A FEW Examples of how The Five Big TV Networks Coordinate their News EVERYDAY
ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX cable coordinate their news everyday. This list of glaring examples will be expanded as time goes on.
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1. In 2003, 23 year old US College Student Rachel Corrie was run over by a Israeli government bulldozer while trying to protest the systematic bulldozing of the homes of unarmed Palestinians in Rafal in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli soldier then, according to all eye witnesses present, backed the bulldozer again over the dying body of this beautiful young woman -- to make sure she was dead. All five TV networks did NOT report this story when it happened; all five networks have not yet revealed the name of the Israeli soldier who murdered Rachel Corrie. Contrast with the wall to wall coverage of the reported murder of Daniel Pearl, a Jewish American reporter for the Wall Street Journal -- who was also an Israeli citizen -- and, therefore looked at by the Moslems who killed him as an Israeli spy. All five Big TV Networks hid the fact that Pearl was also an Israeli citizen -- until it was reported out of Israel. In the world of the Five Big TV networks, some murder victims are more equal than others.

Above you see Daniel Pearl at left, whose death at the hands of Moslems during the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2002 was given saturation coverage by the 5 Big TV Networks; the other three pictures are of Rachel Corrie, whose murder at the hands of an Israeli soldier operating a bulldozer was covered up by all 5 Big TV Networks. Her pictures from left to right are: Rachel leading a procession of children on the cover of "Yes!" magazine (2002), Rachel as a small child, and Rachel caught in a thoughtful mood when she was a student at Evergreen college. Her degree from Evergreen State College was accepted on June 13, 2003 by her mother, Cynthia Corrie.

2. All 5 Big TV Networks reported that Private Jessica Lynch (2003) shot and killed 4 Iraqi soldiers as she was being taken prisoner at the beginning of W. Bush's invasion of Iraq. Further, they all reported in lockstep that she had sustained two gunshot wounds and 4 broken limbs. A Hollywood "GI Jane" was in the making -- unfortunately, thanks to the BBC and some eye-witnesses, the truth came out: No shots were fired by Private Lynch because all guns were jammed by sand. An American girl of Indian descent was KILLED in this raid -- but she was ignored by all 5 Big TV Networks, as were all the men soldiers killed. It wouldn't have served the propaganda that women do just as well in combat as men --to make famous the lady soldier who  was killed in that attack. There were also multiple other lies in the attempt to falsify the event and prepare the way for a TV movie which has now run into credibility problems. The purpose of the Private Lynch hype was to try and prepare the way for a universal draft of young women as well as young men. The lies around the initial capture and rescue of Private Lynch were vigorously perpetrated by all 5 TV Networks, until the falsehoods and deceptions made it impossible for them to continue with the original thrust of their propaganda. (All this Big TV Network Treachery is no fault of Private Jessica Lynch, who is clearly a fine young lady, a great American, and an American patriot. We at votefraud.org wish her recovery from her wounds, and all the best.)

3. In 1996, the major TV Networks draped a 100% per cent blackout around the Presidential campaign of Ralph Nader, who was running on the Green Party against Bill Clinton (Democrat) and Bob Dole (Republican). Since the script called for Clinton to be re-elected, Nader was given Zero meaningful publicity. In year 2000, Nader was given reasonably good publicity by all 5 Big TV Networks because he was drawing votes from Al Gore, who was scripted to lose to George W. Bush. Since Reform Party candidate Patrick J. Buchanan would have drawn votes primarly from Republican W. Bushy, Buchanan was given zero publicity on the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news from January 1, 2000 until Election Day 2000, with the exception of one day in August when all  three of these TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) exploited some very minor and totally contrived turmoil at the Reform Party convention to try and make the Buchanan candidacy look bad. The cable TV networks gave Buchanan a few appearances, but always treated him as a political commentator intruding into territory where he did not belong -- and who should drop out of the race immediately or sooner. Now -- think on these things -- ALL THE MAJOR TV NETWORKS followed the SAME POLICY with regard to Nader and Buchanan in these instances.

4. In 1988, Presidential candidate Gary Hart was force out of the race due to his involvement with a young lady named Donna Rice. All four big TV networks (FOX Cable News did not yet exist) uncovered his infidelity, and emphasized it day and night until Hart's funding dried up and he was forced to drop from the race. (Hart had told McNeil-Lehrer that we had to quit being so subservient to Israel, thus incurring the wrath of the Media gods.) In sharp contrast, all five Big TV Networks ignored a woman named Gennifer Flowers who came forward in a press conference right before the 1992 Democratic primary and produced AUDIO TAPES and mountains of details proving that she had carried on a 12 year affair with Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton. All 4 Big TV Networks ignored this much more substantive evidence against Clinton, as he was scripted to be "elected" by computerized vote "counting". After his election, Clinton appointed pro-Israeli Jews to 50% of the significant positions in his administration, and apointed 2 pro-Isaeli, pro-Talmudic Jews out of 2 appointments to the US Supreme Court.)