"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

More Healing Medicine from Chuck Geshlider

May 20, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


More Healing Medicine from Chuck Geshlider

This was written in regards to our upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention (Aug 25-27).

We need to get the speakers booked on airlines early to save money.

We need to get professional equipment booked to video and audio this historic session for use on not only home videos, but also on public access and even broadcast TV. Parts of what will happen at this convention will be seen by millions, for years to come. . . .

With 50 more registrations, we can get this all done now . . . instead of last minute. So act now if you can, and get registered.

And, oh yes, we need a roaring crowd of good patriots to send the message to the wirepullers of the New World Order that they are going down --- not us!

I know the registration, the airline, and the hotel room costs money. If you need help, go to other concerned businessmen and people in your area to help get you here. We'd like to have someone from every state. Have others who can't make it share the expenses. On votefraud.org you will find in a day or two a page to download to handout to good people in your area. It will be from me to them --- about you, and why we need you to be at the Radisson at Greater Cincinnati Airport from August 25 to 27, 2000.

Please read Chuck's stirring words below, and then register on line.


From Chuck Geshlider:

How far did Samuel Adams travel to go to Philly? ... How 'bout T. Jefferson?

Were they married? How 'bout the rest of the boys who decided to fight King George? Damn good thing we didn't hear them use their wives and families as an excuse not to join in ... In fact, I bet they used their families as a big part of the reason they actually chose to leave the home front for a while and plug a few Redcoats' bellies full 'a lead!

If I'm gettin' into this battle, I want to make sure those around me aren't the 'chicken' country club NRA conservative/republican weekend-armchair patriot types who will sell us down the river for a dry martini.

I'd walk to St. Louis if I had to ... and . . . I want to get this thing started with the same ilk as I am or forget it!!!!! [We need to decide now!] Maybe everyone should watch the Patton movie again ... or perhaps the [relevant parts] of Braveheart. Anything less? NO WAY!!! We are going up against the strongest enemy history has ever availed ... Please Jim -- don't get me killed by surrounding me with emasculated eunichs.


End of comments from Chuck Geshlider

It's 1776 again . . . but this time, you are there. Go to votefraud.org for details or to register.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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