"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Where in the world is Elian Gonzalez?

 June 1, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Where in the world is Elian Gonzalez?

In this Network America e-wire you will get a clue as to where he is.

Sorry, the much awaited "R. Perot. R for Rat" e-wire will have to wait until tomorrow. My blood is boiling over today's Federal Court decision, the continuing railroad to turn Elian back to Castro, his murder cellars, and his psychiatric drugs. Today's e-wire is a kind of round up and update on the Elian affair. After a few of my comments, we will lean heavily on reports on Newsmax.com - followed in some cases by my comments.

Item: NO VIDEO FOOTAGE STILL. Please note that Thug Greg Craig and Clinton/Reno have STILL not provided the nation with any video footage of Elian since the kidnapping on Easter weekend. Of course, the Communist/New World Order Big Media keep running video footage of Elian in Miami with Marisleysius. And they keep running those dreadfully contrived, and I say, doctored pictures of Elian and the Dad in alleged bliss (see below). Of course, Our Communist News Media NEVER but NEVER does anything but take those government pictures at face value - just like any other Communist press would in conspiratorial cooperation with their Communist Government.

Item: MEDIA REACTION. Media reaction to today's court ruling - jubilation!! The reports on the News Spots (as opposed to talk shows) on the Big Media by the official on-screen actor-anchors was one of barely restrained jubilation. It was disgusting to see our Communist/New World Order Media use the "father's rights" distortion to celebrate the June 1, 2000 Federal Court's decision paving the way for Elian to be returned to Castro, psychiatric drugs. Castro's own daughter has stated on national TV that she fears Elian will simply disappear (see below) at some point, and after than may be murdered. Understand, in Russia, Poland, etc., the New World Order/Communist crowd --- now running the Federal Government, the Big Media, and effectively in control of Congress - had deceived the U.S. people into imposing communistic terrorism on those poor peoples simultaneously with their takeover of the nation's media. In the United States, there is no superior external nation to use against us, so the anti-Christian Conspiracy must proceed cautiously in an attempt to disarm the population and then bring in foreign troops from Red China and elsewhere to enslave the population. So we now have a Communist Press first, and a Communist Federal Government --- without having terroristic Communism yet imposed on the population. But the early kidnapping raid by Clinton/Reno against Elian was a momentary drop of the mask. As one reader wrote me, "Communism is always maintained by FORCE and FEAR. Both were evident in the Elian kidnapping."

Item: FEDERAL JUDGES. Unlike all the other commentators I've seen, I am outraged at this Communist/New World Order Federal Court decision today. I say these federal judges need to be 1) given a fair trial; and 2) hang 'em high. … Are there ANY federal judges who don't deserve to be tried and brought to justice in this our day? I'd like to know of some, if there are any. Oh, and the current "bone" in this Federal decision that is being ballyhooed by the Elian faction is that the court said to keep Elian in US until the legal process is exhausted --- bunk!!!!!!!!! They are doing this to give the FALSE impression that some kind of deliberate due process is going on here. In fact, this is a prearranged deal. We still need to pray for a miracle that the forces of evil will be thwarted in this case.

Item: THUG CRAIG. The Despicable Thug Greg Craig, attorney for Clinton and Castro. There is no lower human life form on the face of the earth than this evil man and spoiled brat, Thug Greg Craig. If there was ever a man that needed to be brought to justice, he is it. On the O'Reilly Factor (FOX cable) it was estimated that Thug Craig has made between $600,000 and $1,000,000 so far on the suffering of little Elian. Cal Thomas further projected that Thug Craig will be given lucrative rewards by the New World Order when Cuba is opened up again, which is slated shortly. Remember, since 1989 the Permanent Revolution's financial monopoly is replacing the Permanent Revolution's Communism everywhere, as quickly as possible. (See "Motive, Opportunity, Votefraud" and "What is the Hayfield Research" on lewisnews.com in the Citizens for a Fair Count Vote section.)

Here's an update on the Elian affair, relying on the updates on Newsmax.com:

From former Congressman John Leboutillier, on WHY were Elian and his family moved off the Wye plantation???:

"When it comes to the case of little Elian Gonzalez, nothing is normal.

"Last week the family moved from the Wye River Plantation to Washington, D.C. No one has satisfactorily explained why - or Wye - the move.

In the days immediately preceding the move I received e-mails detailing an "argument" not reported in the mainstream national news media. (I am so surprised!)

"I then asked various people to keep me and NewsMax in the loop. Here, then, is a short chronology of the strange events surrounding the Elian move to Washington, followed by my short analysis of the real reason for the move. (The following is exactly as I received it - caps and all):

"1) Received several days before the move:


"2) Received simultaneously as the move was announced:

"You have been sent this message from WIZZ219@AOL.COM as a courtesy of the Washington Post (http://www.washingtonpost.com).


To view the entire article, go to http://washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A58093-2000May23.html

Next Stop for Elian: D.C.

"Elian Gonzalez, his father and a Cuban entourage of about a dozen relatives and friends are expected to leave the bucolic Eastern Shore of Maryland and move into the heart of the District, possibly by the end of this week.

"The 6-year-old shipwreck survivor and subject of a highly publicized court battle over whether he should live in Miami with distant relatives or return to Cuba with his father, Juan Miguel, is moving to the Rosedale estate in the Cleveland Park section of Northwest Washington.

"At its request, the entourage is expected to move to the estate owned by Youth For Understanding International Exchange in spite of preferences by the State Department and the U.S. Marshals Service that it remain on the more isolated Eastern Shore.

" 'If they decide they're going, the marshals are going with them,' " one government official said.

From another report by Leboutillier:

"Lost in the debate over the fate of little Elian Gonzalez has been the real nature of the Castro regime.

"Apologists for Castro, such as the National Council of Churches and the Methodist Church and lawyer Greg Craig (how much money has he made so far off the suffering of this boy and the Gonzalez family?) have carefully sidestepped what the future holds for Elian should he be forced against his will to go back to Cuba.

"Yes, we know that a 'special compound' has been prepared for him and his family and schoolmates. But what will go on inside that compound?

And what will happen to all members of Elian's family back in Cardenas? What are those family members going through right this minute?

"Conspicuously absent, of course, in the mainstream media has been any skeptical or cynical reporting on the vicious and brutal nature of Castro's rule.

"Cuba's system of state security was originally modeled on the East German security services, the dreaded Stasi. Fidel Castro, no fool he, from the outset of his regime placed his own brother, Raoul, in charge of the Cuban State Security Services. Their goal: prevent and wipe out any dissent before a challenge to their rule rose to prominence.

"The Castro brothers followed the standard Stasi handbook for controlling a population. All sorts of horrific techniques were - and still are - employed. Spying, torture, death squads and drug/psychological manipulation have all been standard fare.

"Even Fidel's own daughter, who years ago defected and now lives in Madrid, is still afraid to speak freely. Her own mother - Fidel's onetime lover (he didn't bother to marry the mothers of his children) - is still in Cuba. His daughter predicts that if Elian and his father do go back to Havana, after a year or two of prominence they will "disappear." Why? Because Fidel and his regime cannot afford for father or son to ever escape Havana's clutches, Castro will have to make that potential problem go away.

"Castro's apologists here repeatedly claim that there are no more 'executions' in Cuba. I always ask these 'useful idiots' one simple question: 'How could any of us possibly know what goes on inside a closed-border police state?'

"How do they know what is happening in the basement of some brutal torture-ridden prison? Or maybe it is true that there are no executions today because over the past 41 years the Castro boys have 'pruned out' every dissenter. In other words, they have already killed everyone who would dare even think badly of the regime!

"The naivete of America's left would be laughable if it were not also so dangerous." End of Leboutillier comments.

And we return to remark: All excellent EXCEPT this last line. The American left are not naïve. I have seen and read enough of them now to know in my heart that they are vicious, dedicated anti-Christian, anti-American revolutionaries who are in a mortal combat against the American people, even though the American people aren't yet aware that such a death struggle is going on.

More from another Leboutillier (pronounced "la boot lee ay") report"

"When a nation can't recognize right from wrong then it has lost its special place among the community of nations.

"Grabbing Elian at government gunpoint is plain wrong!

"And sending him to Castro is even more wrong!

"What of the mother? Can you imagine her thoughts as she looks down from Heaven and sees evil triumphing?

'All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'

"Too many good men and women are so anesthetized by the economy that they can no longer empathize with the suffering of others. Americans today are rolling along in the 'comfort zone.' "

"The day after Bill Clinton was first elected president I called a friend of mine out in Michigan. This guy, a Democrat, hated - and still hates - Clinton. He said to me, "Bill Clinton is the Antichrist."

"I laughed at first - but as the years have unfolded it is patently clear that a 'spell' has spread over our once-great country.

"That is not to say that we will not again lead the world by example. But, as of now, when cases such as the betrayal of Elian dominate the news and meet with public acceptance, it is hard not to be embarrassed."

End of Leboutillier reports

And we return to remark: And addendum should be made to "Bill Clinton is the anti-Christ." It is more helpful to understand the Clinton is the sinfully ambitious boy who has a touch of the "Tom Sawyer", who has allowed the forces of evil, the same forces that imposed Communism on Russia in 1917, to move into power everywhere in the USA in the last 8 years. Clinton is the blackmailable puppet who is the shell of a man these evil, anti-Christ forces have always craved so that they could grasp control of everything without opposition. They are able to do this because Clinton is their creation and their puppet, and totally devoid of character. Viewed from this angle, Richard Nixon looks like a colossus.

Newsmax on Judicial Watch and Elian:

Judicial Watch Files Emergency Motion to Keep Elian in U.S.


Thursday, June 1, 2000

WASHINGTON - Early this morning, on behalf of Donato Dalrymple, who helped pull Elian from the sea and saved his life, Judicial Watch filed an emergency motion to depose Elian and Juan Miguel Gonzalez and restrain them from leaving the country until this discovery is completed.

The motion is part of Dalrymple's lawsuit to protect our constitutional rights to be free of police state tactics such as those in the Miami raid of April 22, 2000.

Judicial Watch seeks this discovery since both son and father have information and are material witnesses to the events that led up to and occurred during the illegal Miami raid.

Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner are personal defendants in Dalrymple's lawsuit.

In the last few days, a spokesman for Juan Miguel Gonzalez has stated that Cuba would remove the father and son from the jurisdiction of the United States regardless of the expected ruling today by the 11th Circuit.

"This brazen disrespect for the American legal system cannot be permitted," stated Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman.

End of Article

On to the next article from Newsmax.com:

Feds Planned Miami Raid for Two Weeks


Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Federal officials planned the April 22 raid on Elian Gonzalez's Miami home some two weeks before it happened, according to former Miami police chief William O'Brien.

O'Brien's revelations were made last week in a speech before a group of police officers and civic leaders at a Crime Stoppers dinner in Daytona Beach, Fla.

O'Brien's remarks undermine claims made by Janet Reno and other federal officials that the decision to make the raid occurred only after negotiations had failed.

In his speech, O'Brien said he was informed of plans for the raid by the federal government.

The Orlando Sentinel recounted the former police chief's remarks last Friday that "O'Brien knew about the raid two weeks before it happened and was involved in the planning."

O'Brien claimed he was worried that if he had not been part of the planning, he feared a "friendly fire" situation could have arisen between Miami police officers and federal agents.

The paper detailed O'Brien's account: "The plan was set for April 22: a caravan, with the Miami assistant police chief riding along, would arrive at the relatives' home sometime between 4 and 5:30 a.m."

O'Brien's comments conflict with previous reports that stated he had only several hours' warning of the raid.

His comments also strongly suggest the Justice Department had planned to make their raid Easter weekend, whether negotiations were succeeding or not.

Reno, at a press conference on the day of the raid, insisted the Miami family had not been negotiating in good faith and "kept changing the goal posts." Her comments directly contradicted claims of several independent mediators who said negotiations were ongoing at the time of the raid.

O'Brien resigned on April 28 after it was revealed he had never informed Miami Mayor Joe Carollo of the Miami police department's involvement with the federal raid.

End of Article

We return to remark: Of course, the federal raid was totally planned - now we know two weeks in advance - and of course it was planned to insult all Christians by desecrating the Christian Easter weekend.

Next item from Newsmax.com:

A Miami radio station plans a national billboard campaign to educate America about the federal armed raid in which Elian Gonzalez was seized from his relatives' home.

"We want to reach the Anglo and African-American people so they understand the problem of Elian and what really happened,'' Jorge Rodriguez, owner of WWFE (670 AM), told The Miami Herald.

"We want to show them that there is an injustice being committed against the boy, first in the violent form they took him out of the home, and secondly in the way they intend to send him back to a totalitarian system where there are no parental rights.''

In June, the billboards will go up outside 22 major U.S. airports and in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The campaign is called "Wake Up America.'' The first billboards will show the infamous photo of a Border Patrol agent aiming a submachine gun toward Elian, accompanied by a quote from Thomas Jefferson: "The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time. The hand of force may destroy but cannot disjoin them.''

Small donations from radio listeners have surpassed $7,000 a day and already approach $60,000. The billboards cost $228,00 a month to rent.

"I didn't expect it to take off so well,'' disc jockey Carlos D'Mant told The Herald.

End of this report on Newsmax.com - - on to the next report:

Significant reports have surfaced indicating young Elian may be drugged by his Cuban controllers on the Wye Plantation.

The latest bit of evidence in this regard was aired by the Fox News Channel on Wednesday evening on its O'Reilly Factor. Castro himself was conducting a live "Roundtable" discussion on Cuban television when one of the doctors on the panel stood up to discuss what drugs Elian might be medicated with and what their effects would be. Castro ordered the doctor to sit down and "shut up," reported Bill O'Reilly.

Already NewsMax.com reported that a Cuban doctor was snagged by U.S. Customs carrying powerful tranquilizers intended for the little boy.

As used in many Eastern European police states of old, drugs are a frequent means to brainwash and coerce dissidents in communist strongholds such as Castro's Cuba.

Elian is a political dissident.

A Miami lawyer familiar with the case and expert in these matters was astounded that Coffey and his merry band of attorneys have not asked the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to order immediate drug testing of the boy.

The lawyer says this would not be an unusual step, especially since the court specifically ordered that government doctors would have to periodically report back to the court on the status, including the health, of the boy.

The fact that Team Coffey is not doing this is very disturbing but not surprising in light of the failure of these lawyers to raise the fact that the federal government conducted an illegal raid that has resulted in the boy's being held hostage and unable to meet with his own lawyers during the litigation.

By filing motions to ask the raid be declared illegal - or finding out if Elian has been drugged - Coffey would surely embarrass his onetime mentor Janet Reno. This is something he won't do.

Still, it is vitally important to determine if the boy has been drugged. Even if the boy is granted an asylum hearing by the 11th Circuit, he is highly likely to withdraw his application for asylum immediately, particularly if he's a tranquilized mini-zombie.

End of Newsmax.com article

End of this e-wire. My blood still boils, on to R. Perot!


Jim Condit Jr.
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