"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

R. Perot. R for Rat

 June 5, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


R. Perot. R for Rat

I'm not in a position where I need to play up to any faction in the Reform Party.

This message is "straight whiskey" or "brain surgery without anesthesia" for the good Buchanan Brigades and other Reform Party members of good will -- about the treacherous and/or nitwit factions within the Perot forces who are disrupting the Reform Party by breaking its rules and/or spreading slanders, irresponsible falsehoods, or deliberate lies about Pat Buchanan and the Buchanan Brigades.

This is going to be a strong e-wire in more ways than one, so some of you may want to take a figurative swig of "straight whiskey" before going on. I'm not kidding - I promise some of you will be changed by the time you get done reading this e-wire in a way that you don't expect at this moment - if you can make it to the end.

And I don't care if I lose every attendee at our upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention with what I'm about to say, so strongly do I feel about it.



I'm hoping that this e-wire gets around to all the factions in the Reform Party, including Verney -- and Perot himself. Why? Because I hope, through publishing this information NOW, it will begin to put a spotlight on Verney and Perot that will make it impossible for them to do what I believe that they are about to try to do, which is to begin a series of manipulations and dirty tricks which will, if they succeed, deny Buchanan the Reform Party Nomination, the $13 million in matching funds that come with it, and a place in the 2000 Presidential Debates.



If such treachery succeeds, it is hoped that it will deny the American people any sufficiently VISIBLE real choice for President this November, and, -- MOST IMPORTANTLY --, prevent a visible leadership between now and November which will galvanize millions of Americans into a PERMANENT GROUND FORCE across the 50 states, and the 3075 counties of this nation - which will then -- AFTER THE 2000 Election - be in a position to overthrow the Money Lenders (around the Fed) and their New World Order Occupation Government, already in control of the Federal Government, the Federal Elections Commission, the Federal Judiciary, and the Big TV Networks, with decisive influence in what still passes for the US Congress. This PERMANENT GROUND FORCE on the political field of battle is what the Ruling Elite fears most of all.



If I am properly informed, Federal guidelines have just dictated that over a million dollars were released to the Perot faction to put on the Reform Party convention.

What am I suggesting? I'm suggesting that the absurd "mail-in" and "internet" vote, -- which should be stricken from the Reform Party rules at this upcoming convention, and the counting of which will be completely under the control of Ross Perot's faction this time around, at least as I understand the process at this moment, -- will be manipulated against Buchanan, maybe resulting in the absurd conclusion that such alleged Reform Party long distance "voters" will purportedly direct the Reform Party Convention to endorse "nobody." (In that case, the Buchanan forces would have to get 2/3 of the delegates at the Long Beach convention to override the absurd "mail-in" and "internet" vote.)



Furthermore, at the 2000 Reform Convention the Buchanan forces should be ready for the Perot faction to explode several time bombs designed to disorientate and defeat the Buchanan Brigades on the spot. More on this, and what the Buchanan Brigades must be prepared to do in such an event at the convention itself, at the end of this email.




The "Stop Buchanan" frenzy is to keep Buchanan from getting the Reform Nomination and the $13 million dollars in federal matching funds. (I know that the Constitution Party and Howard Phillips have taken a principled stand against matching funds. I agree with that stand. But the manipulation of money is so thorough by the FED and the Ruling Elite on all fronts, that I don't believe it is immoral to accept such funds, for reasons to long to go into here. In other words, I give Buchanan room here to work within the "rules of engagement" we find as we enter the arena.)

The Ruling Elite, and apparently Perot and Verney, want to keep Buchanan from getting these funds because those funds will all but force the Ruling Elite to let Buchanan into the Presidential debates against their boys, those two policy clones, those two intellectual lightweights, those two serial illegal drug users, those two "damn-glad-to-be-here, tell-me-what-to-do-next" Ruling Elite prostitutes, -- I'm talking about Dubya Bush, and Algore. (And on top of all that, Al Gore is a clear serial liar, given to attributing to himself things he has not done -- as in inventing the internet, and to claiming for himself roles he has not played - as in the hero of the book and movie "Love Story.")

And what's so bad about Buchanan getting into the 2000 Presidential debates? Well, that would expose for all the world to see what the Money Lenders have almost reduced our country to - to a couple of hundred million passive television watchers and onlookers who must accept the likes of Bush and Gore as "our" major party candidates. And it would be the catalyst, with a few other things in place, for that galvanizing of nationwide ground troops on the political battlefield to save our country's independence and defeat the New World Order forces. (Speaking of ground troops, I don't think you're going to be finding Clinton sending American ground troops into any UN-first or Israel-first foreign wars while Pat Buchanan is actively seeking the Presidency. But, if they succeed in getting Gore or Bush in office, then LOOK OUT in the twelve months after one of those clones take office.

Why are they so afraid? THEY know, what our side does not yet fully grasp: that they operate mostly on bluff and deception with their PHONY PUBLIC OPINION POLLS, PHONY EXIT POLLS, and COMPUTER-GENERATED ELECTIONS (see lewisnews.com in the Citizen for a Fair Vote Count section for our best e-wires on these subjects).

The Ruling Elite knows and fears that a few well placed "flaming arrows" from our side can start such a fire of truth in their camp of lies, that their modern day Tower of Babel will come crashing down in the consuming conflagration which would be its appropriate end.



It has long been my belief that R. Perot, despite his sincere efforts on certain issues such as POWs and anti-NAFTA, was sent into the political arena for one purpose: to derail the anti-Ruling Elite fever that was given focus by the Buchanan challenge to sitting President George Bush in 1992. Buchanan himself does not seem to fully grasp that he is the first candidate since Senator Robert Taft of Ohio (1952) who is really and deeply feared by the New World Order's Ruling Elite, i.e. the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Federal Reserve Board, etc., and the even more occult powers behind these. And if the truth be known, the Ruling Elite fears Buchanan more now than it feared Taft then.

(The reason they did not fear Reagan is detailed in our April 9, 2000 e-wire, "What is the Hayfield Research?", available on lewisnews.com in the Citizen for a Fair Vote Count section. For details of the dirty tricks played on Taft at the 1952 GOP Convention by the Eisenhower forces, see Phyllis Schlafly's book "A Choice not an Echo.")

Here is an excerpt from our February 17, 2000 e-wire:

"For reasons I don't think I've adequately enumerated, Perot's PUBLIC record makes him more than suspect as a Ruling Elite toady and stalking horse with one purpose: to diffuse and divert any real third Party movement from taking hold.

"Let me recall this one date sequence:

a) December 1991 to February 1992, Buchanan leaves CNN's Crossfire and challenges President Bush, demonstrating to the Ruling Elite that they have a problem;

b) Buchanan does extremely well on February 18th, 1992 against Bush, starting out at 49% to 49%, and then suspiciously dropping all night while Bush remains constant, culminating in 10,000 ballots -- as announced by Larry King on Larry King Live on Feb. 19th, -- being found on Wednesday morning in New Hampshire. These suddenly "found ballots" drop Buchanan to 37%. (We have the videotape!); [Note added here, not in the original e-wire: So unusual and suspicious was the progression of the 1992 N.H. GOP primary vote, that Time magazine ran an attempted explanation in its March 2, 1992 edition, page 22 bottom, in a sidebar box entitled, The Morning After.]

c) Feb 19th, the day after the primary, Buchanan appears on Larry King to talk about his good showing in New Hampshire (it was on this show, at the beginning, that King announced to Buchanan the 'found' 10,000 ballots);

d) February 20th, 1992, -- the very next night -- Ross Perot appears on Larry King Live and "spontaneously" announces that he will run for President if "the people" demand it. ………

"I don't believe it. I believe Ross was in the wings to misdirect a third

Party movement [and STOP BUCHANAN, just as Forbes and Trump were sent or enticed into the ring after him for the same purpose.] I don't believe Perot has any intention of letting Buchanan inherit his crown in the Reform Party."

(end of quote from our February 17, 2000 Network America e-wire)


It should be said here that Perot's third party blind at that time served to divert many, many of the sincere people that were destined to have joined Pat Buchanan against President George Bush and his announced New World Order. Buchanan's New Hampshire showing was giving millions hope that a real citizens' movement could succeed. As shown above, it was at that moment that Perot emerged to divide such anti-establishment, pro-American energy.

By the way, after February 20, 1992, when Perot emerged as a Presidential candidate on Larry King Live, Perot received virtual saturation coverage from the ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN news departments. Contrast this with the near black-out that Buchanan has experienced from the news on these stations so far in 2000, Sunday morning shows excepted.

When you consider that the ABC, CBS, and NBC Evening News Shows reach 29 million homes nightly according to Nielson ratings, then it's clear that the 1 to 2 million homes that Buchanan reaches when he appears on FOX or MSNBC, where the political and info junkies gather, amounts to a virtual censorship of his candidacy from the great body of Americans by the Big TV Networks as a whole. (Again, Perot got no such short shrift in 1992 or 1996 from these same networks.)

Now, after Perot got everybody excited in 1992 with his third party run - lavishly funded by himself (it takes about $2 million to get on the ballot in all 50 states - nobody does it by volunteers) - and after he was shown in some national polls to be ahead of both then-Governor Clinton and President Bush - Perot took a dive, as they say in the Boxing game, and in the process clued alert observers to what he was all about. Do you remember?

I was in a used clothing store - one of those thrift stores - at about 11:30 AM EST the day Perot dropped out in 1992. There was a used TV running in the back of the store, and somebody yelled out, "Perot's dropping out."

I rushed to the back of the store to watch, and saw Perot give his reasons why he was dropping out.

First, he said he was dropping out because of some alleged preposterous scheme by the Republican National Committee to fake photos of his daughter in compromising positions - and ruin her wedding. (Now, two months or so later, when Perot jumped back in, what was to stop the RNC from embarrassing Perot's daughter's young marriage by producing those same fake photos? Perot never said, and nobody, as far as I know, every asked.)

Second, Perot said, on this day or shortly thereafter, that there was some deal about Ninja Black Panthers jumping the walls at one of his estates and . . . and . . . and . . . well, I've never been clear on what the deal was here, or why it was necessary for Perot to drop out because of it. When you add up excuses one and two, it starts to feel like a kid throwing up a flurry of excuses, as to why he wasn't able to do his homework, or why he wasn't going to keep his commitment. "The dog chewed up my homework, and then went to the bathroom on it, and I had to spend all night fixing my Mom's flat tire, because she broke down on the road, and my little sister left the water running in the bathtub which ended up flooding three floors - it took us 6 hours to clean it up, and my cousin from Sweden, who we had never met, unexpectedly dropped in a little after midnight . . .." -You get the idea, and that's how I view Perot's first two excuses. BUT THEN . . . but then . . .

But then Perot said something which should have caused every one of his supporters to drop their jaw in first amazement, and then feelings of acute betrayal. Perot said that he was dropping out because, "last night, Bill Clinton had revitalized the Democratic Party." (! ! !)

I believe that checking of the dates will confirm that Perot dropped out in 1992 on a Thursday, the morning AFTER Clinton/Gore were nominated. That night Clinton would give his acceptance speech to the Democratic Convention, the one in which Clinton caused John Birch Society members and Spotlight readers to fall off their living room chairs as he credited Georgetown Professor Quigley with being key to his rise to that moment. For a quarter of a century informed Americans had known that Quigley was a key "Insider" professor who had access to the Ruling Elite's private files, and many of their key personnel. See the book "Tragedy and Hope", by Quigley for further details, or for a quick overview, the book "The Naked Capitalist" by W. Cleon Skousen.

Now what kind of man could POSSIBLY see hope in Bill Clinton and that political cross-dressing (Buchanan's phrase) 1992 Democratic Convention? Well, the same kind of man that would endorse that ultra-leftist, homosexual lobby friendly Ann Richards for Governor two years later. How could this man, Perot, believe that Clinton/Gore would bring the kind of Reform he was publicly promoting to the USA?

(By the way, the "balanced budget" hoax is a book keeping deception, while the "Clinton economic boom" phenomenon is due to the financial manipulations and easing up on the population by the background Money Lenders, represented in public by Alan Greenspan. Clinton has been the beneficiary of this because he was, give or take a few moments, a perfectly pliable puppet for those same Money Lenders. AND it is these same Money Lenders, and their Big Media, who are "pulling out all the stops" to Stop Buchanan and a revitalized Reform Party, 2000 version.)

And guess who's showing up "inexplicably" on the side of the 'Stop Buchanan' forces? Why, it's none other than Reform Party founder, Ross Perot, through his mouthpiece, the former Democratic operative from New England, Russ Verney.



No one in the United States scans the Establishment papers, such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, more thoroughly than publisher L.T. Patterson of Cincinnati, Ohio. In his magazine "Criminal Politics", in the issue following Perot's pull out in 1992, Patterson called attention to a small New York Times article from a weekend or so before Perot dropped out in 1992, in which it was revealed that Perot had made an unexplained trip into New York City that lasted one day. Patterson suggested that Perot had gone into New York City to meet with movers and shakers, such as Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, of the Ruling Elite -- at which time he was told to drop out for a while.

Now, I have no proof of what Perot was doing in New York City at that time, but the fact that no official explanation was given to the public is perhaps worth pausing to note. At the time I thought to myself that Perot certainly didn't go to New York City to see his dentist. And it does appear to me that Perot's rocketing to the head of the class in the Presidential competition shocked the wirepullers of the Ruling Elite. They now had TWO separate confirmations in 1992 (the Buchanan and Perot candidacies) that their tweedleDEM and tweedleGOP act had already worn thin with the American people.

One thing is for sure, it was NOT in the script for Perot to win in 1992; it WAS in the script for him to cause puppet Clinton's election after 12 years of Republican "rule." This was an old script, first played out by Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 in his Bull Moose run for the Presidency, which snatched victory from incumbent President Taft, and ensured the otherwise impossible election of egghead Woodrow Wilson. Under the 1912 version of Clinton, sans Lewinsky, the USA went into debt for the first time, saw the forcing through of the Federal Reserve Act (1913) and the beginning our nation's financial enslavement, still in progress, the forcing through of the deceptive Income Tax (1916), and the first time sending of American boys into a contrived foreign war in which we had no business whatsoever.

So, by dropping out for a few months amidst obviously absurd excuses, Perot managed to destroy his credibility enough -- so that it was no surprise that he, as the third party, lost in November 1992, -- but not enough to keep him from getting enough votes so that Clinton's computer-generated victory was "believable." (Bush was obviously brought to heel regarding the Ruling Elite script by election eve. While Clinton and Perot put on elaborate election eve TV programs, Bush, with over $10,000,000 in the bank, became the first major party candidate in the television age to FAIL to put on an election even program.)

Patterson also pointed out that he found the information about Perot's mysterious trip to New York City in one of those small, little obscure "page 37" New York Times articles which, Patterson maintains, are meant to be from the Ruling Elite to the Ruling Elite. (In fact, Patterson, who has uncovered many interesting and even astounding things over the past two decades by scouring the publications of the Ruling Elite for such "tucked away" articles, states that he would be "blind-sided" for material for his Criminal Politics publication if the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and a few other Establihsment publications would cease publication.)



And while it may be easy to dismiss Perot's mysterious trip to New York city as unrelated to his dropping out of the 1992 race for a while, another item found by L.T. Patterson a bit later is not so easy to dismiss. After the 2000 election, Patterson found articles, again calling attention to them in his "Criminal Politics" publication, detailing how the Federal Government had paid Perot Big Bucks to put their new Money Printing Presses on land in Texas which Perot had owned. Based on these articles, Patterson actually made a trip to visit this new government money printing plant. This turns out to be the printing plant which is producing the "new money" - that is, the money with Ben Franklin and others slightly off center. (Patterson has claimed for years that funny multi-colored money will come out of these plants as a transition currency from US Dollars to World dollars. We shall see.)

But, what's this? Perot, the founder of the Reform Party, supposedly the most feared man by the Ruling Elite behind the two major parties because of his spear heading of a "real" third party challenge - getting this multi-mega bucks sweet heart deals from the Ruling Elite's Clinton Administration shortly after the 1992 election???

Well, maybe not so strange. For if Perot's purpose was NOT to start a real anti-Ruling Elite third party, but to divert any energy for such a party into blind alleys, while in 1992 to make sure that Clinton got elected - for Perot did jump back in the 1992 race in time to garner 19 million votes that year thought to be mostly from the Republican base, -- then he succeeded wonderfully, and he DESERVED some consideration from the Clinton administration, wouldn't you say? (Review of the 1992 debates will show that Perot attacked then-President Bush throughout, with hardly a word of criticism for Clinton at any time.)



Before getting to the clues that this was exactly Perot's purpose, let us insert here that Perot's historical relationship with New York is MUCH more important than that mysterious trip to New York City in 1992 just before he dropped out for a while.

It was circa 1967 that Perot got his really big start in the computer field. It was at that time that Perot put in a failing bid for the business of New York State. BUT, mirabile dictu (Latin for "wonderful to tell"), then Governor Nelson Rockefeller reopened the bid for New York State's lucrative computer software contract, disregarding the winner and runner-up in the first round. And, this time, the winner was Ross Perot! He was on his way to becoming a billionaire! It was Howard Phillips, candidate for the Constitution Party and leader of the Conservative Caucus, who first told me this shortly after I met him in 1992: that Perot had gotten his start in the late mid to late sixties with the New York State contract.



While Perot has been quick with the glib generality ("I'm gonna go get the shovel and clean out the barn"), he has not provided his troops or his party with a compelling, coherent philosophy. One shocking indicator of this was when the state leaders of the Reform Party held a press conference to try and explain where the Party was headed shortly after Perot dropped out in 1992.

After some painfully vague introductory statements, one reporter asked, "What issues are going to be the basis of the Reform Party's going forward now that Perot has dropped out of the running?"

After a few moments of foot shuffling and quick glances back and forth (there were fifteen or twenty state leaders around the microphone), in a scene that was reminiscent of the old game show "What's My Line?" right before the "real" guest stood up, the California Lady state leader stepped up to the mike and said, "Well, that's one of the things that's under discussion."

It is exactly this type of confusion that Buchanan and the Brigades are putting an end to.

Over the last eight years, I have periodically heard of specifically named leaders in the Ohio valley area dropping out of the Reform Party when they realized that "the volunteers" Perot often referred to were meant to be seen and not heard.

Recall that Jesse "The Body - Not the Mind" Ventura complained openly many times about the fact that Perot and Verney had given him NO help in his bid to become Minnesota's Governor in 1998.

The truth of the matter is that by time Buchanan entered the foray for the 2000 Reform Party nomination, the State Party leaderships had dwindled to just a few dozen hangers on in most states. This is why the Buchanan Brigades have been able to overwhelm the "old Guard" in almost every state. It's a matter of sheer numbers.

It's these sheer numbers of the Buchanan Brigades that, I believe, account for the dropping out of Trump (more on him in a minute), the fleeing of Ventura, and the failure of Perot to enter the fray at all. How would it look if Ross could only draw 20% of the people that Buchanan was attracting to an average campaign stop?



There is a common denominator relating Perot, Forbes, and Trump when viewed in light of the "STOP Buchanan" phenomenon since 1992. Each one of these billionaires appeared suddenly on the scene at a moment when the Ruling Elite needed somebody to try and throw road blocks in front of the Buchanan Brigades.

The significance of the common denominator of "billionaire", is that each of these men could throw virtually unlimited amounts of money into the developing political situation at a moment's notice: Perot in '92 to divide the forces Buchanan was calling forth. Forbes in 1996 when it was clear that Dole wasn't going to believably survive a one-on-one with Buchanan in the GOP primaries -- Forbes emerged right before the 1996 Iowa Caucus with the effect of siphoning off about 25% of the anti-Dole vote, and even more in some later contests. Forbes then dropped out and IMMEDIATELY endorsed Dole as soon as the computers told us Buchanan was mathematically out of it. And Trump got into the Reform fray with the same "hurt Buchanan" timing, actually changing his party registration to Reform, amidst plenty of Big TV camera fanfare, at the exact HOUR that Buchanan was announcing his switch to the Reform Party. This allowed the TV networks to soil coverage of Buchanan's important speech that day with Trump's shallow charade. But something happened to thwart Trump's would-be spoiler role. Perhaps it was his fear of shaking hands. Perhaps it was his lack of knowledge about matters Presidential. Perhaps focus groups had shown that his typical campaign stop would be limited to greeting a few gambling addicts he himself had helped create, and a few would-be starlets. In any case, Trump's could have thrown in millions like Perot and Forbes, if other factors unknown hadn't knocked him out of contention.



And after Trump dropped out, don't forget Verney led a pack of establishment opinion molders, mostly reporters, in trying to entice McCain to go after the Reform nomination. The following is reproduced from Robert Novak's column in the Boston Globe of February 15, 2000 (For the full story go to our e-wire of Feb. 17, 2000 which is only available on topica.com in the Network America section, instructions at end of this message):


Here's the excerpt from the Novak column:


WASHINGTON - Early on the morning after John McCain's rout of George W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary, I received a telephone call from

Russell Verney in Dallas. It was the first unsolicited contact from the

former Reform Party national chairman in my four years of dealing with

him, and what he said could profoundly impact the 2000 election and the

American political landscape for years ahead.


Verney told me that McCain's campaign for the Republican presidential

nomination carried the banner of "reform" hoisted in 1992 by Perot. So

had Bill Bradley's quest for the Democratic nomination, Verney added.

But Bradley lost in New Hampshire, while McCain won in a landslide.


Verney, a former New Hampshire Democratic operative who is now Perot's

political lieutenant and spokesman, was doing more than claiming

vindication of his boss. He made clear in a second conversation that I

initiated a week later that he sees "a real chance": for McCain to be

the nominee of both the Republican and Reform parties. It is obvious

that Perot has soured on Buchanan as his successor in leading the party

that Verney calls Ross Perot's "gift to the American people."


End of quote from Novak column

But, Perot never soured on Buchanan as his successor, -- he was totally opposed to Pat from the beginning. When you consider . . ..



I'm not buying Perot's "I can't come to the phone, because I might prejudice the process" act. What BALONEY! Didn't Perot talk to former Gov. Richard Lamb in 1996 during the nomination process? Don't those in the actual or de facto leaderships of the Democratic and Republican parties talk to EVERY candidate seeking the nomination? Heck, Haley Barbour even talked to Buchanan during the 1996 primaries, (excepting after his New Hampshire primary victory where Barbour said he wasn't sure he could endorse Buchanan if Pat won the GOP nomination!)

Perot didn't talk to Buchanan because he knew that even one publicized conversation would signal to all the sincere "Old Guard" Reformers that Buchanan was "OK" - an impression Perot and Verney have been STUDIOUSLY trying to avoid!

And what is this GREAT REFORMER, Ross Perot, saying about attending the Reform Party Convention in this year of 2000 A.D.? Well, the word's been put out that (paraphrase) his travel schedule is so busy he doesn't know if he can make it! What? He can't ……… make it? Here's a man who's really committed to Reform the nation! What a spirit of sacrifice and commitment! Apparently, Perot sees such stellar and sincere leadership qualities in the pro-NAFTA, pro-GATT, pro-WTO Bush and/or Gore that he feels no need to lift a finger against them.

Come to think of it, this must be the case . . . because isn't Perot's national operation floating the idea that the party should endorse NOBODY against those great war-mongering REFORMERS, Bush and Gore?

The answer to the 11th hour "endorse nobody" riddle is that Perot's top priority is to deny Buchanan the funds, and prevent the Ruling Elite, to which I believe he is beholdened in one way or another, from being seriously challenged in this Presidential Election.



There is no greater circumstantial proof that Perot, Verney, and the Reform Old Guard allied with them -- are up to no good, than what has happened with regard to ballot access in Texas.

I am indebted to Reform Party activist Gary Grella and buchanan.org webmistriss Linda Muller for the understanding I have of the Texas Ballot Access situation this year.

One would think that Verney, Perot et al would AT LEAST be interested in getting the Reform Party on the ballot in Texas, the home state of Ross Perot and the Reform Party. But no.

In fact, there was the appearance of an effort to get on the ballot, designed to fail, which it eventually did. Having viewed all the evidence, I believe Verney and company were HOPING that the Buchanan campaign would trust them to get the Reform Party on the ballot in Texas, so that when the effort eventually failed, Buchanan would not have ballot access in Texas at all. Let the record show that Perot could have donated "soft money" to the Texas Party, to the tune of about $110,000, and ensured the Reform Party ballot access in Texas.

Unfortunately for Verney and company, the Buchanan Campaign caught on that something was amiss and collected the 128,000 signatures necessary to ensure that Buchanan would be on the Texas ballot as an independent.

And what was the reaction of Perot headquarters and their allies? Did they express appreciation for the energy, commitment, and vision shown by Bay Buchanan to accomplish this Herculean task of collecting 128,000 signatures at the expense of probably over $200,000? - especially in light of their own failure to collect 37,000 valid signatures to qualify the party itself in Texas?? Not at all. Recriminations started from various sources, with the silent support of Verney, that Buchanan was selfish. Buchanan worried more about himself than the Reform Party, blah, blah, insincere blah.

In fact, any Reform Party member of good will should be thanking the Buchanan campaign for saving the Party's credibility, for without Buchanan, the Reform Party wouldn't even be on the ballot in Texas this year at all.

But still, "old Guard" Reformers allied with Verney blamed Buchanan for not also getting the Party ballot access in Texas. (Never mind that Perot went the same route in 1996 for various reasons, but those criticizing Buchanan never mention this.)

On this matter, let's hear from Gary Grella of New York State in his June 2, 2000 email entitled "Texas Ballot" :

"BTW, Sandy, I see the miniscule Green Party and the infinitesimal Natural Law Party made it to the ballot in Texas. How can that possibly be explained without Buchanan's support? When I read that both of these two micro-mini parties each made it onto the Texas ballot, any credibility you had with me just evaporated."

Other emails in that exchange make it clear that Perot left the hapless Texas volunteers swinging without any financial support. WHAT A PHONY! Anyone involved with gathering signatures knows that you can't make it these days in light of the punishing 3rd party requirements set by the two major parties - without paying professional signature gatherers.

Since the Perot/Verney faction did not even get the Reform Party on the Texas ballot, nothing could be clearer to me than that they have no interest in building the party, but only interest now in trying to keep Buchanan from the nomination, if possible.


This may alienate more people than any other section of this e-wire, but I KNEW that Perot was not trustworthy from the simple fact that his wife was a member of the murderous Planned Parenthood organization, and Perot was "pro-choice - to kill" - kill defenseless unborn children, that is.

One thing that's irking me these days is to hear some of these whining "old Guard" Reformers attack Buchanan for retaining his lifelong anti-abortion views. Why weren't they attacking Perot last time for expressing Perot pro-abortion views? Oh, I forgot, in the weird, contradicatory, head-in-the-sand, and satanically minded world of the pro-abortion person, PUSHING for continued "legalized" abortion isn't talking about social issues, only opposing it is. (!)

The moral compass of the pro-abortion person is SO FAR OFF that you never know what they are going to do next. Strong? Read the following sent to the Brigade list by the intrepid Linda Muller -- if you dare make it through it:


Abortion Doctor Gives Graphic Testimony Describing Procedures

By Jo Mannies

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - May 25, 2000


Dr. Robert D. Crist, Planned Parenthood's chief abortion doctor,

says he has performed many abortions that appear to violate the

Missouri anti-abortion law that its supporters call a ban against



In testimony Wednesday in St. Louis Circuit Court, Crist said that it

is not uncommon for second-trimester fetuses to leave the womb

feet-first, intact and with their hearts still beating. He sometimes

crushes their skulls to get the fetuses out. Other times, he

dismembers them.


Such occurrences, he said, cause "fetal demise" and appear to fit

the banned "partial-birth" definition contained in the "Infants

Protection Act" that the Legislature approved last fall, overriding

Gov. Mel Carnahan's veto.


That law, now in limbo while it is contested in court, defines

infanticide as when the physician "causes the death of a living infant

. . . by an overt act performed when the infant is partially born or

born." A "living infant" includes a fetus of any age. The law declares

such acts a Class A felony, punishable by a prison sentence of 10

to 30 years or life.


Crist described in detail several abortions - including one he

performed two weeks ago - that technically are known as "intact

dilation and evacuation." But they bore striking similarities to "intact

dilation and extraction," the technical term for the procedure that the

law's supporters say they're trying to ban.


Under that procedure, which is not spelled out in the law, a fetus is

delivered feet-first and its skull crushed.

Crist performs abortions for Planned Parenthood at its St. Louis

clinic and also has worked at its clinics in Columbia, Mo., and in

Overland Park, Kan. He has performed abortions for more than 30

years. . . .

End of quote from article on abortion from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

As long as we're torturing language, as in "demise" of the fetus, here's what an old acquaintance of mine said after Paul Hill (now in Florida prison awaiting the death penalty) shot and killed abortionist "Dr." John Barnyard Britton as he was going in to "perform" 32 abortions one Saturday morning a few years ago: He said, "The "Doctor" was aborted, it just happened after the third trimester." But I digress.

How someone can contort their mind to feel like something other than a moral monster while supporting the "legalization" of such an abortion against a baby as the procedure described in the above St. Louis-Post Dispatch above, I have no idea.

But then, how does anyone then make the additional leap of objecting to when someone like Pat Buchanan opposes on moral, humanitarian, and economic grounds such barbarism, so reminiscent of when Ancient Spartans threw their sick babies over a cliff?

Did I say economic grounds? Yes, ECONOMIC GROUNDS. Whether any other generation in the history of the world would have done any better than mine did between 1959 and today, when the birth prevention pill (anti-baby pill), prurient television, and omnipresent pornography became available - I do not know. But the fact is that, for personal pleasure and to avoid responsibility, our generation has killed over 40 million unborn children. As one local Kentucky candidate recently stated on our local TV, "You've got to expect problems when you kill off such a large part of the population." The pro-abort anchors were still wincing when the cameras came back to them. They had been unexpectedly confronted with what they had been involved with supporting throughout their adult lives, and for a moment they had lost control of their facial expressions on camera.

You see, one world view says that man is basically god "do your own thing", that the woman has a right to kill "her" baby; and the other says that a man and a woman only co-create a baby, a child of God, and that each human soul has an eternal destiny. God has some rights, too. Even if aging hags like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem don't like it.

The economic problems facing America as my generation ages (I'm 47) are just beginning to be felt. See the book "The Cost of Abortion" by Dr. Lawrence Roberge for a comprehensive study of the economic problems that loom on the horizen for the baby boomers and their children who were allowed to be born.

The Reform Party can only be saved by a serious, moral candidate such as Pat Buchanan. If the above section offends some, everyone may as well know right now that the pro-life and pro-choice-to-kill factions in the Reform Party are going to have it out sooner or later. Better sooner. We are all sinners, and I hope my forceful statement of the case against the barbaric and satanic practice of abortion will not be construed as an attempt to say that I am better than anybody else. I would hope though, that, after reading the abortionist's above description of what he does, that some, after living under years of media illusion, will humbly ask God for forgiveness for any support or promotion of abortion they might have been involved in, for it is a sin which is among those that authoritative Christian catechisms say cries to Heaven for vengeance, -- and then join Pat Buchanan, Howard Phillips, Joe Sobran and the other national leaders who support the right to life of unborn children, and everyone else. (Murderers sometime forfeit their right to life by killing the innocent, according to St. Paul. If this were not the case, then the rights of murderers would supercede the rights of their victims.)

In any case, Perot is not such a moral leader. I've never trusted him for this and other reasons, and I don't trust him now.



This e-wire is not entitled "Perot the Conspirator." It's entitled "R. Perot. R for Rat."

I believe Perot has been sincere in his opposition to NAFTA, his concern for POWs, his hope for the future of the country which he has expressed many time, and his desire for a balanced budget.

It just seems the overwhelming body of evidence points to him as a man who has hooks in him - the hooks of the establishment, the hooks of the Ruling Elite. That's why he does what he does.

All I see now is a man who would rather see the destruction of his own party than see arguably the best VISIBLE candidate of this generation to get its nomination. I believe this e-wire gives a plausible explanation of this "unexplainable" phenomenon, and all the other explanations floating around leave a lot of the pieces out.



The purpose of this Network America e-wire was to warn the Buchanan Brigades and other Reformers of good will how serious I believe the situation is, and how much flak and opposition I expect them to receive at the convention if they are not ready for any surprises that might come their way.

In his song "I feel like a Bullet in the Gun of Robert Ford" - about breaking up with his fiancée -- Elton John sings "I threw the last punch too hard."

I acknowledge that I may have thrown this punch - aimed at Perot - too hard. After all, I can't read the man's mind and have no inside sources whatsoever regarding his current activities. All I can say is that if the Buchanan Brigades take the framework above and the advice to follow as their operative game plan, more or less, then they will have the best chance of succeeding on August 10-13, 2000 in Long Beach, California at the Reform Party convention.



Here's the question that the Buchanan Brigade men must answer: if some unforeseeable switcheroo happens on the convention floor, and if a Verney operative gets control of running the convention, and if he starts breaking every rule in the book to prevent Pat Buchanan from getting the 2/3rds delegate vote he may need to override the absurd email/mail-in vote, so easily manipulated - what are you going to do?

We faced the exact same situation in principle in 1988 when trying to overthrow the corrupt GOP leadership in Cincinnati, Ohio. We had proof positive, thrown up on the wall by an overhead projector -- which some delegate had providentially brought -- that we could have a certain ballot procedure that would have broken the hold of the GOP County Establishment over its employees who made up a large part of the convention. In the face of this, some twerp of a forked tongue lawyer brought by the local GOP Establishment got up and said they weren't going to give us our rights. The microphones of our key speakers were cut off.

There was screaming, shouting and protests, but ultimately a would-be old fascist by the name of Eugene Ruehlmann, the outgoing chairman, took the mike and proceeded to call the vote and declare the Establishment the winners WITHOUT even separating the room to verify what the vote count was.

Our people were not prepared to do what needed to be done. We needed at that point to take over the stage, the microphone, and effect a counting of vote by a separation of the room. Many of our delegates were ladies, and one said she felt more fear in that room than at the most volatile times when she was picketing in front of an abortion chamber. That's the way the establishment plays: dirty and rough.

Resolve now to bring plenty of video-cameras, maybe even hire a professional video and sound team or two. Make sure someone on the floor knows Robert's Rules. Make sure you have a few spokesmen and spokeswomen who are quick on their feet and willing to treat this convention for what it is --- a key battle ground for the future of America. If some of the Old Guard Perotistas start to act up, this will be no time to try to win them over with "warm fuzzies."

And if they violate the rights of the delegates, have a contingency plan to take over the stage, the mics, and at least guarantee a FAIR VOTE - on video camera -- for those present COMPLETE WITH PROPERLY SEATED DELEGATIONS WHO CAME OUT OF A FAIR AND OPEN PROCESS IN THEIR STATES. The delegates present will have traveled many tens of thousands of miles to be there. They will be expecting - and they will deserve -- something more than Americans get out of the typical Democratic or Republican parties when there is a contested convention.

Do NOT worry in the least about how the Big TV Media will ridicule any morally sound actions necessary for justice at the Reform convention. The Big Media is going to be criticizing any citizens' movement that opposes their bosses in the New World Order anyway.

Spread the word

Please spread today's and tomorrow's e-wire as widely as possible, especially to everyone in the Reform Party you can think of, and to both the establishment AND the independent media.

Tomorrow's Network America e-wire, entitled, "A 'Lone Nut' Assassin in 2000 Means Civil War" will deal with what I believe must be the attitude of all Americans worthy of the name if some "lone nut" assassin emerges, complete, of course, with a notebook explaining why he's a LONE nut, to take a shot at any Third Party candidate that is rallying the people against the New World Order Occupation government now inhabiting the offices of our executive branch in the USA.

I do NOT advocate settling our nation's great issues by force, if peaceful means are still open to us. But neither do I advocate we lay down and let our nation be enslaved just because the Ruling Elite has installed their agents everywhere by computer votefraud and illicit judicial appointments.

If the Ruling Elite is going to pull the "lone nut assassin" scam again - as they did in the JFK, RFK, MLK, and George Wallace assassinations, in order to stop leaders that are either getting out of line, or, in the most likely case this year - rallying the population to restore Constitutional safeguards -- what choices do we have?

It's not for nothing that they're frantically trying to get guns out of the hands of the people. And we can't let the Clinton/Reno's always pick the battleground, as they had the luxury to do at Waco, at Ruby Ridge, and in the Elian Gonzalez case. Each of these cases are acts of war against the population - even if initiated by a legitimate government.

And after 25 years of computer-generated elections, we are far from any guarantee that these aggressive actions were ordered and carried out by individuals who qualify in truth as either legitimately elected or legitimately appointed officials.

There are many intelligence apparatus-related scams out there that pose as "patriotic" or "conservative" or "right wing" operations with no other purpose in mind than to find out who might "take up arms against the government." I assure you that this is not one of them. No one else had any foreknowledge or is implicated in or responsible for the contents of today's and tomorrow's e-wire, other than this writer. Not any of my readers, not the Buchanan campaign, not anybody in the Reform Party.

I am advocating responsible actions every step of the way, and only a mad man would want to see this nation degenerate into any degree of civil war. But, if the Ruling Elite is going to deny the people an honest and verifiable vote count and/or take shots at our natural leaders who are able to become visible enough to rally the people - what choice are they leaving us?

As tyranny becomes ever more visible in the shadows, someone has to think the thoughts of victory and successful defense of the innocent and defense of the nation. Someone has to write them down. Someone has to put them into the public arena - hopefully responsibly.

We will be printing out today's e-wire, and tomorrow's e-wire onto hard copies, and sending them to individuals who we feel SURE will communicate these thoughts to the PROPER wirepullers in the Ruling Elite. We'll be mailing them with return receipt requested to such individuals as Sen. Charles Schumer, Ted Koppel, Alan Greenspan, the head of the CIA, and the head of the FBI, Louis Freeh. Somehow, I just feel sure that they'll be able to communicate the message to the proper people that this email is getting to tens of thousands, hopefully hundreds of thousand of people, that we, the people, will not be sitting still for a "lone nut" assassin against Pat Buchanan, or any other candidate who is effectively rallying the people to the defense of our nation, in this year of our Lord 2000 A.D.

Hopefully the patriot sections of the Military, national guard, and local police are watching. And thinking about these things.

All I would ask of those who agree with the sentiments expressed in this and tomorrow's e-wire, is that they help forward them to as many individuals, newsgroups, news organizations, and opinion molders, etc. as possible. I do not have the time or knowledge myself to do this as effectively as it needs to be. I must rely on you.

For the children (no kidding this time) --


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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