"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Coming Attractions

 June 10, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Coming Attractions

Things are speeding up in this election year. Here is a list of absolutely vital e-wires in the works which I'm trying to hurry out.

With great respect to so many vital truth seekers and truth defenders out there in other fields of investigation, for which and to which I am so grateful, -- and thanks be to God for keeping the information flowing to Network America from so many heroically dedicated citizen investigators - I don't know HOW people in the USA can understand what's about to transpire without being in touch with our Network America e-wire.

Here are the e-wires in the works which need to be out yesterday:



*** The goods on the Seattle based "E-ballot" company which has been apparently contracted by the National Reform Party to count the votes. At the Ohio state Reform Party meeting of June 11, 2000 it was state by the Ohio Chairman that he's heard the National Reform Party is paying $900,000 to the E-Ballot company for handling these internet and mail in votes for the Reform Party National Primary. Is that possible? (Heck, we at Network America would have done it for $850,000!) As soon as I have an hour to get on the phone with Brent Beleskey, Director of the International Voters Coalition based in Canada, we'll get the info on E-Ballot out to you. (Incidentally, sometimes when you see an insightful comment in these e-wires, I've gotten it from Brent on a phone conversation and just "stolen it" when it pops into my head while writing an email!

*** The Upcoming Meeting in Athens, Greece -- starting on June 21, 2000 - to be attended by every Ruling Elite operative you can think of who is working in the endeavor of trying to impose the absurd internet and mail in voting on the world's population. They know they are running out of time if they don't move fast --- as the internet is informing more and more people daily. In the teeth of this is the CNN story the other day about a Federal Election official saying internet voting was bad and would destroy elections. Thanks again to Brent Beleskey, a speaker at our upcoming CFVC convention, for the heads up on the Athens, Greece meeting.

*** "You BET It Looks Funny to Voters!!!" - which is an article sent to Network America by the absolutely intrepid former Hollywood Police Detective, Gareth Wean, now almost 80 years young. Gary was a friend, associate, and confidant of legendary military hero, patriot, and movie star, Audie Murphy. The article Gary sent me from the 'Oregonian' from May 23, 2000 encapsulates in one article why absentee ballots must be banned, and why CITIZEN handcounts must take place at the precincts. It's incredible!

*** And our controversial e-wire to be sent by certified mail -- along with "R.Perot. R for Rat" -- to Ted Koppel, the head of the CIA, the head of the FBI, Janet Reno, "Sen." Charles Schumer, and a number of others --- entitled, "A 'Lone Nut' Assassin in 2000 Means Civil War". This title is meant to be controversial - and it IS. But wait and read it for proper distinctions and perspective.

**** Many of you have also sent me critical things I need to get out. Please pray for our organization and our success in properly presenting all these matters.



Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

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