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July 11, 2007 NA (Network America) e-wire

Why Ron Paul Campaign must advertise on Big Talk Radio Now!


When I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa a few weeks ago to attend Dr. Paul’s rally, I asked everybody I could on the road -- going and coming -- if they were following the Presidential Campaign. I asked the people I rented a car from in Cincinnati, I asked the attendants at gas stations and quick shops along the way (if I could work it into the conversation), and I asked waiters and waitresses in restaurants in Des Moines.

Not one – NOT ONE of the “average Americans” I asked during the trip – NOT ONE – had heard of Ron Paul. Had they heard of Hillary? Yes. Obama? Yes. McCain? Yes. Romney? Yes.


The reason for this is obvious: these “average Americans” are only casually watching the news and the Presidential race. They get all they know from the TV News of the 5 Big TV Networks, the big radio stations, talk radio and otherwise, and the front page of their local newspaper.

The New World Order Ruling Elite, which controls the 5 Big TV Networks, and the Big Talk Radio hosts, know that between 5% and 20% of us are on to them in one way or another. They know there is always a percentage of the people who see what they are doing. (This is why the Communists, when they get gun control in a country, always round up and kill the leaders and the patriotic intelligentsia.) The Big Media’s anti-American GOAL is to keep the other 80%+ of casual news watchers – the 80%+ who are not political activists – asleep until they consolidate their power.

Today, the New World Order Media Moguls use the little box in all our homes (called the television) and the little box in all our cars (radio) to misinform and keep ignorant the 80%+ of casual news watchers.


Many of you have seen the clip from last week’s ABC “THIS WEEK” where the N W O well-paid Twerp George Stephanopoulos told Ron Paul that he couldn’t win. THIS IS PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE. This is the same thing they did to Pat Buchanan in the 1996 and the 2000 campaign.

I wish I had a nickel from every normal American I met from 1992 to 2000 who said, “I love Pat Buchanan and agree with almost everything he says – but he can’t win.” These duped Americans were parroting what their would-be enslavers were telling them over their TV, in between over-entertaining them with Paris Hilton and the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy!

This is what the press is about to try and do to Ron Paul, as he becomes better known. (As I said last e-wire, I’ve seen this movie before, in 1996 and 2000.)

The answer to the “Ron Paul can’t win” taunt -- is this: “He CAN win if we get an honest vote count and the TV Networks quit censoring him.”

The same type of psychological warfare is used when we ask for an open vote count. All the establishment type crooks say: “You know that we’re not going to get rid of the computers.” – I, for one, “know” no such thing. I DO know that our country is going down the tubes and into slavery – OR -- another Revolutionary civil war situation if we FAIL to get rid of the computers and FAIL to institute a paper ballot system, hand counted by the neighborhood citizens immediately upon closing.

We WANT the peaceful, constitutional answer – but the New World Order Ruling elite is fast taking away our options.


One more thing on the psychological warfare being played on America by the Big Media right now regarding the Presidential campaign: Rudy Ghouliani pulled out of the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll on August 11th in Ames. WHY? Obviously, because the Ghoul-man does not have any support on the ground in Iowa. Furthermore, he would be booed wildly at the Straw poll, unless he hid most of his key positions. The “support” and “front runner” status for Ghouliani is a Hologram created by the Big Media and the New World Order Billionaire network that funds his campaign. Between deceptive polls, Big Media promotion now, and computer votefraud on election day – the Big Media can make it LOOK like Ghouliani has support – but they can NOT pull this off at an event like the Iowa Straw poll – where real people come – and see with their own eyes the other real people that will show up, cheer, and vote.

So what are the crooks in the Big Media saying about Ghouliani’s pull out of the Iowa Straw poll? Are they saying Ghouliani has no support in Iowa, so this looks bad for his campaign? NO! The crooks are saying that since Ghoul-man pulled out, that now the Iowa Straw Poll doesn’t mean as much!

The Big Media people seem to have lying woven into their very genes --- they have think tanks sitting around all day taking real polls they never publish, and then devising Communist-type propaganda to try and keep the American people confused and deceived. WE WILL NOT FALL FOR IT ANYMORE! NOT IN THE AGE OF THE INTERNET!

* * * * * * *


We are at war – presently an info war in the USA. Is there anything the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign can do to reach the tens of millions of people who haven’t yet heard of Ron Paul – thanks to the Big Media’s almost universal failure to mention Ron Paul whenever they talk about the Presidential race?

Yes. I am about to show you why we SHOULD NOT feel overwhelmed by this relative HANDFUL of crooks in New York City and Washington DC. Don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated! Feel righteously angry – like our Founding Fathers did. It’s 1776 all over again – and this time YOU ARE THERE!

We must seriously size up the situation, and then ACT! And here is what the Ron Paul Campaign, and only the Ron Paul Campaign -- can and must do right now to break the Big Media censorship:

Place radio ads on Hannity, Rush, Savage, Ingraham, Medved, Boortz, and the popular local talk shows – telling the American people that all of these radio shows, and the 5 Big TV Networks – are not giving equal coverage to Ron Paul – the ONLY champion of the Constitution who is in the race!

We have used this strategy for years in the Midwest – as far back as the 1980s in two cases. The campaign buys the radio ads through the LOCAL STATIONS in all the major cities. How much would this cost?

It was reported last week that the Ron Paul Campaign has about $2,800,000 cash on hand. $300,000 of that should be spent immediately on this “censorship busting” radio ad campaign in the major cities across the USA. It will take an average of $4000 to $10,000 in each of the 60 major media markets in the USA to get this message -- in saturation form -- to over 100 million people. Now –

At the end of EVERY radio ad the listener is told to go to and make a donation to help BREAK THE CENSORSHIP and bring back freedom of the press in this Presidential Campaign. The Ron Paul campaign will then make back WAY OVER $300,000 – they might make back $20 million in campaign contributions!

You see, the Reasonable Access Law forces the FCC licensed radio stations to run the ad of any federal candidate – without altering the ad or censoring it in any way. Do you see how powerful this is?

Radio ads for Ron Paul would be running on Hannity, Rush, etc. – during the same week in the major cities across the USA – telling all the people in the USA how the Big Media, and by implication Hannity and Rush --are not giving Ron Paul coverage – and how they are hiding the fact that Ron Paul is the ONLY champion of the Constitution in the Presidential race.

People, once they visit the website, and hear Dr. Paul on the radio ad – will be able to make up their own minds.


One radio ad should be used, and repeated over and over and over again for one week on the biggest local Talk Radio Stations in all the major cities across the USA. We would need designated Paul supporters in each area getting the times that the Ron Paul ads were going to run the day before (this is standard procedure if you ask for it) – and then making sure that the ads ran!

In Cincinnati, when we have used this strategy in local congressional races – it is necessary to, if possible, tape the shows, so we have proof if the radio stations run the ads we paid for or not. --- But at least it is necessary to have people listening to verify that the Ron Paul radio ads actually run. (I have an article that several BILLION dollars a year in paid for radio ads by BUSINESSES are not run by radio stations due to double-scheduling, laziness, honest error, etc.)

Here is a possible radio ad – the type that would wake the great body of Americans out of their trance as they were driving to and from work.

Announcer with deep voice: Something very disturbing is happening in the USA regarding the Presidential Campaign of 2008. The 5 Big TV Networks are giving massive coverage to “business as usual” politicians – but are hiding the fact that Congressman Ron Paul is the only Champion of the Constitution in the race.

Congressman Paul:
Hi, I’m Congressman Ron Paul. My public service spans 30 years; I have never voted for a tax increase. I voted against the Iraq War. I want to bring our troops home to defend our own US borders. I have introduced legislation to abolish the IRS. I have always voted for the 2nd Amendment and our right to own guns, and for freedom on the internet. Americans want big government to leave them alone. Our campaign is gaining strength because people have underestimated how many Americans are interested in a Freedom Message.

Announcer with deep voice:
Help break the censorship and restore true Freedom to American. Go to – and help us carry the torch of Freedom. That’s – Paid for by Ron Paul for President.

This would leave 10 seconds to finish with the official campaign song: “He’s Hope for America, Hope for America.” It is important to add emotion, based on the sound LOGIC and REASONS for supporting Ron Paul for President.

(End of proposed radio ad for Ron Paul for President.)


This radio ad, or one like it – would run in every major city in the USA during the same week. It should be repeated over and over again on Rush, Hannity, and whatever the big local talk shows are in each area. In Cincinnati, for instance, the important local talk shows would be Mike McConnell (morning) – and – Bill Cunningham (early afternoon) – on WLW.

That way – in one week – we would reach hundreds of millions of people at least once – and the faithful listeners of Hannity, Rush, and the local talk shows – repeatedly. Hannity and Rush claim to have between 10 million and 20 million listeners in any three hour period. There is a turnover of (the vast majority of) listeners every fifteen minutes in talk radio.

Something must be done NOW to make Ron Paul a household word. If not, the Big Media will continue to never talk about him when they mention their manufactured “front runners”. They will continue to say that “Everyone knows Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance.” -- And, using Media suppression now, and computer votefraud on election day, Ron Paul will go the way of Pat Buchanan in 1996 and 2000, or the Constitution Party, or the Libertarian Party in every Presidential year so far.

We know that Ron Paul’s freedom message and “bedside manner” appeal to people across the board. We also know that, with the war in Iraq and the constant hyping of the “war on terror” – Americans are more likely to gravitate to a candidate like Ron Paul now, than they were to gravitate to a good but Media-suppressed candidate in 1996 or 2000.

And, boy, are millions of conservatives going to be mad when they find out what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been hiding from them!

I don’t need more things to do, but I know what must be done to run this type of radio campaign that gets everyone’s attention in a city. I would gladly work for free with someone at the Ron Paul campaign to make sure this happens right across the USA in major American cities, -- or tell someone on Ron Paul’s staff everything I know so that they don’t have to “re-discover the wheel” on how to make this type of radio ad effective.

It’s 1776 again – but this time – YOU ARE THERE!

Everyone into the battle!

End of this Network America e-wire.

Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
Network America E-wire