"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Day of Luciferian Evil at the Supreme Court

June 28, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Day of Luciferian Evil at the Supreme Court

June 28, 2000 was one of those days which mark the shocking state in which America finds itself: We have allowed ourselves to fall sway under a government run by Luciferians and/or those who push forward the Luciferian program.

Clearly, six or seven of the Supreme Court "justices" should be impeached - and then put on trial for Treason. (Don't pay any attention to the decision to allow the boyscouts to bar homosexual instructors. The New World Order Ruling Elite always softens the public up for new degradations by making an issue controversial, and letting the "good guys" win a few. Then the whammy is dropped, because the evil Ruling Elite controls every body of judges in this nation, as far as I can tell. These judges could be impeached and defunded if we had honest elections and honest elected officials.

For starters, the Supreme Court struck down the Nebraska state law that would have outlawed partial birth abortion. This means that this Satanic court has upheld the practice of a "doctor" delivering a baby feet first, and then sticking a scissors-like instrument in the back of the baby's head in order to collapse the skull. Then the fully developed baby's body is quickly frozen and shipped off to some ghoulish lab for genetic experimentation. The satanic researchers then try to crack God's secrets with regard to human life and human characteristics. There will be an attempt to cure diseases, but the long range goal is total control of the earth's population. This is why the moral devils on the Supreme Court ALWAYS uphold anything to do with abortion. Incidentally, the majority of the Court is now Republican appointed.

These consummate liars and hypocrites cited something to do with the freedom of the woman to not have "her" "right" to a kill her own baby restricted. But let's see how much these usurpers and criminals in black robes care about freedom.

For in the other major decision, these collaborators with the New World Order occupation government weren't concerned about freedom in the LEAST. The blacked-robed predators refused to block the Clinton/Castro kidnapping and child abuse of Elian Gonzalez. They refused to give Elian due process in a court hearing, thus allowing super-Thug Greg Craig (Clinton and Castro's lawyer) to orchestrate the sending of the boy back to Castro at about 4 PM. EST today, Wednesday, June 28th.

AFTER Elian and his captive Dad hit the ground in Cuba, the Big Media announced that Elian would be headed into seclusion. He was being taken right away to a center for "re-introduction" into Cuban (read Communist) life - and that Castro's Psychologists were already waiting for him.

Elian looked drugged all the way, probably with a Prozac like substance. Unlike the little kid with a lot of spunk and a mischievous edge to his personality whom we saw in Miami, Florida, the Craiged Elian is a listless slow moving boy with a disoriented wave. He seems to be in that Prozacked zone where there are no highs and lows.

The Elian affair falls into the category of what Michael Hoffman calls "the revelation of the method." Through this event the Ruling Elite "revealed":to us that: 1) We have a Communist / New World Order occupation of our federal government; 2) The Constitution and the 4th amendment are over, and these ruthless usurpers will barge into anyone's house with a machine gun and hundreds of federal agents any time they feel like it; 3) The Big TV Media and the Major Print Organs (Time, NYT, Washington Post), a few talk show hosts, a few honest reporters, and a few honest photographers to the contrary notwithstanding, are a part of the New World Order occupation government.

But let me reveal THIS to everyone, including these Luciferians and their puppets now occupying our federal government and the Big TV Networks. As former Congressional candidate Liz Michaels stated in her internet essay released June 14, 2000, "The Revolution has started: here are your first orders." If things continue as they are, normal, law abiding citizens are going to find themselves shooting mindless Gestapo/KGB-type New World Order thugs - like the hideous, mindless individual who pointed the machine gun at Elian during the government kidnapping, or the other child-abuser who drove the get away car in the Elian kidnapping and who wore that sadist-looking black leather-like ski-mask to conceal his identity, --- normal citizens will find themselves shooting and killing this type of killing-machine agressor - to protect the innocent. Local public officials and TV executives will someday have to be rounded up, tried for treason, and dealt with by citizen courts - and on and on. That's where things are heading.

Before reproducing Liz Michaels essay, let me remind the reader that there was no need in the world for Elian to be kidnapped by Clinton/Reno/Castro for the court proceedings were in motion. No reason in the world - EXCEPT that the Luciferian forces were raging that the forces of good were winning one. The Cuban American community in Miami was standing up to the New World Order occupation Government - and (righteously) defying Janet Reno's illegal and tyrannical demands. Elian, speaking from the heart, -- (as is obvious to everyone, including the leftwing Jews who dominate the Big TV Media, such as Bill Maher of Politically Incorrect, Ellen Ratner of FOX, Ted Koppel of ABC, Larry King of CNN, Geraldo Rivera of CNBC, Paul Zahn of FOX, Mike Wallace of CBS, Morley Safer of CBS, and host of vile looking psychologists and psychiatrists who names thankfully have not stuck with me, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) who have relentlessly slandered the largely Catholic Cuban American Community) - told Janet Reno, Clinton, and Castro off on that home video made famous by the Spanish stations in Miami.

The reason that the Ruling Elite in the USA (now out in the open) are still backing Communist tyrant Castro is to break the Catholic faith of the people of Cuba. Elian was brutally snatched because he wore a Miraculous Medal as he told Reno off on that video, because the Cubans carried hundreds of crucifixes and statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in their demonstrations; because hundreds of Cuban mothers openly said the Rosary for Elian and true freedom.

That trembling bag of evil, puppert Janet Reno, snatched Elian in the most cowardly way possible (while pretending to negotiate, actually putting the Miami family on hold so the raid could begin) and with full readiness to kill the whole family in the even things went wrong (a la Waco) - on Good Saturday, the day before Easter, the Resurrection of Our Lord, and the day before Elian was to receive his first Holy Communion.

That's the reason for this raid. Don't be fooled. And you have not read this anywhere else. The spiritual battle had kicked in and the forces of darkness were seething with Luciferian rage against this child and the Christian Cuban American community. But it's not over yet. God has - and will again - bring good out of evil. The Renos, Clintons, and Castros, and the evil Money Lenders behind them, are playing into the hands of Divine Providence at this very moment.

Speaking of left-wing Jews, Liz Michaels, the author of the below essay, bills herself as a libertarian Jew (in part anyway) and I cannot endorse many positions which she espouses. But her essay below is so "on point" that we end this essay with it. I would only suggest that if our Network America program was followed, complete with massive radio ads reaching the public through Congressional candidates who are NOW on the ballot which should be run in the next four months up to Election day 2000, then the confrontation she sees could be avoided, and the stage could be set for a mere round up of a few thousand of the Super Criminals, such as gun grabber "Sen." Charles Schumer of New York, Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, and the heads of the 5 Big TV Networks. But, as things stand, it will be a miracle if enough money is forthcoming to the proper places to make this happen.

Through inaction and clinging to fairy tales, normal Americans are setting the stage for the scenario described below by Liz Michaels. (One more thing, I would use the term "counter-revolution" where she uses the term revolution.)


Beginning of Liz Michaels essay:


The Revolution has Started: Here are Your First Orders

Americans of all politics are going to be faced with a very clear dilemma. In the not too distant future, they will probably be forced to take sides in a revolution against the central government of the nation. And they're going to have to learn how to get out of the way of a civil war.

Government should be "deriving its just powers from the "consent of the governed", but take a look at the nation today and tell me with a straight face that this is the case. How long has that "train of abuses and usurpations" become? How much have we been "reduced under absolute despotism"? How many "multitudes of new offices", sending "swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance" are there today? Truthfully, we are more enslaved today than we were in colonial times.

The Declaration of Independence has never been repealed. It plainly states that it is "the right of people to alter or to abolish" the government. This is something you will see within the next 10 to 20 years. It will not happen in a far off land, but among your very homes. Your children will learn of it with their own eyes. And in today's electronic world, the whole world will be watching. This revolution SHALL be televised.

And when the tyrants come ... and history, if it shows nothing else, shows that the tyrants will always eventually come , what then will you do? And what should you do NOW to prepare for that day?

So You Wanna Be A Hero

Maybe there are dreams dancing in your head about doing what Timothy McVeigh did, only with less damage to human life, maybe a nice IRS building in the middle of the night or something. Maybe you think one brazen explosive act, timed at the right instant, will spark a revolution which will restore our Constitutional republic, an act which people will in future textbooks regard as "heroic".

Get over it. McVeigh didn't blow up the Murrah Building all by himself. He was brainwashed by operatives in the government to participate, be there, and take the fall. His single van COULDN'T have caused that level of damage. Very probably, you will never be in such a position to do such an act, unless you're an operative of the government.

Nor should you. Such acts are usually seen as direct attacks against the American people. You do not want to do things which may seem spectacular, but won't be well received. Remember, we're opposing tyrannical, out of control, governments. We're not opposing America, we're defending America, and her people. (Network America note: acts of random terror, such as the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma, on top of being stupid, are NEVER morally justified.)

Lay the Foundation

You REALLY want to do something for the revolution? You REALLY want to engage in overt and covert acts which will eventually restore the Constitutional government of the United States? You can. And it's relatively easy: anyone can do it.

Lay the foundation for the revolution. There are several building blocks upon which any successful revolution will be built. They are not dramatic. They do not involve drawing attention to yourself. But they are critical to the restoration of our freedoms. And they are things YOU can do. Begin laying these foundations now.

First Order: Buy Guns

The first order I am giving you as the defacto revolutionary commander is, buy guns.

It doesn't really matter which guns: handguns, hunting rifles, long range rifles, shotguns, antiques .... any and all will do. It doesn't really matter the premise. The only qualification is, buy arms which can be fired, and arms for which ammunition can be easily acquired or made. If you're poor, get cheap guns if you have to. Make sure you get the proper ammo for them.

Do it now! Do it while you can, and do it while it is still legal for you to do. In many states, such as California, where oppressive gun laws are likely to increase, time is of the essence in stocking up. And in places like New York, where house to house searches have sporadically begun over licensed firearms, you're probably going to have to break New York State law (Network America comment: this is not really breaking any law, for the law itself is clearly unconstitutional). I'll explain later why, even if you're law-abiding, breaking the law may actually be called for. (Network America comment: AGAIN, buying guns for self defense against ruthless agents of the New World Order occupational government IN NO WAY constitutes breaking of any law, as it is protected by the Second Amendment.)

Why Guns, Liz?

Right now, an estimated 240 million firearms are owned by 83 million Americans. The most important thing you can do, either FOR the revolution or for self-defense during the chaos, is to make sure that those 83 million Americans CONTINUE to have ownership of firearms. And to increase their number. That's why YOU should buy guns. I could give you hundreds of reasons but let me give you just a handful.

Operatives within the various governments will do something ....cause a catastrophe, an emergency, or something, or take advantage of a naturally occurring situation, which will require a form of national martial law. Possibly elections would be suspended, or rigged. (Network America comment: Liz clearly is not reading the Network America daily e-wire!) And the only thing standing between success and failure of such a government takeover is a modern American revolutionary army.

You won't have to cause the chaos. You won't have to fire the first shot. The chaos will likely be caused by government operatives in order to enhance and increase their power. Already, the Federal Emergency Management Administration has plans on the drawing board to rule under regional martial law.

"But that CAN'T happen here!"

It already IS happening here. The various components of federal land grabs in the West, done without the support of the local residents, the states, or even the Congress, to which the response has been the so-dubbed "Western Rebellion". The increase of forfeiture without trial, blatantly an unconstitutional act. The Internal Revenue Service's own brand of "guilty until proven innocent" justice and the many, many government agencies which have followed its example. Illegal strip searches of mostly black women at Chicago's airports.

And it's not just federal government agencies. California Attorney General Bill Lockeyer already has plans on the drawing board to do a house to house search for the first registered and now banned SKS rifle. New York State has officials out looking for the licensed weapons of people who die, and whose heirs fail to reregister or surrender the weapons. New York City police have done periodic house to house searches for firearms already under Mayor Guiliani.

So it already is happening here. In reality, the first shots have already been fired. We already have our Crispus Attucks in the form of the Weaver family. We already have our Patrick Henry in the form of 88 Seventh-Day Adventists at Waco. We, in point of fact, already have a set of governments, that in terms of taxation and regulation, are FAR MORE OPPRESSIVE to the people than the British were. The rebellion is the only thing left to fulfill.

"But rebels couldn't withstand the massive firepower of the U. S. Government!"

The sheer numbers of firearms in the hands of the American public would have made the American commanders in Vietnam quake in their boots. Most of it is pretty sophisticated stuff. The average hunter could give a platoon of regular troops more grief than they want.

The potential recruitment population for a modern American revolutionary army would be 150 million, compared to a maximum of 2 million government troops. Millions of these are people with military or law enforcement training. And it's not just the arms: it's the vehicles and the technology. A modern revolutionary army would be one of the most numerous, best trained, best armed, most mobile, and most high tech, probably in the history of the world.

And the government forces would use their high tech stuff on whom? Who do they drop bombs on? Which recruits will be counted on to obey the orders that bomb their home cities, or the homes of their fellow platoon members. How many of those troops will be willing to die for a government run amok? And possibly kill their friends and families for it?


The Real Agenda Of Gun Control

This is the real intent of gun control: to neutralize that 83 million gun owner army. To make its weapons difficult to purchase, and easy to confiscate. It isn't about criminals. Janet Reno has only prosecuted 4 people under the Brady laws out of thousands of people having "illegally" applied to buy a firearm.

And keep in mind, that at the same time these people want to take our guns, they also want to restrict our automobiles. Al Gore himself said he wanted to do away with the internal combustion engine by 2010. And there is a bevy of new law also directed at restricting our movement, and regulating many of our automobiles out of existence, under the guise of "pollution standards" and "urban planning".

Together with real property, guns and automobiles are the prime targets of laws permitting confiscation. This is not an accident. And it is not because these things are the most valuable, because they are not. This is planned for the stated purpose, to prevent the revolutionary army from forming, and to make it more difficult for the American people to rebel against government.

Add to this, the attack against our children with a disheveled public school system, and a coming war against home schooling by the education establishment. This completes the trifecta against the American people: disarm them, keep them stupid, make them less mobile, and establish full government control of their lives, even of their own families.

This is why you as a patriotic American, have as your first assignment, should you choose to accept it: to prevent the disarmament of the 83 million law-abiding Americans, and to increase their number. Yes, being part of the political process is important. Fighting unconstitutional gun laws is important. But it's not actually as important as making sure Americans actually maintain possession of their firearms, whether that possession technically violates the law or not. (Network America comment: Again, these "laws" are not laws when they conflict with the Supreme law of th land. There is very solid and decisive case law on this, ignored by today's criminals in black robes, installed by computer-generated public officials.

"But I don't wanna keep guns in my house!"

Get over it. If you're worried about your kids getting into your firearms, lock them away, hide them, keep the ammo separate from the firearms. Put trigger locks on them if you feel you must. (None of which I advise if you have firearms for self-defense.) But get them. (Network America comment: While we believe the political arm of the National Rifle Association is false opposition, the NRA is still training millions of Americans in the proper use of firearms. We need to take our children to these ranges to learn how to properly use and respect a firearm, as actor Mel Gibson has announced to the world that he has done - in conjunction which his new movie release, "Patriot.")

One of these days the revolution will happen. It will happen to you regardless of whether you want it or not. Which brings me to the second reason to arm for the revolution: without an armed populace of law-abiding citizens, lawlessness will abound. Criminals will never give up their guns. If war breaks out, you and your family will be at the mercy of government thugs or criminal thugs, and you will not be protected.

You will be robbed. If you are a woman, you will be raped, as will any of your daughters. You will not be able to waive pieces of paper at them, and the police will not come to rescue you. Read what is happening in Yugoslavia, when the people don't have the arms to protect themselves against criminals or hostile troops. Better yet, read what happens in Central Park in the most tyrannical (and disarmed) city in the nation. If you love yourself, and if you love your family, you will not allow this to happen to you and them by being disarmed.

But there's something even more important than that. When the revolution happens, the forces who will win the revolution are the ones who are best armed, best trained, and best strategized, in the greatest numbers. The people who disarm themselves will be powerless to oppose whatever should happen, or whoever shall seek to oppress them. Nothing illustrates this better than modern day Russia, where organized crime is the strongest in the world.

Sell Guns, Give Guns, Loan Guns

Most Americans can legally buy and sell weapons amongst each other, and give or loan them to friends and family. For the most part, the only people under mandate to file transfer paperwork are Federal Firearms Licensed dealers, except in states such as California, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan and Maryland.

FFL's put up with all the regulation is to make a profit by selling to the general public. I am not encouraging you to sell guns for a profit, although if you can, more power to you. I am encouraging you to sell guns and give them away to preserve freedom. A caution here: you should look at your local laws to determine if you have to file any transfer paperwork. If it is easy, my advice is to do it. If it is not easy, use your judgment at the time. Of course you never want to give or loan a firearm to anyone whom you do not implicitly trust with your life.

Never turn over firearms to be destroyed.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to never, ever, willfully take a working firearm out of circulation. Sell it to someone. Sell it on the free market. It is perfectly legal to do, and you will likely make a better profit on the open market than in some government buyback scheme. If you don't want it, keep it alive. Don't turn it in to be destroyed. Some American needs it.

This is a message that the usual targets of buyback schemes, the predominantly minority communities, need to especially hear. Historically, owning a gun was evidence that one was a free man or woman. It was illegal for slaves to own guns, and most gun control laws ever passed in this country were aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of Negroes. If you are able to own a firearm in this world, you are a free person. If you are fully dependent on others for your defense, you are a slave.

How Should You Handle The Authorities?

The best way to handle the authorities now is to never take them on directly. Don't treat them with hostility. Befriend them when you can. Some of you perhaps see some of these folks as the enemy. They may or may not be. But when the revolution happens, it may very well be a local police officer, or a few federal civil servants, who stand with us. (Network America: This will happen in droves if we can raise their awareness as to what is happening now.)

Don't openly violate laws. Don't do drugs. Don't drink and drive. Don't steal. Only take marijuana if it is a medical necessity for you. It is important for you, now more than ever, to be a law-abiding citizen in as many other ways as possible. Don't ever give law enforcement other valid, non-political reasons to arrest you.

But understand this: constitutionally no law of the United States, or a separate state or locality, is actually legal, if it infringes upon the right to keep and bear arms in any way. There is no provision for registration. There is no provision for excluding even criminals from firearms ownership, believe it or not. The right is broad and absolute.

There will be government officers telling you otherwise. But you are not breaking the law through promoting firearms ownership. The GOVERNMENT is breaking the law by violating the Supreme Law of the land, the Constitution of the United States. And if we are to make other people believe it, we will have to begin to act like it.

I know many of you want to assert that you have the freedom to do just about anything you so choose so long as you don't hurt others. I don't dispute you for a minute. (Network America comment: Here Liz's Libertarianism, or "mankind have the nature of angels" philosophy is showing, and it is incorrect, but that's another subject for another time.) But while we are in this struggle for freedom, we need to be prudent and not foolish. After the revolution, when the Constitutional government is restored, and the oppressive government is rooted out, all these rights may be reestablished. But for now, we need to be able to defend what we do IN COURT if apprehended , so if we pick methods to rebel, we ought to choose clearly constitutionally enshrined means of rebellion. Nothing fits that more than the freedom of speech and of assembly and of the press, which the internet is, and the right to keep and bear arms.

"But I pray it never comes to this!"

I don't fear a revolution. A lot of people do. I don't. It would set the record straight and clean out a lot of the crap this government has set up, and it will additionally inspire other revolutionary actions against other tyrants around the world. The right people have the weapons, the numbers, the training, the strategy, and the will.

Already this very week, a federal "anti-terrorism" force is being formed in Charlotte, North Carolina, on the grounds that there are, in their words, "too many militias" in the region. Do any of you know what the unorganized militia of the United States is? Why, that's you and me! Check your U.S. Code.

Make no mistake. The government of the United States is planning to go to war with its citizens. It will fall to the citizens to have to defend America against its own oppressive government. I have very little doubt that it will not come to that. The whole world will be watching what we do.

End of Liz Michaels essay

A good string of thoughts to end this e-wire on, on the day little Elian Gonzalez was returned to Communist tyrant Castro, and to his needle-wielding "doctors" and evil psychiatrists.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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