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 Tom Valentine - He will be there!

June 16, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Tom Valentine - He will be there!

Tom Valentine, popular host of Radio Free America radio program has confirmed that he will be at the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention to be held at the Radisson Inn at Greater Cincinnati Airport on August 25, 26, and 27.

Valentine will speak on his early interviews in the mid 80's with the Collier brothers (authors of Votescam: The Stealing of America based on their investigation of this problem spanning three decades) and on the Spotlight's coverage of the votefraud issue over the last two decades. The fact is that the only regularly publishing media organ in the United States which covered the votefraud issue from the proper perspective since the dawn of the computer age is - the Spotlight.

Tom Valentine also hosted the "Radio Show That Changed America on the Votefraud Issue" on March 8, 1996. Tom interviewed your writer on the recent votefraud perpetrated against Pat Buchanan and the people of Dubuque, Iowa by Voter News Service in New York City. (See tomorrow's e-wire on an incredible development which involves Voter News Service.)

The Voter News Service treachery had been caught and documented by a team of mostly Buchanan supporters including Doug Zeitz, Chris Schaper, Sam & Lois Pusateri, and college senior Tim Wozniak.

This interview is still available for $10 (postage included) from Citizens for a Fair Vote, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Those who purchase it are given rights to duplicate it for resale or for distribution.

The Valentine interview led to an appearance for this writer a few days later on the Chuck Harder Show, which then was carried on 325 radio stations in medium sized towns. These two appearances led to spots on over 100 radio shows broadcasting over 900 stations, including Roger Freidenburg throughout the western states, Geoff Metcalf on KOGO in San Diego, and Carl Wigglesworth who was doing a drive time radio show on a 50,000 watt radio station in San Antonio, Texas

Tom Valentine will talk on all this and more. You be there, too.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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