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Flash! FEC's Penelope Refuses Radio "Face-Off" with Condit

 June 8, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Flash! FEC's Penelope Refuses Radio "Face-Off" with Condit

Earlier tonight, on Thursday night between 7 PM and 8 PM EST, June 8, your writer appeared on The Dave vonKleist and Joyce Riley Radio program.

Joyce Riley is the intrepid medical expert and investigator who, despite heavy censorship and disinformation from the fedgov and the Big Media, has brought Gulf War Syndrome effectively and convincingly to the public mind, with the those occupying the fedgov propaganda posts now in full retreat.

Dave vonKleist is equally unstoppable in waging war for truth on this and other fronts. More on this dynamic duo can be found at gulfwarvets.com - also you can listen to them on the internet through the Genesis Communication Network (go to gcnlive.com for full into).

In the midst of a fast moving, hard hitting hour on "votescam vs. honest elections, Dave vonKleist" dropped this bombshell, very indicative of the overall situation faced by citizens:

Dave said that in preparing for our votescam show he had contacted Penelope Bonsall, the official spokesman for the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

It was Penelope who appeared on the famous and infamous 1988 Dan Rather/CBS Evening News 5 minute report on votescam. Readers may remember that this report, which was aired in the last 5 minutes of the CBS Evening News on the Monday night (election eve) before the Bush-Dukakis presidential election, is the ONLY report that has ever appeared on the Big TV Media on the votescam subject.

Penelope Bonsall appeared to state that there were so many election venues that it was nearly impossible that a Presidential Election could be fixed (notice the "nearly"). Someday soon we will get a full word-for-word transcript of that 1988 5-minute CBS report up on the internet.

If new readers want to review some information about Penelope Bonsall's public act, go to lewisnews.com, find the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Section on the left hand side of the Home page, and then choose the article "No Access to Source Codes for Election Officials!"

Here is summary/teaser for that article: "No one other than voting-machine vendors can examine the 'source-codes' or computer-programming instructions that tell the computer exactly how to count your votes on election day; not the voters, not the candidates, not the elections officials!..." This article first appeared as our June 3, 2000 e-wire, also in the archives at topica.com in the Network America section.

With that background, here's the flash: Dave vonKleist revealed on the radio show that he had talked to the Federal Election Commission's foremost and official spokesman, Penelope Bonsall in preparation for the show. She said she would be glad to come on the show. Next he asked her if she would come on against your writer (Jim Condit Jr., Director of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count) for some back and forth questioning and discussion. Penelope said that she should NOT appear on the program at the same time as this writer.

Quite frankly, this is quite the norm. Here is a person - Penelope -- who's ENTIRE job is to (purportedly) serve the American people with information on why the Federal Elections Commission is doing an honest job and running fair, verifiable elections. This is what she is PAID to do, remember. Yet she will not come on the air opposite me or anyone else who might ask her any probing questions.

One of the questions I would ask her, or anyone else in officialdom, is: Have YOU or any one else at the Federal Elections Commission (or any other official agency) ever looked at or analyzed any of the software that instructs our nations computers want to do on election day? The answer, of course, would be "No" - which then would nullify in advance any of her other comments, as well as make her look like she was comfortable with totalitarian vote counts - that is, votes counted in secret with Americans who want to get in to see what's happening faced with a sign reading, "DO NOT ENTER." (And if by chance she said that she had examined source code, then that would be important news, as well as lead to a whole other series of interesting questions.)

But, of course, Penelope and the whole Federal Elections Commission IS comfortable with this totalitarian type of an election, now the disgusting norm in the USA - in which votes are counted away from the "prying" eyes of the American people, powered by software which is equally off limits to citizens, media, and election officials.

As we have said before, this one facet of the election situation is all you need to know to realize how important it is to join your influence to our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count crusade.

And top-notch investigator and radio host Joyce Riley, who has stepped into the gap for all the gulf war Veterans afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome, picked up on that immediately, exclaiming at the end of the program that she'd like to be at the Citizens for a Fair Vote Convention in late August (details at votefraud.org). For -- the resolution of all these issues, as well as the defeat of the Ruling Elite of the New World Order and the restoration of true freedom under God in America, is dependent on the restoration of an honest and verifiable vote count.

And if people of the quality of Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist can rearrange their schedule to make the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention, then the question will be: What will be more interesting - the conferences, or the discussion that goes on between the conferences??!?

In fact, if we get word that Joyce Riley and Dave vonKeist can arrange their schedules to make it, we'll alert this e-wire list immediately. And with constitutional lawyer Larry Becraft, Internet Webmaster Linda Muller of Buchanan.org, and Dot Bibbee of internet fame, already coming, we're going to have to start a list of unofficial VIPs in the patriotic movement who will be there - for that alone might be worth the trip to this once in a lifetime event!

More tomorrow -- this time on Eballot, the company that is slated to count the mail in/internet "votes" in the upcoming Reform Party national primary which precedes their convention of August 10-13, 2000.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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