In September 2000, 7-11 (7-Election 2000) sold approximately 6,000,000

Bush, Gore, or Third Party/No Opinion 20 oz coffee cups. In this very
  large unscientific poll (as if the other polls are?), the final results  were:

BUSH: 1,241,789 21%
GORE: 1,221,874 20%
3,499,506 59% <-----*************** Wow

TOTAL: 5,963,169 100%
When the media delivers their "results", they exclude huge portions of the population. Most polls are much smaller "statistical samples" qualified with a demographic called "likely voters" that effectively excise what we
used to call the "undecided", including those voters so disenfranchised and so disgusted with their "choices" that they believe they are limited to they don't even bother to vote. Wide swings between the two Republicrat candidates are evidence that both candidates draw very little voter loyalty.

Let's go get these voters and give them something to go to the polling booth for! We may already have so many more than we know, but we need every vote! We can't know until election day if we have 2%, or 5%, or 10%, or 25% or more. Every poll ever that included Pat Buchanan has always underestimated him. No poll predicted Pat to take New Hampshire in 1992. No poll expected Pat to place second behind Robert Dole in the 1996

"I'd believe the first six million coffee drinkers at 7-11 before I'd believe the polls".

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