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Dear Friends,

The first national and international Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention launched a truly nationwide movement for clean, honest, and verifiable elections for the first time since the dawn of the computer age.

The bursting energy of the assembly was felt by all. There were no pre-approved scripts, just people invited to tell their story. A room full of strong, deep feeling, friendly personalities. A few “near train wrecks” narrowly avoided. Many laughs. A few patriotic tears when the final music video was played and the final invocation was made by the intrepid Jerry Heinemann from the mountains of West Virginia.

With distinguished delegates present from California, West Virginia, Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa AND Canada – among others – there was no doubt that a nationwide awakening against non-transparent, mysteriously counted computerized and machine elections was gathering unstoppable momentum.

An interim nationwide steering committee and executive committee is in the process of being formed. This website ( and our sister website ( are being updated and revamped to accommodate the needs in this new era. A number of state and county coordinators are in the process of determining what vote counting system their area is using, and who are the decision makers who can restore honest, verifiable elections.

Watch the website for the highlight video compiled from the conference. Audio cassette highlights – as well as the full audio cassettes and video cassettes are available. The array and depth of information from so many spots around the nation will convince any sincere doubter that we need election reform – a return to verifiable elections with citizen checks and balances.

Without intending to slight any of the other speakers – all of whom did a tremendous job – several performances must be highlighted here.

Author and former GOP Congressional candidate Devvy Kidd “blew” the audience away by showing sheet after sheet of astounding documentation that the final results of many elections, and the precinct results within many elections, from area to area and year to year --- are the same percentage spreads, i.e., so many elections supposedly ended 84% to 16%; or 61% to 39%, or 73% to 27%, primary after primary and election after election. It looks like the computer programmers were too lazy to make even minor adjustments in pre-fabricated computer programs  --- kind of a high-tech version of “one size fits all.”

Devvy also noted that candidates favoring the financial elite’s favorite current projects, GATT, NAFTA, and the WTO tended to do very well indeed in computerized elections throughout the nation.

Mr. Dick Murphy, whose experiences with skewed elections goes back to 1964, noted that in his own South Dakota Senate race in 1968 against incumbent Karl Mundt, he consistently received 30-40% of manually counted votes -- but only about 10% of the electronically tabulated ballots.

This dovetailed with California delegate Chris Schaper’s presentation. Chris was with Doug Zeitz, Tim Wozniak, the Pusateri’s, and myself when our team caught the Big TV Networks’ Voter News Service shorting Pat Buchanan 13% of his vote in Dubuque County during the 1996 Iowa Caucus. Mr. Schaper not only explained the mechanics of how that brazen theft was perpetrated (a microcosm of the dangers to our national elections), but he backed up Dick Murphy’s personal experience with a current example: in 1996 Pat Buchanan did well or won wherever hand counted votes were employed --- but lost by landslides when computers counted the votes.

Kansas delegate Nick Landholt’s brief put power-packed presentation on Sunday about the new book, The Control Room, by Marty Plissner – further demonstrated how much power just a hand full of people associated with the Big TV Networks have in what is passing for our national elections.

Nevada delegate Chuck Geshlider charged up the convention in a late Saturday night homily-harangue that took everyone by surprise. As one Ohio delegate later told me, Geshlider verbalized and emoted what was to that point lying beneath the surface: the righteous anger, passion, and even rage against the stealing of America through easily rigged elections – mysteriously counted in secret, away from the “prying” eyes of citizens.

Finally, Dan Gutenkauf of Arizona’s Saturday evening address outlined all the legal basis for our common sense thrust that the right to vote includes the right to KNOW that our vote is counted honestly. Dan cited a Supreme Court decision to that effect. His cool, in depth research was gleaned during his four year battle to bring the issue before the U.S. Supreme Court, which body ignominiously rejected hearing his case on May 8 of this year (2000). Mr. Gutenkauf’s research is only beginning to affect the national landscape, thanks to the nationwide army of activists which is rising up to take back our country from the small, treasonous financial elite which has quietly foisted easily rigged computerized elections on an unsuspecting populace.

Victoria Collier and her gracious mother Phylis accepted the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count “LifeTime Achievement Award” on behalf of their late husband and father, Jim Collier, and his deceased brother, Ken – the legendary investigators and authors of “Votescam: The Stealing of America.”

And Donato Dalrymple, the man who found Elian Gonzalez adrift on the ocean, and who later held him during the “invasion-kidnapping” by New World Order soldiers on behalf of Fidel Castro, accepted a Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Freedom Award, as the incidents surrounding him and Elian exemplified, more than any other this year, a government out of control which does not fear its citizens at the ballot box.  Howard Phillips, the Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, presented the award for us, along with salient and moving comments of his own.

In addition, Ruth Dupree, who, as a worthy and eloquent representative, accepted a second Freedom Award on behalf of Marisleysius Gonzalez and the Cuban-American Community, went straight home to Florida to post information about our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention on the famous discussion and news website, Free Republic – for all the world to see.

In general, a good time was had by all amidst the ground breaking work that was done. And the above summary doesn’t even mention the absolutely vital research of Terry Hayfield, the not-to-be-had-elsewhere insights of early Texas votefraud investigator Ron Keller, or Brent Beleskey’s exposure of the farce of internet voting, or constitutional attorney Larry Becraft’s strategy planks, or my own father, James Condit Sr., regarding his explanation or our victorious 1985 lawsuit and his trip into the “inner sanctum” where the men in the white coats tend the vote-counting (?) computers, or Susan Madori’s explanation of how the internet / mail-in farce was thrown out at the Long Beach Reform Party National Convention or internet visionary Linda Muller’s talk on how we must use the internet to organize for victory (Linda is the webmaster at, and she also started our first votefraud website, the Constitution Party’s first website, and the “fight the fingerprint” website), or Tom Valentine of Radio Free America who conducted the radio interview that changed America on the issue of computerized votefraud or . . . or . . . or --- please be sure to check back regularly as we post the evidence from these and other experts as fast as we can.

For new readers, go to our “best of” series on the home page and take your own “home-study” crash course – THEN become one of our county or state investigators and join the most important citizen team in America. ANY issue you care about – needs a clean, honest election.

This crusade is the last stop before our nation either succumbs to what could be perpetual high-tech domination by the New World Order’s self-appointed elite, or before the rigged ballots give way to bullets – as happened in 1946 in Athens, Tennessee. (See our news section, in “news by month” for the e-wire “Battle for Athens, Fight for America).

We prefer a return to ballots – ballots in honest, verifiable, clean elections. That’s what every sane man and woman prefers – and it’s why so many sacrificed so much to hold this first ever national and international Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio from August 25 to August 27, 2000.

You won’t hear or see this information on CNN. Not on Fox. Not on ABC, CBS, or NBC. Not in the New York Times. Not in the Wall Street Journal. Rush Limbaugh is not allowed to talk about it, if he wants to stay on all those 600+ radio stations across the fruited plain. Not even Bill O’Reiley of the O’Reiley Report on Fox News Cable Network can launch a persistent investigation and discussion of what’s on this website – not if he wants to keep his job.

But YOU have made it. You’re here. Get the facts. Think about it. Sleep on it. And then join us in this exciting fight for America. These are the front lines in the internet / information age that is this new millennium. It’s 1776 all over again – but this time WE are there. Welcome aboard.



Jim Condit Jr.
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count  

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