"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Candid Convention Progress Report  

June 26, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Candid Convention Progress Report

This short ewire is a candid report on the state of Preparations for our upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention (details at www.votefraud.org).

We still only have 7 registrants. It was hoped that by a few days from now (July 7, 2000) we would have had 100 registrants which would have allowed us to pay for the plane fares of all speakers and contract with the audio and visual professionals to preserve this important information for posterity, as well as make it available now to motivate a force of citizens to save our country through honest elections. We also had hoped to be able to unleash a radio campaign through the WLW radio (50,000 watt radio station which reaches throughout the midwest) and over the internet via the Network America website. More on this in a future ewire.

A few comments:

1. I know that most people reading this are already stretched financially with their own projects, so I realize this is worse than preaching to the choir, it's kind of like "complaining to the choir."

2. The third party supporters, however, do not seem to grasp that all of their efforts are going to be short-circuited and turned to nothing on election day if they don't cooperate in forming a citizens army to spotlight and force this issue by THIS election day. Howard Phillips will again get a few hundred thousand votes, as will Harry Browne. Pat Buchanan will get less than 5%, which will end federal matching funds for the Reform Party. Ralph Nader may get more than 5% if the computers count the votes without challenge, because the Green Party is, on balance, part of the New World Order, not opposed to it. The Green Party is riddled with Socialists, "legalize-drug" advocates, and pro-baby killing (through abortion) ghouls - including Nader. The Green Party environmental extremism will be used to regiment mankind, if they get anywhere, and will leave the mega-corporations they intend to oppose free to take whatever resources they want from the environment. So Nader may get 5% if the computers count the votes, as that would play into the New World Order Occupation government, not oppose it. Furthermore, Nader would not be getting an ounce of Big Media coverage if he wasn't being used as part of the Ruling Elite's "Stop Buchanan" program.

3. David Rockefeller said in the late seventies, in response to the many patriotic organizations which were fingering him as a key Insider in the conspiracy for World Government --- that most of the right wing organizations who opposed him couldn't afford a ticket to their own meetings. That is pretty much true.

4. Every event or effort I have ever put on has been underfinanced and struggling to even exist, no matter how important it was, such as this votefraud convention. At the same time, totally destructive movements and false opposition organizations such as National and state Right to Life's and the Christian Coalitions, are rolling in money.

5. We are grateful to have received a $100 donation in the mail from someone who visited our website, and they will receive the materials and tapes promised in the mail any day. This is another way to get us to the $10,000 minimum goal to put this convention on at this critical moment in our nation's history.

6. This convention is going on, one way or the other. If you know anyone who can help us finance it through a donation or a loan, please approach them and us so we can talk. If you can register now, please do so.

7. For those of you who are facing a financial problem in getting here, we will post any day a sheet on votefraud.org that can be downloaded, printed, and passed out to businessmen in your area. You can take this sheet to them to attract funding for the event so that you can come and represent your state. Realistically, it will probably cost $300 to $400 to get here by plane if you don't live within driving distance, $160 to stay at the Radisson for Friday and Saturday, and about $200 for the registration. Finally, since your Saturday meals are taken care of, you need probably another $150 cash to be safe. So it's realistically about an $800 to $900 expenditure to be part of this historic event. 


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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