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 Reform Party Members Take Note!!!

June 27, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Reform Party Members Take Note!!!

The following is an email I received a few days ago from the new head of the Reform Party of Nebraska: It includes a newspaper article about the Reform Party convention in Nebraska which was held over last weekend. This is, more or less, the way the Reform Party National Convention in Long Beach, California should go, with regard to the progression of business. Naturally, who has the votes would decide the outcome at the time of the National Convention. In the story below, the Buchanan Brigades had the votes.


Here is the email from Nebraska:

Nebraska Story


Rick and I drove to Grand Island to attend the Reform Party State Convention on Saturday. At the fundraiser breakfast the campaign allowed me to address the 100 plus attendees. I appealed to them to attend the convention that followed. I explained that Pat was going to address the assembly and all but 20 stayed to attend the convention.

Kay Neil and her husband and Matt Gillam registered every one and accepted their $20.00 fee which included lunch. We started the convention at approximately 11:15 a.m.. John Hillstrom, Chairman of Reform Party Nebraska opened the meeting and someone made a motion to elect a convention chair. Seconded, and Rick was elected. Another motion was made to replace the agenda and it was passed. Another motion to accept the Buchanan Slate and it passed. Another motion to have the convention chair make any decisions necessary to make the convention run smoothly and efficiently was voted on and passed. John Hillstrom, packed his belongings and left the front table, came over to shake my hand and congratulate me and left. We then broke into caucuses and met to elect congressional district chairs and At 12:40 p.m. we all broke for lunch.

1:20 PM -- we returned from lunch and the convention chair acknowledged a legislative candidate and allowed him to give a short address to the assembly. Mr. Collins addressed the assembly and then Patrick J. Buchanan addressed them. Pat ushered his wife Shelley and then my self into the room filled with television cameras and photographers in addition to the assembly of 100 plus assembled. There were a half dozen folks there to observe the meeting, who did not vote.

We are very Blessed and grateful!!!


Teresa Damasauskas

(New Chairman of the Nebraska Reform Party)

(Ed: The following was the newspaper story about this event that was part of the email.)



June 25, 2000

Buchanan Fans Take Reform Party's Helm



Grand Island, Neb. - Supporters of presidential candidate Pat Buchanan took over leadership of Nebraska's Reform Party during its state convention here Saturday.

In a single vote, convention delegates elected all of Buchanan's slate of party officials and delegates. Buchanan attended the convention, pursuing his goal of winning a spot on the November ballot in all 50 states. If he gets on enough state ballots as the Reform Party candidate, he and the party will qualify for $12.5 million in federal campaign funds.

Buchanan's success here did not come without some rancor from previous party leaders.

"I'm going to make a motion to change the name to Pat Buchanan Reform Party of Nebraska," said Joe Hopkins of Omaha, a candidate for the Nebraska Legislature in District 31 and - until Saturday - the second vice chairman of the party. "It's like in the Crusades, when the Christians came out to welcome the crusaders and the crusaders slaughtered them.

"They could have had what they wanted. They didn't have to force it."

The ousted party chairman, John Hillstrom of Omaha, checked out of the Midtown Holiday Inn and departed the convention soon after the vote. He said there was no reason to stay.

"They didn't like the way I was doing things, so they've taken control," he said.

The new leadership said Saturday's changes were for the long-term good of the party.

"Please don't say Patrick Buchanan took over the Nebraska Reform Party," said newly elected delegate Janelle Skinner of Valentine, a rancher and statewide coordinator of the Buchanan campaign. "We are pro-Buchanan people, but this is for our state. This isn't just for one campaign cycle, this is forever."

Buchanan got a warm reception from about 80 people who attended a $50-a-plate fund-raising brunch for him at the conference. In an "America First" speech that drew a standing ovation, he criticized the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the North America Free Trade Agreement.

"We are the only candidate and the only party that can offer the American people a real choice," he said. "We must keep control of American troops, gain control of American borders and halt illegal immigration. We need to put our country and our own people first."

Buchanan made only passing mention of his anti-abortion stance, which is the subject of dissension among some members who think the party should retain its focus on economic issues.

Those attending the convention clearly were Buchanan fans. Many brought copies of Buchanan books to be autographed. "This is the hand that shook the hand," one man said proudly after the candidate greeted him.

"I'm for Pat Buchanan all the way," said Lorie Weston of Lexington. "With the majority-party candidates, it's the lesser of two evils. They're about a one-world agenda and globalization. They're not America first."

Teresa Damasauskas of Omaha - as of Saturday morning, still registered with the Republican Party - was elected the new Reform Party chairman. She said the party had dwindled to only 30 members in Nebraska because of poor leadership.

Ross Perot's Nebraska showing in the 1996 presidential race - he won 10 percent of the vote - qualified the Reform Party for an automatic spot on the ballot in 1998. But no statewide candidate got 5 percent of the vote in 1998, and the party no longer is officially recognized.

"For four years," Damasauskas said, "they've been sitting on their hands."She said she immediately would begin a drive to obtain the 6,000 petition signatures necessary to get the Reform Party on the November ballot in Nebraska.

End of Newspaper Article

End of this Network America ewire.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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