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Don't Forget Elian!  

June 18, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Don't Forget Elian!

The predictably lackluster legal appeal has been filed by the "false opposition" attorneys (Kendall Coffey and Spencer Eig) who are supposedly representing Elian Gonzalez.

These "advocates" have allowed him to stay in captivity under the iron lock and key tactics of the Clinton/Castro/Reno/Craig totalitarian team - without so much as trying to see "their client."

Particular shame and hostility should be vented on the Republican Congress who could have - who still could - subpoena Elian before Congress along with Dad Miguel (also in captivity) and cousin Marisleysius. Such a gathering would give the lie to the idea that Elian is just so eager to go back to Cuba, or that he was in any way mistreated by the Miami family - {an outrageous lie both blatantly and subtly promoted by agents of our New World Order/Communist News media from Geraldo Rivera to Dan Rather to Ted Koppel to Bill Maher of the misnamed "Politically Incorrect" debate show.)

To those not living in fairy tale land, this failure of the Republican Congressional leadership to act against Castro and on behalf of Elian is the FINAL proof that the Republican Party has been reduced to just another arm of the New World Order, and that all its leaders who could have done something as far as the subpoena goes, are without morals, or blackmailed, or are awfully stupid. In any case, they are UNFIT public servants. While it is not beyond belief that these 'elected' officials could be deceived about the Federal Reserve Board or the Income Tax, it is impossible that anyone can fail to grasp this titanic battle between Good and Evil, with a 6 year old child as the hostage and captive.

Last night I heard a FOX cable news commentator at one of those half hour breaks say the following: "If the Miami family loses its appeal, then Elian will be free to go back to Cuba."

Is the devil himself writing the news copy at FOX? The answer is bascially, yes. Network America and Citizens for a Fair Vote Count have long maintained that the Big TV networks in New York City are outlets for sophisticated pscychological warfare against the American people, and that the words of newscasts are often chosen to manipulate the American mind.

Did you get that? Elian will be "free" to go back to Cuba! As if he can't wait to get to Castro's psychological needle-wielding compound that waiting for him, according to Castro's own spokesman. As if he can't wait to get back to that totalitarian regime and enforced poverty.

Don't kid yourself. This "Elian Affair" is a manifestation of Good vs. Evil and Spiritual Light vs. Spiritual darkness. The Big TV Networks have again, this time more than ever, proven themselves organs for the Luciferian Conspiracy against Christian civilization by reporting the propaganda put out by that evil thug Greg Craig (Clinton's and Castro's lawyer) - as if it were news!

The Elian Affair also revealed that a large portion of Americans would rather pretend that a government sponsored terrorist break in of an American Home to abduct a child at gun point is normal - than to finally admit that we're in a moral crisis and that they MUST now quit watching sitcoms and DO SOMETHING.

For those in touch with reality, the Elian Affair represents the end of the 4th amendment and the end of the Constitution. NO ONE can miss the point of those pictures of that soul-less, mindless moron in full New World Order military gear pointing the machine gun at Donato and a screaming, terrified Elian.

At this late hour, I'm going to pass on a column by Jack Thompson which is on newsmax.com - where anyone interested should go for the most comprehensive coverage I'm aware of. Here's the newsmax article:

Analysis: Another Way to Save Elian

Jack Thompson

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

A Miami immigration lawyer called me today to relate all the mistakes Team Coffey has made in the Elian tragedy.

More importantly, she tells me what still can be done to save Elian.

Here it is in a nutshell:

George Fowler is a New Orleans attorney who was part of Team Coffey but broke off from Kendall Coffey's sinking ship to file a separate lawsuit in the District of Columbia federal district court in an attempt to prove that because Cuba is a gross violator of human rights, as determined by both the Organization of American States and the United Nations, then no person can be returned to Cuba until those human rights violations are stopped.

This lawsuit's approach has a far greater chance of succeeding, particularly since Team Coffey, according to this immigration lawyer, foolishly waived all of Elian's constitutional issues at the trial level in Miami.

Further, if the human rights violations as determined by the U.N. and the OAS are adopted as true by the court, then this is no longer an asylum issue, which the Clinton administration has predetermined would turn on the age of the asylum applicant.

It is a human rights case. If the human rights violations have occurred, then no one, the argument would go, can be legally returned to Cuba, regardless of age.

This legal expert tells me she is standing by, ready to assist anyone, including Larry Klayman's Judicial Watch, in this litigation already pending in Washington.

If the court there likes this argument, it can enter an injunction preventing Elian from leaving the country, regardless of what the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta does.

This conflict between the two courts then would be resolved by the United States Supreme Court, which could push this matter beyond January 20, at which time a new president and attorney general could give this boy the hearing he deserves.

End of newsmax.com article

And we return to remark: Don't count on the evil Justices sitting on the US Supreme Court to take the usual time to hear such a case. To repeat, all the forces of darkness are working in concert to return this boy Elian to Castro an act which is meant to serve as a symbol of Evil triumphing over Good for the demoralizing of people everywhere. Express outrage in any way you can to those in officialdom. Let them know that we WILL NOT FORGET THE ELIAN INCIDENT - AND WE ARE WATCHING WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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