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URGENT! Elian - Phony Opposition II ??  

May 31, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


URGENT! Elian - Phony Opposition II ??

First, a Convention update: The great states of Nevada and Kansas have been added to Arizona, Idaho, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio - as states that will be represented at our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention in late August, 2000 (see votefraud.org for details). Please register today if you can. We still need about 43 more early registrants as soon as possible. More speakers to be announced soon.

On to the Elian update:

Thanks to a Newmax.com e-mail alert, I found out that the court in Miami is going to rule on Elian on Thursday, June 1, 2000. The ruling will already have been issued by time many of you see this.

For those following the insult to the religious calendar of Christians in this case, as in the terrorist kidnapping of Elian on Holy Saturday, the day before Easter, -- the court is issuing its ruling on Ascension Thursday. Let's see what happens.

Here's what was in the Newsmax.com release on this story:

"Despite the court's ruling, legal experts say that even if the Miami family 'wins' with a court ruling concluding the boy has the right to an asylum hearing, nothing will prevent the boy's father from having Elian sign a document indicating he has waived his desire for an asylum hearing.

"Experts were also baffled that lawyers representing the Miami family never filed a motion with the appeals court seeking to have the April 22 INS raid declared illegal, nor did they seek to have the court give them access to their client, Elian."

Readers who have been with us a while know the man who suddenly emerged as lead attorney for Elian, Kendall Coffey, was exposed by Jack Thompson of Miami, Florida on Newsmax.com as a long time Democratic Party/Clinton/Reno supporter AND fundraiser. We carried the story about Coffey as "False Opposition - Real Time - In the Elian Case!" in the Network America e-wire of May 2, 2000. It is available in the Network America section of the topica.com archives (see end of this email for how to access those archives).

But HOW did the Miami family and Cuban American community get steered into taking this Reno crony as their head lawyer? This is "false opposition II" in the Elian case.

It turns out that a certain Spencer Eig rushed forward at the beginning of the Elian affair to offer legal services to the Miami family. He also is credited with organizing the legal team.

Eig is an orthodox Jew who has often been seen on TV wearing his yarmulka. He was at the side of Marisleysius Gonzales and her family as they left the circuit court hearing in Miami a few weeks ago.

I had wondered early on why this fellow was speaking for the Miami family (he later receded into the background) instead of Cuban-American lawyers.

Well, now it turns out that Eig himself was working for Reno on the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services) as recently as ONE YEAR AGO! INS is the agency which has been plotting against Elian since the day Castro demanded Elian back. The 151 New World Order agents who kidnapped Elian in the early morning terrorist raid were purportedly doing so under INS authority.

Here, in Eig, is another Reno operative who wormed his way into a position to throw the case to insure a Castro/Clinton/Reno victory against poor little Elian.

NO DOUBT it was based on this "helpful" lawyer's "good advice" that the treacherous Clinton/Reno operative Kendall Coffey was put in charge of the Gonzalez' family's case and Elian's fate before the federal appeals court.

I can hear it now, recent Government agent Eig, who had been so 'helpful' in coming forth to organize the legal team, quietly confiding in Lazaro how "good" it would be to have fellow recent government agent, Coffey, take over the lead in the case because of his "influence" and "good standing" with Reno, Clinton et al. Yuk, puke, wretch. I saw this type of treachery first hand in the 1980's when observing double-dealing lawyers and local leaders in Cincinnati who were more interested in securing their own future than making any dents against the establishment program.

Regarding Attorney Eig, let's hear from a false opposition "conservative" newspaper -- "The American Spectator.". The "American Spectator" has accidentally dropped several bombshells in its recent article on the Elian affair - which article busied itself with basically upholding the "legality" of the Reno/Clinton/Castro terrorist kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez. Of course, there was plenty of Clinton-bashing amidst the whitewash - because that's all the false opposition outlets are allowed to do.

Here's a part of "The American Spectator" article, apparently now on their website and appearing in their June, 2000 issue:

"For weeks before the April 22 raid, there was an ongoing debate inside the

Gonzalez legal team. Would the INS take drastic action? Or would it exercise restraint and allow the legal process to take its course? Spencer Eig, the Miami attorney who organized the legal group, tried to reassure his fellow lawyers. "I said, 'I don't think there's going to be a nighttime raid,' " Eig recalls. "Some of our Cuban colleagues said they thought there would be. I attributed that to their experiences with the Castro government and thought they were overly paranoid. I thought the U.S. government was not going to raid an innocent family."

"Eig's opinion carried particular weight because he had been, until just last year, an experienced trial attorney for . . . the INS. After stints as an adviser at Justice Department headquarters in Washington and as an assistant U.S. attorney in New Orleans, in 1994 Eig moved to Miami, where he spent the next five years trying immigration cases. He knew the agency did not normally use the kind of SWAT-team tactics that some on the legal team feared. "They ordinarily reserve these kinds of active measures for bringing in aggravated felons," Eig reasoned." End of excerpt


And then from another section of the American Spectator article:

"The Gonzalez family had requested that action be deferred because both they and I were observing solemn holidays," says Eig. An observant Jew, Eig left Miami on Wednesday, April 19 to spend Passover with his wife's family in St. Paul, Minnesota. He then entered a period of intensive religious celebration in a household that did not have a television. He spoke to no one on the phone. When the Sabbath arrived at sundown on Friday, he still had not communicated with anyone and heard of the early-Saturday raid only when someone mentioned it to him later in the afternoon. Still, he could not make any calls until nightfall, when the Sabbath ended. One of the main members of the Gonzalez team was completely out of the loop at the most critical moment in the entire standoff."

End of excerpts from The American Spectator

I would amend that last sentence to say, "One of the main members of the Clinton/Reno team was completely IN the loop, -- but effectively isolated from the Miami Family whom he had so successfully betrayed in the Elian affair -- at the most critical moment of the entire standoff."

Good job, Eig! Of course, anyone who feels that it was unlikely Reno/Clinton would use the type of force they did is either a total imbecile, or one of them. I say Eig was really "false opposition I" with Spencer Coffey being "false opposition II."

If Eig is not a plant from the beginning, how could he go along with Coffey's decision not to raise the issue of the illegality of the Reno raid? Just think of the Elian terrorist kidnapping as the Castro / Clinton /Reno / Craig / Coffey / Eig raid.

By now almost all of you know that Clinton has supervised the attempted indoctrination of poor Elian on American soil. The Miami Cuban American community was outraged when Castro's News Agencies carried pictures of Elian attending class in the "young pioneer's" Communist uniform recently. Traitor, Murderer (i.e. as in the raid on the aspirin factory in Africa during the Monica affair), and Kidnapper Clinton has allowed Castro's Cuban Communist officials unlimited access to Elian, while barring all anti-Communists and even the Miami Gonzalez family who nursed Elian back to health.

What could be clearer than that our federal government is TOTALLY in the hands of anti-Christian Communist / New World Order operatives?

The numerous reasons why these operatives are traitors and guilty of treason are too numerous to enumerate here, but the attempt to overthrow and circumvent the second amendment would be plenty good all by itself. Giving nuclear missile guidance (with the result that missiles are now pointed at the continental United States) to the Chinese Communists would suffice all by itself.

That's the reason why this e-wire service is so important. We have, and will continue, to provide the rationale of why an arrest of Clinton, Reno, Schumer et al -- as well as the heads of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and FOX -- on the charge of treason - would be totally morally justified, if there is any faction in the United States - in or out of government, that is able to pull off such a salutary action.

Then it would be totally justified for the arresting faction to announce that VERIFIABLE elections will be held this November, 2000, at which time we will restore a government that is legitimately elected beyond question.

The fact that at least the last 3 Presidential Elections, and the last 7 Congressional elections, have been conducted with means that arecompletely unverifiable -- confronts us with an inability to know whether the Clinton administration is occupying the US Executive branch legitimately, or whether the Clinton Crowd and the New World Order forces behind it are simply USURPERS. The same goes for those in Congress, who have gone along with the same unverifiable election process.

This talk may rattle some, but I am simply stating the obvious, however unpleasant it may be to entertain.

Also, honest policemen in each county might begin to consider action to enforce verifiable elections in their own county this November.

Now, with these startling comments, let me state the following. It has been pointed out to me that the New World Order crowd has funded "conservative" and "militia" groups with the very purpose being to identify and determine which citizens would be willing to pick up arms against the current government, and at what point. Undoubtedly this is the case. So, in making the above comments, I caution that what I am advocating is not an overthrow of the government, but that loyal Americans consider any and all moral means to stop the TRAITORS from continuing to steal this country via the stealing of our money system (via the Federal Reserve), the stealing of Big Media through control of that money, and the stealing of America through computerized vote fraud.

Naturally, any who would consider undertaking such an action must be aware of the consequences if such an attempt to restore Justice should fail. I do not have any idea whether any such actions are being contemplated by those in a position to do so, or what are the logistical possibilities of success would be.

However, it is clear, once one grasps the fact that we have unverifiable elections being enforced at all levels of government, that if such an action took place from a faction of good will within our country, that it would deserve the support of all Americans of good will.

Elian represents YOU and YOUR FAMILY, if you get in the way of this New World Order occupation government. And more and more of us are going to be getting in the way. We can't simply sit back and let the Clintons, Renos, and those behind them pick all the fields of battle. If we do, we will find that we are surrounded, unarmed, by 151 government agents, toting semi-automatic machine guns - just as Elian, Donato, and Marisleysius found.

Newsmax tells us that leaked reports say that the Miami appeals court was going to notify the Police Department 24 hours in advance of the ruling so they could prepare for demonstrations and rioting.

Doesn't sound good. Let's pray for deliverance for Elian, and see what happens.

While I'm seething in this political-commentator mindset, tomorrow we will carry an e-wire entitled: "R. Perot. R for Rat." Don't miss it.

And the day after that, or very soon, we will carry another "most incredible" news clipping sent to us by a good friend in Oregon. The clipping is from May 23, 2000 - a mere week ago. This article reveals an important mechanism by which those running the Board of Elections in our counties steal elections right under our noses. This article really lays it on the line! It will immediately become part of our "best of" collection on lewisnews.com in the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count section - More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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