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 Nader, Buchanan, Phillips and FOX NEWS SUNDAY

 June 4, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Nader, Buchanan, Phillips and FOX NEWS SUNDAY

Brit Hume interviewed Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan, back to back, on Fox News Sunday today.

Interestingly enough, Buchanan mentioned Howard Phillips twice on his fifteen minute segment of the program. In the one case, Pat mentioned that he, Nader, the sea turtles, the Teamsters, and Howard Phillips - were all in alliance for American Sovereignty and against incursions against that sovereignty by such international bodies at the WTO (World Trade Organization).

In the second instance, when under questioning about whether Alan Keyes might be Buchanan's Vice-Presidential choice, Pat mentioned that it was his understanding that Keyes was not going to leave the GOP unless Bush picked an overtly pro-abortion running mate, something which Buchanan didn't believe that Bush was going to do. But, Buchanan continued, Keyes has stated that if he did leave the GOP he would be likely to go with "Howard Phillips' party."

In response to another question, Buchanan stated that in the "green room" he and Nader had discussed strategies on how to break through the Big Newsmedia minimal treatment of third party candidacies.

Pat said that his strategy to turn it into a "three way race" was to get the Reform nomination, get that $13 million in matching funds which would go to him directly (not to the Reform Party), get into the debates, and then "open fire" after all major party conventions are over by September 1, -- at which point he hopes the Big Media will be forced to cover his candidacy. (Right now only MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX news network are giving any kind of coverage to Nader and Buchanan, -- Phillips getting nothing still even though he's on the ballot in at least 31 states.)

Buchanan made it clear that he does not take all the "horse race" polls seriously now, as every time he's run the Big Networks have said he wasn't "catching on" in the early phases of the campaign.

We would again implore all campaigns, especially the Buchanan campaign, to question the scientific basis of public opinion polls, and, of course, to demand VERIFIABLE ballot counting and an end to computer "counted" elections. For, the sequel to the eventual Big Media recognition that Buchanan was catching on in 1992 and 1996 --- was collapsing results at the polls at the key moments, despite gigantic crowds in comparison with his opponents. NOTE WELL: Buchanan and all establishment-challenging candidates at the local, state, and national levels are set up to experience this scenario once again in 2000 - as long as we have riggable computerized elections counted in total secrecy, away from the "prying eyes" of us, the general public.

In the Nader segment of the program (which came first on the show), Nader detailed all the segments of the American public which are NOT benefiting, and which are very consciously feeling left out of the much touted economic boom being enjoyed by Wall Street Money lenders.

Nader claimed he is proving this is the case, week in and week out, by the reaction he is getting before liberal, middle-of-the-road, and conservative audiences. Brit Hume then blurted, somewhat in exasperation (paraphrase): "But, Mr. Nader, if this is the case, why don't they seem to want to throw the bums out?"

Nader fell back on a feeling of political powerlessness felt by millions of voters. Yes, yes, yes. But where does that powerlessness come from? Could it be that people don't understand why, even when there is great dissatisfaction and an alternative candidate available, -- the election result still translates into re-election of the same old incumbents?

There is one reader of this Network America e-wire service who has distinguished himself in passing key messages to key leaders. Would someone please e-wire today's e-wire to Brit Hume at Fox News Sunday, and tell him to GET IN THE GAME. He, like anyone else, can go to lewisnews.com and read our most important 30 or so e-wires from the last three months. Maybe Brit Hume, perhaps the most independent of the on air anchors employed by the Big TV Networks, will do some real reporting on this issue and stand up like a man among pygmies. For what sense does it make to constantly report on every piece of minutia and alleged change of fortune regarding the two major party candidates, -- and never show any concern about how the vote of the people is counted on election day?

We continue to "cry in the wilderness" that all Presidential candidates MUST demand verifiable hand counts of paper ballots in the upcoming November election. They must demand it for themselves, their supporters, and all of the American people.

I believe Howard Phillips would do it if he had the media exposure, as he has already proven in the past. I know Pat Buchanan has addressed the issue properly when it has been served up to him by questioners, and one of our old e-wires on lewisnews.com or at topica.com (see below) deals with this. I don't know what Ralph Nader or Harry Browne might do regarding this issue, as there is no track record I am aware of. If anyone can get some of our messages to these two men, it would be greatly appreciated. Invitations have been sent out to all of these men to be at the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention in late August, or at least to call in. We await their response. Howard Phillips has already agreed to come.

In a future e-wire (soon) we will analyze -- coldly and analytically -- where the best hope for a fire-breathing breakthrough onto the national scene might come - in this 2000 Election season -- regarding the "votefraud vs. Honest Elections" issue.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count 

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