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Shocking Interview: Vicky Collier vs. VNS!

June 17, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Shocking Interview: Vicky Collier vs. VNS!

Here is an astounding development. Vicky Collier, daughter of the late legendary votescam investigator Jim Collier, is now a reporter herself - but with the independent press, not the controlled media.

Recently, Vicky Collier called up Voter News Service, the mysterious entity that conducts all the exit polls for AP wire, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN (maybe FOX too by now). For years the TV networks were pretending to be in hot competition to project the "winners" and the "losers" until the Colliers uncovered the whole "election night competition scam" in the mid eighties. Then in 1994, a Federal Elections Commission report authored by Margaret Sims officially confirmed that all the Big TV networks jointly contracted with this one shadowy private corporation. (See "A House Without Doors" in our archives at votefraud.com --- third item down -- and this article is also the ewire for May 30, 2000 which is now up on our E-wires by month in the "news" section at votefraud.org - in fact all of our ewires are up there now going back to the first one on Jan 10, 2000.)

We at Network America and Citizens for a Fair Vote Count have long called for an investigation into the 5 Big TV Networks, the AP wire, Voter News Service, and the computer companies which count the vote in America. We believe there is collusion between the 5 Big TV networks who publish the incessant Network sponsored public opinion polls, Voter News Service, which conducts the mysterious (and we say preposterous) exit polls on election day which provide the "basis" upon which the 5 Big TV networks predict the winners and losers right as the polls close, and the companies which are programming the computers which count the American vote.

Which brings us to this historic telephone interview just posted at Votescam.com. A Bill Headline at Voter News Service (VNS) talked to Vicky Collier - and what a conversation it is. Here's a brief sample. I have yet to read this interview thoroughly, and we will carry commentary as soon as I get a chance to do so. But I wanted you to know about it right away.

Here's a sample of the Vicky Collier interview with Bill Headline of the Voter News Service operation:

Collier- Yes, I was calling to ask if you had any information you could send to me. Any literature about your organization.

Headline- Ah, well. . . um. . . . . (laughs) . . I hesitate only because we don't really have anything in the way of literature. Uh. . . we have a fax sheet that we're in the process of putting together but it's not ready for distribution. Um. . .

Collier- Oh. And you don't have a Website?

Headline- Well, no, we don't have a Website.

Collier- But, people poll for you? I mean, you do poll?

Headline- We. . uh, we do exit polling.

Collier- Do you have volunteers who do that?

Headline- No, we hire people around the country to do that.

Collier- So, if somebody wanted to work for you, how would they get information on how to do it?

Headline- Well they would, uh. . . they would drop us a note and say that they were interested in. . uh. . in doing that. And I'd be happy to uh. . . to receive such a note. And uh. . . we have a . . uh. . . a group of people who recruit for exit polling on election night.

Collier- Well, it is strange that you don't have any written information that you could send out. I mean--

Headline- Why is it strange?

Collier- Well just because your organization has been around for such a long time, and it seems that in all this time there would be something written up. For the public?

Headline- We uh. . . we do a little, a little . . . as I say, we have a fax that's in uh, that's in development. And uh, we have a . . . a brochure that gets sent out to people who have been hired to work for us.

Collier- Oh, you do have a brochure.

Headline- A. . . well, brochure is kind of stretching it, it's a. . . it's one page.

Collier- It's one page?

Headline- But I, uh. . I mean. . .(laughs) I am aware that this is not the first contact between uh. . . uh. . . your organization and ours. So, I mean. . . . What is it that you want to know?

Collier- I would like to know exactly what it is that you do on election night. That's--

Headline- And why do you want to know this?

Collier- Because I'm . . . I'm a voter.

Headline- But that's not why you're calling us.

Collier- Well, actually that is why. That's it. Of course, I'm sure you're aware of certain charges, of. . . secrecy, I guess, that have been brought against what was NES, and I think you're the same group-- you're VNS now-- and I'm really just checking it out for myself, to see if I can get information. Because I really wasn't aware of the importance of your group in vote counting on election night. I just want to get information on what it is you do. And the question that was asked to Lee C. Shapiro last week that I think caused the problem was: Is there a citizen organization that oversees VNS on election night to make sure that all of the votes are being tallied correctly? But there wasn't an answer to that . . .

Headline- Well there are a couple of answers to that. First of all, uh. . .our sources. . . Well, we do three things. We do exit polling, and we. . .uh. . .we make statistical models of each state, and we collect the vote from those models . . from those model precincts. And we, uh. . . we collect the entire vote from across the country, primarily at the county level. So, you know. . . is there a citizen group? No, there's not a citizen group. Is there a . . . a double check? Yes, the official results don't come from us, they come from. . . from, uh, states. States and. . . and counties.

Collier- Right.

Headline- Uh. . .we're. . .uh. . . we're. . in the long run it's those results that are the official results, and . . . uh. . .uh. . . if you look at the history of the organization, the history of what. . . what we do, um. . . uh, (laughs). . . the official results are the final answer. And we have. . . Well, I can't give you any statistical information because I don't think there's ever been any need to do it, but . . . we've. . . we've never been out of sync with the official results.

Collier- No, you haven't, actually your vote projections in particular are remarkably in sync with the official results, which I think has been questioned in the past. That might be something a lot of people might be interested in, which is --

Headline- If- if- if you see a conspiracy there, uh. . .

Collier- No, that's not what I said. I think --

Headline- That's been the accusation, I think, or one of the accusations . .

Collier- No, that isn't what I said. Actually the question is simply, how exactly do you. . . what's the formula for the vote total projections? You're projecting the vote totals almost perfectly, before the polls even close. You use exit polling for this? You're saying that you use certain precincts that you get your exit polling from and they would be, I guess, key precincts?

End of excerpt from the Vicky Collier interview with Voter News Service.

Go to votescam.com on the left hand side, and click on "What's New" --- you can read the entire interview there - and you won't be dissapointed.

A lot is happening. More tomorrow.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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