On this Page are many of the links and developments related to
Our fight for an Honest Vote Count
for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul
in the 2007/2008 Election


Read the "Watch the Vote" ad that ran in the
Manchester Union Leader on January 6, 2008

This is a PDF, it may take a little time to open

DES MOINES REGISTER FOR Watch The Vote 2008 in Iowa on Jan 3

This is a PDF, it may take a little time to open
The ad which actually ran was minus the 3rd and 4th paragraphs and the headline above them,
and was ALSO minus these two sentences in the last paragraph: "ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, AP -- you have company! It's WE the People!"
After being initially approved, the Des Moines Register News department demanded we take those two paragraphs & two sentences out
or they would not run the ad, and would return our money ($5500). This shows the diligence with which the BIG MEDIA protect each other
from public scrutiny. Since they left our website in and our positive solution in, we went with the truncated ad, which you can see here.


Fight back: Watch the 9:54 min video at the top of:

The video explains HOW the votefraud was done against Pat Buchanan
 during the Iowa Caucus on Feb 12, 1996 -- so that Ron Paul supporters
can prevent it from happening again in 2008!
(PS: Looks like we'll have to do it ourselves, the campaign staff won't help so far)
- more at www.YouTube.com/jimconditjr

Action:  click the link below to sign up and help us Protect your vote in Iowa (Jan 3, 08) and NH (Jan 8, 08) !!
I will help Watch the Vote Count for Ron Paul
-- and everybody else!

Keep informed by joining the meetup for the Iowa Caucus: www.electionreform.meetup.com/167   and/or NH Primary --- www.electionreform.meetup.com/168

The VoteFraud Crime Syndicate vs. Ron Paul & America ;
This link is almost updated -- must read to understand what is about to happen after 1-1-08
 relevant articles regarding the 2008 Presidential campaign.
-- Read HOW TO EXPOSE and STOP the Computer VoteFraud Syndicate here

Votefraud Crimes against Buchanan in 1996 are being repeated against Ron Paul in 2008, Act With Us Now

Help us fight this fight by donating to votefraud.org by clicking here

National Clean Elections Lawsuit (N-CEL) -- IS HERE! -- Click for Details!

VIDEOS AND AUDIOS! FUN! Computer Votescam/Clean Elections
Jan Mickelson Radio Show of Aug 8, 2007 is the first link (Condit vs. Iowa GOP Vote Thugs)


 Updates at      www.VoteInSunshine.com   including audio and videos
brought to you by the Intrepid Freelance Journalist, Fred Smart

Sign up for our Network America ewire at the bottom of this home page
 and visit blockbuster short videos at:


If you get face-to-face with a Presidential Candidate in 2008, and you have a camera, ask them this question:
"Are you for getting rid of the computers and counting the vote in the open before the people?" -- and then put their response on YouTube!


New Movie/Documentary on DVD: The Right To Count produced by Richard Van Slyke
* * * Watch 4 Minute Trailer Here * * *

Read our take on this important breakthrough DVD, The Right to Count, here


Also -- new DVD "Hacking Democracy" shown on HBO in October and November, 2006 -- and --
newer DVD "Uncounted" - also available
New book! Hacked! High Tech Election Theft in America - Compiled by Vicki Karp
other important books: Votescam: The Stealing of America by Jim Collier; & Black Box Voting by Bev Harris