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Elian's Nightmare Team - Thumped by Thompson

 June 2, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Elian's Nightmare Team - Thumped by Thompson

Sorry to delay the very important e-wire "R.Perot. R for Rat" for another day - but I'm inundated in Graduations this week - as many of you probably are. My oldest boy graduates from high school, and my second oldest daughter graduates from grade school.

That R. Perot email has got to exactly right, and that's why the delay. It is meant to be a missile aimed directly at the Russ Verney crowd in Texas. It is going to be an attempt to make it impossible for them to do what they are planning to do to the Buchanan Brigades at the Long Beach, California convention through premature exposure of their likely tactics.

It is hoped that this email will be spread "like wildfire" throughout the Reform Party ranks, and alert the Reform Party members of good will, who are being propagandized against Pat, of what is likely behind this ABSOLUTELY ABSURD idea being floated from Perot and Verney headquarters that the Reform Party endorse NOBODY for President.

In other words, that clonish pair of serial illegal dope smokers, Bush and Gore, are SO GOOD, offer such a GOOD CHOICE to the American people, that the Reform Party can afford to - SHOULD - sit this one out - according to R. Perot and R. Verney. More on this tomorrow.

Also, I've received one email which may represent a larger group on the list, asking me to "get off the Elian thing." Sorry, no can do. For this reason:

Those who have installed riggable computerized elections have done so with a very specific agenda. The Elian saga is one of those incidents which forced the Luciferian forces - the very ones behind the New World Order Occupation Government and computerized votefraud -- to drop their mask for a moment. For one thing, the Fourth Amendment stands NULLIFIED for everyone - including your family.

The heroic Gonazlez family of Miami, and the Cuban Americans in Miami - are the ONLY group to face off this vicious New World Order crowd -- for months -- SUCCESSFULLY. They REFUSED to obey illegal order after illegal order from that prozacked front-puppet, Janet Reno, with the anti-Christian, Fed-Gov mouthpiece Big Media dealing non-stop, subtle, 24 hour a day propaganda against the Cuban Americans Community to "give up" - propaganda that continues to this minute --- as the Ruling Elite pulls out all the stops to make their operation to return Elian to Castro appear to be "legal" and in accordance with the "rule of law."

So effective has the propaganda been that some of the Cuban American leaders seem to be convinced that the Cuban American Community in Miami stands on one side, and the rest of America on the other. That is not true. Millions of us saw, and millions of us understood. We stand with you, and against the greatest enemy America has ever faced, the Big TV News Departments at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX, and the New World Order Occupation Government behind those; that Occupation Government now lusting to get all guns out of the hands of the American people to complete the occupation.

Don't worry, we at Network America will continue to reproduce that New World Order face WITHOUT THE MASK as long as it is instructive to do so.

Why take advantage of a situation when the real, ugly, Luciferian face of the Ruling Elite is exposed? Because things are far enough along that, with help of the internet, -- tens of thousands can be alerted to the nature of the enemy, and how to fight it. With tens of thousands directed at the jugular of the beast, instead of being led around in meaningless circles by organizations which have lost their compass, or which have been false opposition from the beginning - who knows what can happen? And how fast?

Here's today's offering from the excellent crusader for truth, Jack Thompson, Miami attorney. Again, it's from Newsmax.com which continues to lead the coverage on the Elian affair. And at the end we will return with a few comments:

From Newsmax.com:


Elian's Nightmare Team

Jack Thompson

Friday, June 2, 2000

The tragic ruling yesterday by the 11th Circuit Court underscores what every lawyer knows: Good trial lawyers make a lot of money because they know how to win.

And, as Jimmy Connors, the tennis great, once said: "I don't like winning as much as I simply hate losing."

Elian's lawyers just sustained their third loss in court, and apparently they've grown to like it.

O.J. Simpson had a "Dream Team" comprised of skilled lawyers who had one object in mind - winning.

Elian's compilation of third-rate lawyers, many of whom have little trial experience and none of whom have any background in fighting the government, must forever be known as his "Nightmare Team."

But they'll sleep well knowing they went through the motions at least. It's the boy who has a life of nightmares ahead of him.

These were lawyers more interested in process than results. This is why Kendall Coffey, the head of the Nightmare Team, chose after the ruling to go on, of all shows, "Rivera Live" to praise the three 11th Circuit judges "for their wonderfully thoughtful, well-reasoned opinion."

At a press conference yesterday Coffey spoke as if he had won the case because the judges, while rejecting Elian's asylum claim, had some criticism of the INS.

Earth to Kendall: The judges rejected your client's claim. Do you get it?

Kendall should have taken the three judges to task for the INS' claim that Juan Miguel, Elian's father, "is not under duress."

That is a finding of fact for which there is a great deal of rebutting evidence. Where do you introduce such evidence? At an asylum hearing, that's where.

Here is a court that never heard from Coffey, or anyone else, before the boy was taken by an illegal raid - unconstitutional on its face.

Here is a court that ruled there can be no hearing, not even a hearing on whether or not to have an asylum hearing, until the plaintiff in the case - the boy himself - gets to meet with his counsel.

Even Alan Dershowitz said that, by seizing the boy, the federal government had deprived Elian of his own lawyer. And Dershowitz noted that Coffey should not be Elian's attorney. Indeed, Elian needed a counsel with some moxy and some skill.

Here is a court that found there was a loophole in Congress' asylum laws, since they do not address the issue of whether a minor boy can apply for asylum over a surviving father's objection.

If Coffey were honest, he wouldn't have even argued this case, as he has NO real experience in immigration law. The case should have been argued by the likes of Roger Pilon, a lawyer interviewed twice by me for NewsMax.com, who was Ronald Reagan's head of the asylum division at Justice and who actually wrote the regulations closing the aforementioned alleged loophole, delineating in detail how a child as young as 6 years old could and should apply for asylum over a parent's wishes.

But the court never heard this, because Elian had a decaffeinated lawyer by the name of Coffey who didn't want to rock the Democratic boat that seized the boy. Coffey has big plans for himself that involve the good wishes of Miami's Democratic Party. Remember, his lucrative law practice depends on his political connections. Coffey knows that long after he disposes of Elian he wants to continue making big bucks at his law firm. This is why incompetence, welded to self-interest, spelled doom for the boy.

Coffey's excuse for not raising the illegality of the raid to the 11th Circuit was that it "could always be raised later in proceedings before the trial court in Miami."

Really? When are those proceedings going to occur?

The 11th Circuit didn't order them, because they were not asked by the Nightmare Team to do so.

Too bad for this country and this boy that Kendall Coffey didn't represent O.J. and Johnny Cochrane didn't represent Elian. If that switch had happened, one murderer would be behind bars and another wouldn't be on the verge of getting his propaganda trophy, the significance of which will not be lost on the butchers of Tiananmen Square.

Elian, you need a new lawyer, as NewsMax.com told you the first week of April.

Only God can get him to your side at what is nearly the stroke of midnight.

Jack Thompson is a Miami attorney.

End of Newsmax.com article


And we return to remark: Do not forget that Spencer Eig, the oh-so-helpful helpful lawyer who dresses prominently and always in the garb of an orthodox Jew --- rushed out of nowhere to "help" the Miami Gonzalez family in the earliest stages. HE is the one who brought in this Democratic snake Coffey. HE is the man who, like Coffey, was working for Janet Reno only a year or so ago. HE is the man who has NOT raised any objection to the fact that Coffey has not raised the unconstitutional nature of that 5 AM terrorist kidnapping raid. This is the face of false opposition. . . . and note Coffey saying that he will raise the unconstitutionality of the Reno/Clinton raid at another trial. This is also the face of false opposition. Raise it here. Raise it there. Raise it anywhere but where you can do so, here and now.


(Finally, -- and I hesitate to mention this, but while I don't seek to bring in extraneous issues, I cannot send out information about a subject that I know to be questionable. Above Jack Thompson mentions that "one murderer" - namely OJ Simpson --- would be in jail if he had Coffey instead of Johnny Cochrane as a lawyer. That may or may not be true. But, while it's not of pressing urgency now, recall that the Big Media used the OJ trial to distract the nation for almost a full year while history books worth of treason were being committed by many tentacles of the Clinton Administration. I can't go into it now in any depth, but seasoned investigators on the west coast had told this writer from day one that the Nicole Simpson murder was a frame-up, done by drugland operatives, but perpetrated because of an attempt-in-progress by Farrakan forces, enlisting help from O.J. Simpson and Bill Cosby -- to get more say for Blacks in Hollywood. This was told to me months before Bill Cosby's son was wantonly murdered on a lonely Hollywood street at 2 AM or so. Please recall that at the Cosby murder scene appeared a Hollywood mystery woman in a fur coat who later "failed" to identify Cosby's killer in a line up. And recall that the Big Media, who had gone after every minute detail in the OJ trial, UNIFORMLY showed no interest whatsoever in this woman's name or what she was doing there. The investigators told me her name, which did appear in some few articles in Los Angeles, and she was the ex-wife of four Hollywood executives. I bring this up now, because I do not believe it is a forgone conclusion that OJ killed his ex-wife Nicole, and I didn't want to send out something that played into what MAY be another Big Media Lie - without making these cautionary remarks. For those interested in this subject, there is a book called "Killing Time : The First Full Investigation into the Unsolved Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman" by Donald Freed and Raymond P. Briggs - which book shows beyond a shadow of a doubt from indisputable time markings, such as police radio calls recorded at LAPD headquarters, that the time line agreed to by both prosecution and defense could NOT possibly have been the real time line. Also, Skeptic Magazine, published on the west coast, carried several articles by retired LAPD investigator, Gareth Wean, on this subject, as well as the mystery lady at the Cosby kid murder scene. It was Wean who put in Johnny Cochrane's hands what his sources within the LAPD said really happened, and who in the "Hollywood Mafia" was behind it. According to Wean, Cochrane didn't dare go after the real power-that-be, but thanks to Wean and his sources inside LAPD, Cochrane knew enough to focus on the "OJ blood samples found at the crime scene that already had preservatives in them" - a facet of the case that was mentioned openly in Sunday newspapers across the USA on the day before the verdict, including the Cincinnati Enquirer. Here is a part of one of the reviews of the book on Amazon.com which indicates why I could not carry the "OJ as murderer" line above without qualification: "The testimony of the two witnesses who cannot lie say that OJ Simpson is not guilty.

Blood and flesh were found under Nicole Brown's fingernails; the blood type did not match OJ (or Nicole or Ron). Ron Goldman walked to work, worked out, and practiced karate; his hands showed bruises from punching someone in the face or head more than once. OJ had no scratches or bruises on his hands, arms, face, or body: he could not have been a lone murderer.

The newspapers said that when the bodies were found after 12:15 AM their red blood was trickling down the sidewalk. The crime scene pictures printed in the National Enquirer showed the red blood. This says they were freshly killed, around 11:30, because their blood would be black and clotted if dead for over an hour [as in the Borden Murders]. The above physical evidence proves OJ Simpson to be innocent of these murders. Some say the 25 to 30 stab wounds on Ron Goldman suggest an emotional frenzy from a personal enemy, and Nicole Brown was the innocent bystander. The book "Killing Time" is the first and only objective book (arguments for both sides) to discuss all the evidence. I hope that those who want to know the facts will read this, and reconsider any prejudgments that they made in June 1994.)

End of book review from a reader posted on Amazon.com about the book Killing Time.

All of which goes to prove that you never know what you're going to read in Network America e-wires. More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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