"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

So Sorry, Gang! Urgent Details! And a Strange Poll

 May 16, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


So Sorry, Gang! Urgent Details! And a Strange Poll

SO SORRY. I'm trying to answer all your excellent emails now. So sorry for the mixup and all the bounced back emails. That won't happen again. Please resend any bounced-back emails to be at jconditjr@networkamerica.org

You should now be able to reply to any of our Network America e-wires without a problem, and I will get it.

PLEASE NOTE - NEW EMAIL ADDRESSES SOON! We appreciate all the great info that many of you are sending, so we will announce in a day or two an INFO-only email address where myself, or Nick Landholt, or one of us, will look at all the info.

Another email address will be for emails needing ACTION from us. Right now it takes hours to separate the emails needing action from the info-only emails. So the new email system should solve the problem. Everyone's cooperation will be appreciated.

Votefraud.org is up and running with plenty of the Archives that are also at the Network America website.

Votefraud.org will be devoted first to the upcoming Citizen for a Fair Vote Count convention, but also to all info on votefraud and Fair Elections.

Network America will shift to be devoted to precinct organizing, which is the way we take back the country.

VOICE MESSAGES SOON! In a few days, so help me, we should have voice messages up to 3 minutes each on relevant current events going on both websites, with votefraud.org dealing with votefraud and fair elections only, and networkamerica dealing with everything else, including precinct organization. You will be able to listen to these voice messages over your computer on real audio. These messages would come out every day, or every few days - we'll see. And don't worry, we'll pick up where Rush Limbaugh's "unstoppable pursuit of truth" - leaves off!

WE CAN WIN! Stay with us on this organizational journey. We don't always have to lose. What we're doing will go a long way towards putting an EFFECTIVE army on the field. Get into ACTION on the action oriented discussion group fairvote@egroups.com - see yesterdays email (May 15, 2000) on full details. Subscribe by emailing to fairvote-subscribe@egroups.com

WE NEED YOU AT THE CONVENTION! Please look at votefraud.org for convention details. Register now if you can, as we need to be able to plan. Get a group in your area to finance SOMEONE to be there if need be. This will be a landmark, historic, one of a kind event, that will never be repeated.

TOWARDS VICTORY! I tell you most solemnly, the Occupation Government of the International Banksters is operating through manipulating our nation's money (which they have illegally usurped) which they can issue and distribute (through who is granted lines of credit), through control of the Big TV Networks, the issuing of phony polls, and through computer votefraud. All the key Banksters and Big TV Media traitors (probably about 300 would suffice) must at some point be rounded up and charged with treason - hey, who knows some of them might be found innocent, ya never know! Then hand counted elections with citizen checks and balances could be held, with a Media not run by these super-crooks, and we would be on our way back to true freedom under God.

Let's leave today with one example of how bogus - to say nothing of SINISTER -- one of their brainwashing methods are: the omnipresent phony polls, meant to push and form public opinion, not to reflect it.

"Citizen" emailed Network America e-wire to reveal this incredible Time Magazine citizen participating poll, which has had almost 300,000 participants, and which contradicts all those phony polls of 600 or 1200 mysterious people that the Big TV Networks always call -- in order to get those results which just happen to support the next move (or the last outrageous move) of the New World Order Occupation Government. (Remember, Time is one of those establishment organs, just as much as NBC or ABC, so the results admitted by them are that more impressive. Notice that you've never heard this one touted over the Big TV networks. The psycho-warfare teams of the International Banksters are right now working on how to move the American people to give up their guns.)

The poll shows overwhelming support of GUN OWNERSHIP so that the law abiding citizen can defend himself or herself against the predatory criminal, or, and especially, the EVIL USURPERS who have taken over the highest positions in our United States government.

Here's the link I was given, and below is what it says.


The poll has been running since 5-20-99, and the report was sent to us on 5-9-2000 - almost a year of this ongoing polls with almost 300,000 participants so far (298,532 to be exact as of about 5 days ago).


1. Should the U.S. have stricter gun control laws?

Yes - 27%

No - 72%

Not sure - 1%

2. How would you rate the effectiveness of the Brady Bill and the assault-weapons ban in preventing the illegal use and distribution of guns?

Very Effective - 7%

Somewhat Effective - 14%

Somewhat Ineffective - 10%

Very Ineffective - 66%

Not sure - 3%

Final Comment: Almost EVERY call in poll, internet poll, and every poll which in any way can be verified - shows this same contradiction between real public opinion and Big Network TV brainwashing under the guise of polls. We are being bluffed out, folks, by a handful of traitors in New York City and Washington D.C. Take heart. The 50 years of domination of the American mind by the Big TV Networks is coming to an end via the internet. Today Cincinnati Bell in its Zoom town service (like Roadrunner) is advertising "Broadcast TV coming to your Computer screen" - this is good news, because we already have broadcast TV in almost every house --- what we need is OUR Video programs (patriotic resistance in the traditional and best sense) going over Internet Screens at broadcast quality. This will be the REAL beginning of the end for Big TV brainwashing.

Ridicule and destroy the credibility of the evil Big TV Networks in any responsible, truthful way you can.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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