"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Horror Story from Nevada

May 21, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Horror Story from Nevada

The following letter was sent to your Network America e-wire editor by a member of the Libertarian Party in Santa Maria, California:

Dear Sir,

I am hoping mad about our STOLEN elections. Tammy CLARK won a State Senate Seat, with hundreds of hours canvasing by dozens of volunteers in Las Vegas, against a Democrat (THE GOP did not run anyone).

The Exit polls and the media reported her winning 2-1. It was the first Libertarian Party Legislative Victory in Nevada. Then the CLARK County Clerk closed the OFFICE before counting was done, and sent the poll watchers home.

Suddenly when the Office opened the next day ABSENTEE BALLOTS showed up from thin air in sealed voter boxes. A 12 year old girl, upon investigation, voted. Dozens of dead folks voted. And the Democrat was declared the winner 2-1.

Libertarian Tammy Clark appealed to County supervisors, the Nevada State Senate (dominated by Democrats), which ignored her overwhelming evidence.

However the FACTS were so blatant that massive FRAUD was committed under authority of the CLARK COUNTY CLERK, that the Clerk was forced to resign. Then the appointed CLERK who took over investigated, white washed it again, and later was forced to resign.

In the end, lacking $500,000 to drag it up through the courts, Tammy

lost the seat she ACTUALLY HAD WON. There really was NO applicable real remedy.

I have verified a FRAUDULENT ELECTION in Big Water, Utah, -- and watched the courts in Santa Barbara, CA. verify , clarify, and ignore election


I have watched persons with Mexican License plates drive to three

voting booths, when Huffington won the Congressional seat of Santa Barbara, and vote three times. I called the police, who refused to do anything or even take a report. I sent the County clerk a letter, with NO result.

Voter FRAUD is a massive problem, because so many hearts are corrupt.

How can we change so many corrupt citizens and NON-citizens?

B. J. Wagener

Libertarian Party, Santa Maria, CA.

End of Letter from B.J. Wagener


And we return to remark:

1. The above is one example why Absentee Ballots must be eliminated altogether. Some people are sick? Some people are traveling? Too bad. It's not worth rigged elections. People who are running late and get a flat tire don't get to vote, either. The right of every last person to vote in every election is trumped by the need for honest, verifiable elections.

2. The above also explains why we need a national Holiday on election day. That way everyone will be free to participate in the election to the max, as they wish. Just like every station has to do mandated media tests, every station would be forced to announce in the week before the election that any registered voter can go to their precinct at the close of the polls and place their name in a hat to be drawn out. The first 8 chosen from each precinct would count the ballots by outcry in front of other observers, two to a team of 50 ballots. (8 would be the usual number, but if there were 250 ballots then 10 people would be chosen, and so on.) The idea is that each team of two counts 50 ballots. Then each person involved in the counting gets $100 for about two hours work. Expensive? Much less expensive than paying millions and millions of dollars to mysterious, nameless, faceless computer programmers from multi-national corporations. And what if it was more expensive? So what? Honest elections are just as important as national defense. National defense protects against foreign enemies; honest elections protect against domestic enemies (like the ones now running our government after 25 years of computerized elections). And since high school seniors who register to vote could be eligible to participate - what a PRICELESS lesson to pass on the honest democratic process which SHOULD be preserving our Republic.

3. The above Nevada incident also indicates why elections must take place only on one day over about 12 hours - no more. That way ALL (easily read) paper ballots can be put in one box, which can be watched by all parties present all day. Then at closing time, the people show up and are chosen by drawing out of a hat. Then the ballots are counted 'by outcry' by the citizens chosen (note that the drawing from a hat will prevent the party hacks from counting the votes. In fact, in should be illegal for government employees at any level to be involved in counting the vote). Then the results will be posted for all to see. And THEN, and only THEN, will the ballots be sent downtown. Citizens groups and candidates would coalesce to have someone present at ALL precincts in the county so that the results at every county could be phoned into a central location and POSTED ON THE INTERNET FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. This would absolutely prevent the Board of Elections in each county from warping or overturning the true vote of the people. It would be impossible to fix an election from the Board of Elections. The EXACT opposite is the prevailing 'rule' today.

In the days ahead we will revisit the horrifying Elian situation, where we see a clear message being sent that the New World Order Communist Dictators are in control of the Federal Government, needing only gun control to complete their circle of power.

I will also be posting a few of the vitally important older messages as "re-runs" for the many new readers we have aboard - we are just 5 shy of 700 Network America e-wire readers as this message goes out. You've come to the right place. This people of this list are going to change America. It's 1776 all over again. But this time -- you are there. 


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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