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Holy Toledo! Peru's Election in Disarray

May 26, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Holy Toledo! Peru's Election in Disarray

The title of this e-wire is the title of an article reproduced below. This article was sent in by a good friend in Pennsylvania who noticed it in the local paper. The challenging candidate in Peru is named Toledo, as has been reportedly widely throughout the world. Toledo dropped out because he saw that the fix was in --- a fix being administered by the incumbent government.

Here's the short article --- watch for the "bombshell" in the last line of the article - and then a little more comment. The "second round" referred to in the article, from which Toledo dropped out, is the runoff part of the election, the first round having narrowed the field of candidates to two.


The article is from the:

Delaware County Daily Times pg 17, 5-23-2000


Title: Holy Toledo! Peru's Election in Disarray

Dateline: Lima, Peru

Alejandro Toledo officially withdrew yesterday from the Presidential runoff scheduled for May 28th, accusing incumbent President Albert Fujimori of rigging votes.

Carlos Bringas of the National Election Board said the move gave Fujimori an automatic re-election victory. The full five member board, however, did not announce its position.

Legal expert Francisco Chirinos Soto said, "The Fujimori dominated board would be violating the Constitution if it declared him president without a second round.

Toledo filed a former letter of withdrawal with the board yesterday, announcing that he would not participate unless the runoff was set for a later date.

Thursday he announced he was boycotting the runoff.

The runoff was already in doubt. Earlier yesterday, international monitors said they found grave flaws in the vote counting software and were suspending cooperation with Peruvian election officials.

End of Article

And we return to remark: Did you notice that last line? The "international monitors said they found grave flaws in the vote counting software" - WOW!

That's a first as far as I know. That's the first time that anybody anywhere has been allowed to examine any vote counting software. Every judge and every court in the United States have PREVENTED any qualified person from examining the software. And in this case the "international monitors" have found FLAWS in the vote counting software. This is exactly why there must be citizen checks and balances at the precinct level, before the ballots leave the precincts.

Let's draw to a close with those wise and penetrating words from the Colliers' first chapter in the Votescam book, the first five chapters of which are available at www.votescam.com:

"The computers that spoke in November 1988 held in their inner ..workings small boxes that contained secret codes that only the sellers of the computers could read. The programs, or "source codes," were regarded as "trade secrets," The sellers of the vote-counting software zealously guarded their programs from the public, from election officials, from everyone - on the dubious grounds that competitors could steal their ideas if the source codes were open to inspection.

"You may ask: What 'ideas' does it require to count something as simple as ballots?

"Can the "ideas" be much more complex than, let's say, a supermarket computerized cash register or an automatic bank teller machine?

"The computer voting machines do not have to do anything complicated at all; they simply must be able to register votes for the correct candidate or party or proposal, tabulate them, count them up, and deliver arithmetically correct additions. People with no formal training, even children, used to do it all the time.

"So why can't the public know what those secret source codes instruct the computers to do? It only makes common sense that every gear, every mechanism, every nook and cranny of every part of the voting process ought to be in the sunlight, wide open to public view.

"How else can the public be reasonably assured that they are participating in an unrigged election where their vote actually means something?

"Yet one of the most mysterious, low-profile, covert, shadowy, questionable mechanisms of American democracy is the American vote count.

"There is so profound a public despair about keeping the vote system honest that a man with immaculate academic credentials can sound the alarm on Dan Rather's CBS Evening News . . . and still get only three calls about it.

Dr. Howard Strauss, a Princeton computer science professor and a member of a tiny nationwide group of worried citizens who call themselves 'Election Watch,' says:

'The presidential election of 1992, without too much difficulty and with little chance of the felons getting caught, could be stolen by computers for one candidate or another. . . . . . There are so many computers that use the same software now that a presidential election can be tampered with - in fact, may already be tampered with. Because of the trade secrecy, nobody can be the wiser.'

"Computers in voting machines are effectively immune from checking and rechecking. If they are fixed, you cannot know it, and you cannot be at all sure of an honest tally."

End of quote from Votescam: The Stealing of America by James & Kenneth Collier.

Votes are counted in 3075+ separate counties --- or apparently so. The defense against the possibility that elections could be rigged on a national basis - used by the Federal Election Commission in its official press release on the subject - is that there are all these county vote counting systems.

BUT - since the courts have barred everyone - even the Federal Election Commission people themselves who issued the press release - from examining the software in any of these computers, it is entirely possible that most of the country's ballots are counted on the same software, programmed by the same people, but sold under different names and under the auspices of different companies.

The whole situation is so absurd, that anyone who examines it for a few minutes should breathe a sigh of relief to think of going back to the hand counting of paper ballots in each local precinct - by citizens from the competing factions in that precinct, under public scrutiny.

The public never demanded computerized vote counting --- the NEWS MEDIA did. What if those who ultimately own the Big Newsmedia also own the relatively few big mega-software companies that provide the software to the local counties??? We, at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count and at Network America - believe that this is essentially the case. . . . You don't believe it? Try to get your county back to citizen-counted paper ballots at the precinct --- and watch them scream. And by "them" I mean the Democratic politicos, the Republican politicos, AND the Establishment newsmedia, both local and national.

The above article about Peru demonstrates once and for all that citizens EVERYWHERE need to be concerned with what is in their county's vote counting computer software.

Do you see why we need you, or someone from your region of the country, to join us in Cincinnati in late August, 2000 for the CFVC Convention?


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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