"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin


 May 22, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire



Do you think the Ruling Elite, The Insiders, the New World Order Occupation Government Wirepullers - or whatever you wish to call them - are in the least bit afraid of anything going on in this Presidential Election year so far? The answer is NO. They are not, because no one is challenging the evil Big TV networks and their totally coordinated news, and no one is challenging their computerized votefraud scam. BUT - there is now a chance to do all this - and no one on this list can say they didn't know about it - and it's intimately connected to our Aug 25-27 Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention (see votefraud.org for details). We must bring together, despite all the inconveniences, the brave and the bold and start to move towards victory in the honest election arena. THIS is the ONLY issue that the New World Order Elite fears in this election campaign. If Election day 2000 passes with almost all Americans feeling the election was "kinda" legitimate while we were still using computers, then the New World Order is on track. IF tens of millions of Americans are realizing that "Election Night is Probably Just Another Computer Game" - we're under an Occupation Government installed by Computer votefraud --- then this same arrogant, Luciferian crowd will be on the run.

Please forward this Network America e-wire to everyone, especially to opinion molders and business men, and to every discussion group and news group you know. Could someone post it on Free Republic?

Here is the message that Chuck Geshlider, who's taken the lead to organize a nationwide Steering Committee to restore our future - read that again: RESTORE OUR FUTURE -- through honest elections, just posted the following message to the new fairvote at egroups.com ACTIVIST discussion list. (email addresses must be listed with an "at" instead of an "@" or the topica list system hides part of the address). Anyone can subscribe to this list by emailing fairvote-subscribe at egroups.com

Here was Chuck Geshlider's important and urgent message.

A while ago I told Jim that I would only get involved in his organization if there was a means of gathering a few select individuals together to form an Executive committee to assist Jim in administration and provide a means to let him escape from the problem of having to micro-manage everything. A large, successful functioning organization can not be reliant on one man to do everything.

In addition, I said we need about 10 "Functional Committee" heads to preside over such things as Public Relations, Media Contact, Outreach, Advertising, Publicity, Membership, Fundraising, etc.

Is there anyone on this list yet who would like to partake in this formation? We will serve as de facto leadership until the Convention in Aug., where "members" in good standing (a standard to be determined by these committees) can have a chance to re-elect us or toss us for more effective blood. Jim is the final arbiter on who will serve on this initial "board".

The first requirement will be to meet in St. Louis in early June. I am not accepting any other alternative to in-person meetings .... not ever party-line phone meetings. Especially this first meeting, I want to look each one of you square in the eyes and see if you have what it takes to face the enemy we will be attacking ... at their central nerve system.

Jim posted my position on "armchair Patriots" on the NA list. It says it all.

Please contact me at gspchuck@pahrump.net or 775-751-2266 or pager:

775-727-1097 x2255

I think I have come up with some key strategies to beat the tar out of the media in lightly populated counties; something which is presently in the works and will be printed next week. It provides opportunity for profit while unearthing tax and spend charlatans, with a serious means of remove and replace. Of course, this can not be accomplished without clean elections. This media idea will provide a forum to discuss our issue, and highlight candidates who can become Election Supervisors in their areas (some are voted in).

Of course, this provides a serious Catch 22 of sorts. If the present Election System is corrupt, and is counting the ballots for his/her own job ... gulp.

This is a serious Conflict of Interest which must be strategized against and discussed in St. Louis. If we have any intent of solving Fixed Elections without 3000+ Athens incidents occurring, we must get a hold on this problem, and implement a solution.

Chuck Geshlider

End of post at fairvote at egroups.com

And we return to remark: The Athens incident, referred to the above, is the subject of an archived Network America e-wire, March 31, 2000, entitled, "Battle of Athens, Fight for America." This important message is also posted at lewisnews.com --- or will be within 24 hours.

As we say at votefraud.org - we are working on the last peaceful strategy to restore freedom under God in the American Republic.

Everyone into the battle!


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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