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Phillips on Maddox on Vote Fraud Issue

 June 6, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Phillips on Maddox on Vote Fraud Issue

Dear Friends, I'm still replenishing my brain adrenaline from the Ross Perot article to finish the "A 'Lone Nut' Assassin in 2000 Means Civil War" e-wire. Incidentally, that's not civil war between 100 million Americans vs. another 100 million Americans - Thank God! -- that's civil war between about 100,000 patriots and about 500 visible criminals such as Clinton, Schumer, Reno, Cohen, Berger, Koppel, Rivera, Greenspan, Gore, et al - who are the front men for the Ruling Elite and their Media. Incidentally, I'm speaking for myself, and not for anyone else in these e-wires. No one in consulted in advance or knows what I'm going to write each day. (Tomorrow's e-wire will make it more clear why I'm explicitly stating this.)

Today and tomorrow's e-wire are short and sweet. Here I'm just quoting from an email send out by Ricardo Davis, that indefatigable patriot from the Constitution Party in Georgia, -- about Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips' appearance on Marlin Maddox, with how to hear it:


Quoted from Ricardo Davis' email:


You might want to note that in Howard Phillips' interview with Marlin Maddox / Point of View Radio on June 6, 2000 he responded powerfully to the votefraud issue. Links to the program are on the Constitution Party - Georgia page:

http//www.wsff.com/cpga/ (If this doesn't work, go to the Georgia Constitution Party website)


End of quote from Ricardo Davis email

More Tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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