"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

CFVC Convention Registration Information

 May 14, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


CFVC Convention Registration Information

Dear Friends,

With all the previous e-wires as prologue, this could turn out to be the most important e-wire yet. It concerns registration details for the Citizen for A Fair Vote Count Convention to be held at the Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport.

This could be the most important gathering of the 2000 Presidential Campaign. Why? What good is the whole campaign if after all the shouting the computerized vote goes down on election day with the whole nation believing that it's a verifiable vote????

IF we can send an army out from our convention and alert the nation via the definite strategy of paid ads on talk show radio, and through other less expensive means, then we can throw the New World Order crowd, or the Permanent Revolution crowd, or whatever you call that Thing usurping our Federal Government - back to the 50 yard line. If one or more visible Presidential Candidates makes it a priority to demand a verifiable count, so much faster will we go.

This email is divided into four parts, all four of which will be accessible through the networkamerica.org website and the new votefraud.org website within 48 hours. (Network America will continue to carry this e-wire AND carry strategies on how to take back the country via county precinct movements. Votefraud.org, which will also be where people land when they punch in fairvote.org - will become strictly devoted to the battle to restore honest elections. "Fair Vote" will become our battle cry, as it describes the final goal - honest, verifiable elections - which will at least give Americans back their destiny. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be working for POSITIVE SOLUTIONS. The other side has tried to limit our side to working for only negative goals, or meaningless goals.

Here are the four parts coming up:

1) Speaker, Details, Updates of the Convention

2) Convention Registration

3) Hotel Registration

4) Airline and Travel Tips

If need be, get business or people in the area to help you make it. We need you, and we need representation from as many states and regions as possible. Also, your convention registration fee is the only way we can get the many speakers to the convention AND professionally videotape and audiotape it. That will allow this "first ever" compilation of the true history of elections in the last 25 years reach hundreds of thousands, maybe millions over the next few years. Also, we will have a full time INTERVIEW ROOM going, where the speakers and others will put their experiences on videotape for posterity.

Here's the basic information:


I. Speaker, Details and Updates for the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention:

The First Historic National and International Conference

Since The Dawn of the Computer Age - To Restore Honest, Verifiable Elections with Citizen Checks and Balances

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention

August 25, 26, 27 2000

Does America's Future, on the natural level, hinge on this Conference? Many of us believe that we are already living under an OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT which stand, almost visibly in the shadows of the shell left of the United States Government. This Occupation Government has, as many of us see it, usurped the positions of our government through riggable computerized elections (votefraud), protected by the Big TV Networks, and by the psychological warfare against the people of the United States emanating from the News Divisions of these Big TV Networks.

For the first time ever, we have assembled a Convention to address the insidious problem of computer election vote fraud. This is cutting-edge information like you've never heard before! From across the country, people are coming together for a weekend of information-sharing, education, comradery and strategizing.


Friday night highlights:

· Overview - Jim Condit Jr. (8:00 PM)

· "Friday Night at the Movies." (circa 9 PM to 10:30 PM) Are you old enough to remember Friday Night at the Movies? Well, we have our own Friday Night at the Movies! Rare, rare Film clips including CBS News' Dan Rather's 5 Minute report aired on Election Eve, 1988; footage of actual ballot tampering with little tweezers and pointy styluses in Miami and Cincinnati, as filed by the late Ken & Jim Collier, author of Votescam; the excellent 5 minute Report by Mary Krutko and Nick Clooney (George Clooney's Dad) Aired on WKRC-TV in Cincinnati about THE WIRETAPPER, 1987; Votefraud TV commercials aired by candidate Jim Condit Jr. in the 1980's; The TV ad aired during the Republican Convention in 1996 in San Diego. And much more; Ted Koppel's attempt to refute this CFVC spot a month and a half later on Nightline! Howard Phillips addressing the Vote Fraud issue in his acceptance speeches of 1996 and 2000 for the Constitution Party; Pat Buchanan answering questions on C-Span about the votefraud question; Sen Bob Smith telling how all four networks called his election WRONG based on their Voter News Service exit polls. And more.

Saturday Conferences and Sunday Conferences:

Phyllis Collier, widow of the late Jim Collier, and her daughter Vicki, to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award for Jim & Ken Collier, awarded posthumously.

Devvy Kidd of devvy.com, former GOP Candidate, Author, Activist, and Lecturer

Terry Hayfield, researcher, author and organizer, "The Permanent Revolution - Unseen by both left and right. (Information never presented at any conference before)

Brent M.P. Beleskey, International Voters Coalition (Information never heard presented at any conference before)

Dr. Phillip O'Halloran, Editor, Relevance Magazine - His groundbreaking VoteFraud vs. Honest Elections research - (Information never presented at any conference before) (Still to be confirmed)

James J. Condit Sr., the attorney for Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and the only attorney to our knowledge to get a favorable ruling in a court case, and a court order. It was this court order under which the Colliers and computer expert Robert Strunk entered the inner sanctums of the Hamilton County Board of Elections in 1985, acquiring much valuable information.

Other desired speakers, yet to be confirmed:

Howard Phillips, Constitution Party Presidential Candidate;

Doug Zeitz, Chris Schaper, Tim Wozniak they caught the votefraud against Pat Buchanan and the people of Dubuque, Iowa perpetrated by Voter News Service and protected by the Big TV networks.

Rep. Karen Johnson, Arizona, -- She was Pat Buchanan's state Campaign Manager during the outrageously warped Arizona GOP Presidential Primary of 1996.

John Schull, son of Nobel Peace Prize winning scientist, fighting for honest elections and against votefraud in Texas,

Ron Keller, proved how the Shoup Machines were being fixed before Houston's TV camera's in 1964 with Sheriff candidate Joe Cooper (shot in the back and killed eight months later).

Tom Condit, Attorney with tales of chicanery in officialdom

Linda Muller, webmaster, Buchanan.org and original webmaster of the our first votefraud site, networkamerica.org - the first on the internet in 1996!

Dick Murphy (campaign Manager for Cong. John Schmitz, also victimized under the current system as a candidate himself in this years of 2000 in the primary in California);

Other possibilities: Jerome Sauer (New Orleans election worker who was jailed for blowing the whistle on fixed machines in the late 60s), Susan Bernecker (victim of votefraud in Louisiana, covered in a nationally syndicated Jack Anderson Column), Tom Lingenfelder (expert in US historical documents in Buck County, Pennsylvania, proved vote fraud in Buck County), someone from CLEAN in Oregon (See slide show at Clean.org)

We will ask all Presidential candidates (Buchanan -Reform, Browne-Libertarian, Nader-Green, Bush-Republican, Gore-Democrat, Phillips-Constitution, Hagelin-Natural Law) to at least call in and address the convention, and endorse our goal of verifiable elections, for a few minutes by phone. Which ones will?

More updates to Come . . . Details will be updated as available. No one will go home dissappointed!


II. Convention Registration Information

Register On Line (Note: You'll have to go to votefraud.org or networkamerica.org to register on line in by May 15, 2000 or so, but you could print this out for mail in now), or by Mail for the Citizens for a Fair Vote Convention.

This is the form to use to Register for the historic Citizens for A Fair Vote Count Convention to be held August 25, 26, 27 2000 at the Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport. To register for the Convention, use this form to deal directly with Citizens for a Fair Vote Count. You can submit it on line OR you can print it and mail in to Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211.

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention August 25, 26, 27 2000

There is space available for 250 attendees/delegates for this historic convention. Some places are already gone. Please Register NOW! VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express accepted.

Early Registration Discount, registering before July 7, 2000:

Single person, before July 7, 2000: $210

Two or more people in a group (friends or family), before July 7, 2000: $185

After July 7, 2000:

Single person, after July 7, 2000: $240 for full convention registration after July 7, 2000.

Two or more people from the same immediate family: $215 each for full convention registration

Here is brief summary of what your registration entitles you to: All sessions: Friday Night Presentations, "Friday Night at the Movies" with popcorn & snacks; All Saturday presentations, including our gala Saturday night banquet with Speaker and Special Awards Presentations, and Special Guests; Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner on Saturday; Sunday sessions. (For further details go back to Home Page and click on Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention, Details & Updates.


"Citizens for a Fair Vote Count" Convention Reservation Form

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention

(Please Print)


Name ________________________________________________________________________


Number of people in your party, if getting group discount? ____________;


List of people attending in your group (Total) ________________________________________;


List (names) of people paid for by this form ___________________________________________;


Address _______________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip __________________________________________________________________


Phone _________________________________ E-mail, if any ________________________________


Date of Arrival __________________________ Date of Departure _____________________________


Amount Enclosed __________________________________________________________________


Credit Card # ______________________________________________________________________


Name on Card _____________________________________________________________________


Signature, if using snail mail, no signature necessary on line _________________________________


III. This is the form and/or information to use to Reserve your Hotel Room at the Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport for the 1st ever National and International Convention on "Votefraud vs. Honest Elections." For your Hotel Room, deal directly with the Radisson.


The Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport

Is Pleased to Welcome the

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention

August 25-27 2000

Special Convention Rate

$79.37 per Night

(inclusive, that's $72.00 plus 10.24% tax per night) Single or Double for this price


Reservations received after August 11, 2000 2ill be confirmed on a space available basis only and SPECIAL RATE may not apply. Rate valid (3) days before and (3) days after.


To Make Your Reservation

Fill out the reservation form below sending your deposit or credit card guarantee to:


Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport

PO Box 75108

Cincinnati, Ohio 45275-0108


Call our toll-free reservations number at 800-333-3333

to guarantee your reservation with a credit card and identify yourself with the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention.


Radisson Hotel Reservation Form

Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention

(Please Print)

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip __________________________________________________________________

Phone __________________________________________________________________________

Date of Arrival _________________________________ Date of Departure __________________

Amount Enclosed _____________________________________________________________

Credit Card # ___________________________________________________________

Name on Card ____________________________________________________________


Room Type (subject to availability):


_____ King; _____ Queen; _____ Double/Double; _____ Smoking; ______ Non-Smoking

(Special requests such as room type, smoking, connecting/adjoining rooms, are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport

PO Box 75108

Cincinnati, OH 45275-0108



IV: Travel and Airline Hits

1. The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention is being held at the Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport so that people can fly in and out without Shuttle problems. The Hotel is within sight of Airport. The Greater Cincinnati Airport, believe it or not, is 20 minutes down into the great state of Kentucky.

2. People in the midwest (or anywhere) can drive in and there is plenty of free parking at the Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport.

3. Hint: Oftentimes the air fare is MUCH LESS if you fly into Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky, or Louisville, Kentucky - and then rent a car and drive the 90 miles or to Cincinnati by Superhiway. This is the way most of us travel at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count. We mention this because oftentimes the difference in airfare can be $500 or $600 roundtrip.

4. If you wish to take advantage of a firm that will search for the best flight for you, call Jawana or Candy at Cruise & Tours in downtown Cincinnati at 513-421-0002. These ladies are crack travel agents and will work to get you the best deal.

5. If you can get a Comair flight, this will only cost you $150 round trip. However, the Comair tickets are only sold in books of 4 tickets. So two people could travel to Cincinnati roundtrip for only $150 each from many cities in the U.S.

6. We strongly urge all to stay at the Radisson Inn Cincinnati Airport. Why? It's a really first class hotel with pool off the atrium and internet access in every room. And with our special rates it only about $30 more per night than even the least expensive motels. MOST IMPORTANT, you will be "on campus" to get the full experience of meeting all the other great people that will be there. We need this interraction and synergy to leave as an army that will blow the lid off of the riggable computerized election cover-up perpetrated by the Big TV Networks for the last 25 years, and create the hunger in the American people for honest, verifiable elections once again.

One more thing:

If anyone knows any FEDERAL candidate, i.e. Congress, on the ballot who might be willing to run commercials on the votefraud vs. honest elections issue, or an individual who would be willing to collect the signatures to get on the ballot as a Congressional candidate, please contact us immediately. The ideal would be to have a Congressional candidate on the ballot in most or every major Media markets, i.e. Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Houston, Denver, LA, Miami, Nashville, etc. etc. etc. In this way, we could raise money for each Congressional candidate, provide them with commercials if they wish, and help them fundraise to run these commercials to alert the public about why we need to return to verifiable paper ballot elections, counted by citizens at the precinct, and outlaw computers and machines.

Mike Bailey, GOP nominee for Congress in southern Indiana, and a Mr. Becker of Georgia, even though opposed by the Federal Election Commission and 300 and television stations, won an IRON-CLAD decision in 1996 from the federal circuit court in Washington D.C., that licensed radio and TV stations MUST run the ads of federal political candidates, and cannot censor the content in any way whatsoever, as long as the candidate's ad does not contain profanity or sexually explicit material.

Fair enough. Let's use that law. That's a lot of freedom to have in the USA at this hour. We can't blame the New World Order crowd - or anybody else, if we don't use it to get out the truth.

Stay tuned.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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