters if he really wanted to go back to Cuba?

Q Are you saying that you believe that home video made in Miami where Elian told his Dad he wanted to stay in America, and asked his Dad to come and live in Miami with him?

A. I most certainly do believe that video. Why the Elian defenders have abandoned using it as key evidence, I don't understand. Elian talked with conviction and charisma, gesturing in the air like a little orator as he spoke from the heart. He said in Spanish (paraphrase), "Papa, did you see that old lady (ed: Janet Reno), who went to the nun's house (Sister Jean O'Laughlin). She wants to send me back to Cuba. I don't want to go to Cuba. You come here, if you want to. But I do not want to go back to Cuba."

Q But didn't the critics of this video say that it was a "hostage" video?

A. Yes, the dishonest critics did make this absurd claim, I suppose expecting the gullible to believe that Elian was a better cue-card reader than Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately for these insincere liars, Thug Greg Craig, in attempt to discredit Elian's request for asylum in the US, filed in HIS brief that Elian could read neither Spanish nor English. So CLEARLY he was speaking from the heart and on his own steam.

Q But what about all the pictures Thug Craig has released?

A As long as you follow the Big Media, and pretend to have amnesia about how easy it is to alter or create pictures with computers, then these pictures are "unquestionably" authentic. In truth, it's not hard to believe that some of the recent pictures are real, but the one released on the day of the kidnapping was clearly taken months earlier and brought to the US by Dad Juan Miguel, or was computer generated from old pictures. Any comparison of the two pictures shows that Elian's hair was significantly shorter and closer to his head in the morning photo of the terrorist raid.

Q Why has the Big Media News Operations accepted the Clinton/Reno/Craig explanation of what condition Elian is in, without any verification?

A Because the Big Media owners are part of the Occupation Government we live under - and a KEY part of it, they have totally dropped their mask in this case, and revealed themselves for the New World Order government agents they are. This Elian case, because of the way Elian told off Reno and Clinton AND Castro on that home video, and all the religious symbolism surrounding Elian in Miami, including the miraculous medal he was wearing when he talked into the home video camera - unleashed the Luciferian rage of the forces of evil, even to the point where the media, just like in the old Communist Russia, passed on the government propaganda, pure and undiluted by truth or verification, while simultaneously conducting a vicious smear campaign against the Miami Gonzalez family, Donato the Fisherman, and the Cuban-American communty.

Q Was Elian in the court room yesterday?

A Of COURSE NOT. This question gets to the heart of the matter. What we have in the Elian case is a Police State action by Clinton/Reno for the US division of the New World Order occupation government, to kidnap Elian against custody law, against the fourth amendment, and against the interests of the safety of the child - to return the boy to Castro and his Communist Government, the Cuban division of the New World Order occupation government. Why? Thug Craig, Clinton, and Castro knew that if they did not get ahold of Elian, drug him, and keep him prisoner - then he would have been speaking out in and out of court that he wanted to stay in America. THEY STILL HAVEN'T SUCCEEDED IN BRAINWASHING THE BRIGHT LITTLE ELIAN TODAY, and that's why they must keep him out of sight. They don't care about Elian, and they're leaving nothing to chance. They do not intend to ever let anyone see Elian outside of their controlled conditions again, until he is seen in Cuba with Castro. They also fear that Juan Miguel, Elian's Dad, will want to defect, as shown by the imprisonment he is still in, and by the fact that Castro has taken Juan Miguel's family, and his wife's family, prisoners in Cuba. In short, the entire anti-Christ New World Order establishment in the Media and in the Government have dropped their mask in a Luciferian rage to return this boy to Cuba and to abuse his mind, once there. The forces of evil CAN'T STAND INNOCENCE, and try to destroy it at every turn.

Q Is it true that Fidel Castro's daughter has come to America to fight to keep Elian in America?

A. Yes, that is true. Castro's daughter escaped from Cuba as a young adult, and now lives in Spain. She has come to America and appeared on numerous media shows, including on FOX's Hannity & Colmes, and The Edge. She also lead the "save Elian" rally in New Jersey a few days ago. Castro's daughter is a dignified woman and an eloquent spokesman for freedom.

Q IS it true that the two other survivors from the Elian party, both of whom floated to shore alone after the raft went down, have commented on Elian's mother's wishes?

A Yes, it is true. While the Big Media has gone into overdrive to smear the mother and say she risked death in shark infested waters because of a shallow crush she had on another one of the escapees, both survivors have testified that when things began to look bad, and the party was breaking up with some of them drowning, they listened to Elian's Mom, in the last conversation they had with her, say that her wish was that Elian be raised in freedom in America. Communist fronter Bill Press of CNN's Crossfire defiled the Mother's memory by saying, in response to this revelation, that the mother's wishes, "meant nothing! - she's dead! The father's alive." This is the Communist way, even though now these Revolutionaries go by other names, like Democrats.

And this is as good a point as any to go to Neal Boortz's Q & A.

NOTE: WE could go on and on with other aspects of the Elian affair, and maybe we'll have another Q & A some other day.

Here; the Boortz Q & A as it appeared on Newsmax.com yesterday.


Elian Q & A

Neal Boortz

May 11, 2000

It will probably take about an hour in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to determine the fate of Elian Gonzalez.

The court is going to decide whether or not Elian has the right to seek asylum in the United States. The question is really moot, though, because Elian has been undergoing a reprogramming operation since Clinton troops seized him.

For those of you who aren't keeping up, here's a little Elian Q & A to keep you informed.

Q Was Juan Miguel Gonzalez married to Elian's mother when he was downloaded?

A. No.

Q What about when Elian was uploaded?

A No again.

Q So, Elian is an illegitimate child?

A. You got it.

Q. Does Juan Miguel love Elian?

A Sure! What father wouldn't love his child?

Q Who called the Miami relatives to warn them that Elian and his mother were on the way to America?

A. Juan Miguel Gonzalez.

Q After the news reports came out about a 6-year-old boy being found in an inner tube three miles off the Florida coast, who was it that called the Miami relatives to tell them to go get him and take care of him?

A. Juan Miguel Gonzalez.

Q. What did the Justice Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service say immediately after Elian was rescued?

A. It's a state court matter.

Q. Who was the first person in Cuba to call for Elian's return?

A. Fidel Castro.

Q When did Juan Miguel call for Elian's return?

A. After Fidel told him to.

Q What did the Justice Department and the INS say after Fidel demanded Elian be returned?

A. It's a federal matter.

Q. So, who is calling the shots here?

A. Fidel Castro.

Q. If Elian goes back to Cuba, who will have custody?

A. The Cuban government.

Q Who says the Cuban government will have custody of Elian?

A. Fidel.

Q Does the Cuban Constitution involve itself in the relationship between parents and children?

A. Yes, it does. It restricts the rights of parents to raise their children.

Q. Under what circumstances does the Cuban Constitution interfere with the rights of parents to raise their children?

A. When it interferes with the political goals of the Cuban government.

Q Is the INS legally empowered to make determinations on child custody?

A. No.

Q. Is there any court order granting custody of Elian to his father?

A. No.

Q. Did the Clinton administration ask for a court order granting custody of Elian to his father?

A. Yes.

Q What did the federal courts say?

A, No.

Q. What did the Clinton administration do when the U.S. Appeals Court denied its request to order a transfer of Elian from the Miami relatives to Juan Miguel Gonzalez?

A. They used federal SWAT teams to illegally seize Elian at gunpoint.

Q. What excuse did the Clinton administration use for its illegal seizure of Elian?

A.They lied. They said there was a court order. There wasn't.

Q Who wrote that speech that Juan Miguel delivered when he arrived at Dulles Airport?

A. The Cuban government and Greg Craig.

Q. Why is Clinton so damned determined to see Elian go back to Cuba?

A. He has some sort of deal with Castro. Probably legacy related.

Q. Why are the Republicans afraid to challenge the legality of Clinton's actions?

A. Because the polls say the majority of Americans approve.

Q. What are the Republicans more concerned about, the rule of law, or polls?

A. Polls. The rule of the mob. Not the rule of law.

(NA remarks: Boortz is too easy on the Republicans here, they are a blackmailed and pathetic bunch, as a body just another branch of the Occupation Government.)

Q. Would Juan Miguel like to stay in America with Elian?

A We'll probably never know. He's not free to talk.

Q. What's preventing Juan Miguel from talking freely?

A. Clinton has him isolated with Cuban government officials.

Q What are Bill Clinton's orders to the federal officers guarding Elian and Juan Miguel?

A. That Elian and Juan Miguel be given no opportunity to defect.

Q. How is Fidel applying pressure to Juan Miguel to get the kid and get back to Cuba?

A. Fidel is holding Juan Miguel's parents under house arrest.

Q. Any real chance that Elian will stay in America?

A. Nope. . . . .

And just a few more thoughts, while I have your attention:

"A child should be with his father, period." Come on, folks, are you thinking? What if the father lived in a crack house? What if the father was in prison? What if the father lived in a brothel and swept up old condoms? Are you still going to give me that "a child should be with his father" nonsense?

Just add a qualification and you may have something; "A child should be with his father, if it is in the best interests of the child." Now, is it in the best interests of Elian to be sent back to the custody of Fidel Castro?

Yes, I said the custody of Fidel. Aren't you following the news? Fidel has prepared a little compound in Havana for Elian. Elian and his father will live there under Cuban guard. So will about 12 of Elian's friends from Cardenas who have been taken from their families and moved to Cuba to be a part of the big Elian spectacle. Fidel has already said that Elian is the property of the Cuban government. Can't you see what's really going on here? Elian is going to become a public relations icon for the Cuban revolution.

Remember that "I don't want to go to Cuba, Papa" video of Elian? My oh my, did the left scream when that video came out. Poor little Elian was being brainwashed by the evil Lorenzo. . . . But just what do you think is happening now! When Elian says, as he most certainly will, "Papa! I want to go back to Cuba!" will these same leftist whiners start screaming about Elian being brainwashed by those hoards of Cuban government officials he has been living with for the past two weeks? Yeah, right. Here's a basic rule that you need to remember: If you say that you want to live in freedom in America, you've been brainwashed; If you say you want to live under communism in Cuba, you're speaking from the heart.

· Under English Common Law - the legal system upon which our legal system is based - the father of an illegitimate child has no automatic claim to custody, no automatic right to "speak for the child." Elian is Juan Miguel's illegitimate child. Those of you who feel that the law automatically gives Juan Miguel custody of Elian are wrong. Deal with it.

End of Boortz column on Newsmax

See you all tomorrow.


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