The Right to Count
Important Breakthrough DVD


This is a magnificent effort which will convince any US voter that our right to vote has been stolen by those behind computerized voting.

Representatives of the mega-companies counting over 95% of the US vote (in secret) are shown testifying at an actual hearing.

A fast moving film that builds the case to a crescendo non-stop from beginning to end -- at a fast pace.

Featuring a virtual "Who's Who" of those on the frontlines of the battle over "computer votefraud vs. honest elections." Including Lyn Landes, Bev Harris, Robert Fitrakis, Dr. Avi Rubin, Lotus, Ann Marie Weber, Dr. David Dill, Dr. Rebecca Mercuri, Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D., Victoria Collier, and Jim Condit Jr.

Every normal person who sees this film will be changed on this issue forever.

Produced over several years by Richard Van Slyke; order your copy today and show it to friends and opinion molders in your area. This is the first major documentary to our knowledge which makes the case that unless we restore honest elections, we have lost control of our destiny and our future.

You can order The Right to Count DVD here.