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 Short Message: Access to Source Codes

June 3, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Short Message: Access to Source Codes

Dear Friends, as I mentioned, this weekend is a "graduation" weekend in our house, so time and demands force me to put off the "R. Perot. R for Rat" e-wire till the June 5 edition. Today's and tomorrow's e-wire will be short, but hopefully will fill in a piece of the picture in each case:

Today we simply quote a paragraph from the very important Relevance Magazine edition (Nov. 96) on the votefraud controversy. The paragraph is under the heading "Access to the Source Codes." Here it is:

"What most people do not realize is that no one other than these obscure voting-machine vendors can examine the 'source-codes' or computer-programming instructions that tell the computer exactly how to count your votes; not the voters, not the poll workers, not the city clerk, not the county election supervisor, not even the state elections director or any federal election officials are allowed to view the source-code. As impossible as it must seem, Relevance has verified this in dozens of interviews with state, local and federal election officials and state and federal computer voting consultants nationwide and even the vendors themselves. All admit it and none appeared the slightest bit concerned about it."

End of quote from Relevance Magazine (Nov 96) issue, entitled "Pandora's Black Box: Did it Really Count Your Vote?" - this is a copyrighted item, written by Dr. Philip O'Halloran. It is available for $10 (postage included) on the networkamerica.org website or at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. This Relevance Magazine article is "must reading" on this issue, and is the best short piece (as opposed to book) ever done so far on the "Votefraud vs. Honest Elections" issue.

The implications of the above are that we really don't know if most of the nation's votes are now counted by the EXACT SAME PIECE OF SOFTWARE, programmed by the same small group of people, but sold by different distributors under different names to county election boards all over the USA. This may or may not be the case, but we really DON'T KNOW, and neither do the election officials themselves. And that, my friends, is all that anyone should need to know to grasp the absolute urgency of coming aboard our 'Citizens for a Fair Vote Count' Crusade -- against unverifiable vote counting methods, and for Honest Elections.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count 

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